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Marketing Strategy - Digital - For Refurbished Wearable Category


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Marketing strategy and digital layout for refurbished wearable devices

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing Strategy - Digital - For Refurbished Wearable Category

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Permission Marketing Interruption/Disruption Marketing Focus of customer wallet share than market share Getting Customer Attention Span Why Move Beyond Regular Marketing? Fight for market share Customer Attention Span is shorter Frequency is costly Too much disruption already happening Situational Level The Brand Trust Level The Personal Relationship Level The Points Permission Level Opportunity Seekers Points liability model Point chance model The Intravenous Level Purchase On Approval Unlike the interruption/disruption usual marketing techniques, permission marketing aims at growing the business organically and legitimately The customers work as the brand ambassador for the brand invoking new customers and increased LTV Increased X marketing returns Higher attention spans More permission to send information No Spamming Stage wise integration planning is required Changing the conventional marketing models/techniques
  2. 2. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Products Category Smart Watches Tracking Bands Fashion Statement Fitness Tracker Sports Tracker Sync Data from other gadgets Health Monitoring Gauge of Alertness & Energy levels Navigation tools Media devices Communication gadget Product Attributes, Benefits & Values Aspirational Need Social Need Status Need
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Decoding Portal X Customers Conscious buyer Price sensitive Gadget Hopper Socially active Active shopper Variety Seeker Transforming User Journey Brand Assurance Product Assurance Functional Assurance Warranty Returns After sale support Easy Disposal Buy Back ? Building Customers First Time Buyer Data Base Gathering Building Loyalty Customer LTV Portal X attributes, benefits and values Customer Building Attributes Portal X
  4. 4. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Marketing Product – Refurbished Wearable Devices Functional & Technical Product Emotional Need Satisfied Market Universe Implications Fitness tracker, sports tracker Health & satisfaction Conscious middle to upper class working executives Low pricing, easy acceptance, create a culture Gauge for alertness and energy levels Safety, thrilling, new experience Couples, professional athletes Highly accessible, anytime device Media device & communication gadget Convenience, saves time, affordability Professionals, business oriented people Benefits, features to be sold, Niche market Fashion Statement Show-off, status requirement achieved Young teenagers going to colleges Marketing size increases, value perceived may drop Marketing Universe to be targeted? – SEC A, B+, B, C+ (Young students, working professionals, other professionals) Communication – Pricing point, usability, features, benefits & attributes of products and lifestyle Category – High-end lifestyle product for ambitious people looking for status upgradation
  5. 5. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Marketing Channel Strategy POS – Website  Too generic content strategy!  Focus on category creation, segmentation and value enhancement through content not mere promotions  Facebook Application to create point based model strategy for customer acquisition and retention  Only mirror Facebook Content!  Focus on creating customer support solution through twitter by flashing handle on digital as well physical properties (orders)  One stop solution for queries and redressal, easy tracking and building CRM  Generic software made videos!  Portal X needs a face to promote brand as well products  In-house videos showcasing product, brand, working and customer benefits  SEEING IS BELIEVING  Limited presence!  Great platform to enhance cultural and brand upliftment  Make TG aware of the brand plus deals that would save them money Portal X
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Campaign Strategy Example Campaign Platform Content Targeted @ TG User Support, CRM, Query System POSBLOGS – Content centred at products, maximum utilization, taking care and disposing/buy back Paid Ads – Google + Facebook Calendar creation, Apps creation for referral and points earning, shareable content – point is not selling but building a community – Example - How to build smart homes and own gadgets with X % savings and enhanced life After sale – Upselling, cross selling, Points system to be used for more purchases, referral would earn more points which can be redeemed for purchase Personalized emailers and SMS for special promos, gated content and first preference buyer Portal X
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy Refurbished Wearable Devices Campaign Strategy Example Wearable Devices Listed on website along with product description – POS Product Attributes, Benefits & Values Targeted ads – On Google + Facebook Ref: Marketing universe for TG Communication Strategy: Appeal, Fashion, Lifestyle, Features – All @ XX% Savings + Great offers to choose from (Cross selling, bundle and upselling) Get FTB on with special offers – Cashback, 500 points on first purchase which can be redeemed Facebook Apps for user stickiness, points earning and referral Video featuring team member explaining the product like popular gadget shows on TV + Explain the usability & SAVINGS Social Listening, Tracking Technology Conversations, Striking conversations explain the utility of refurbished items for greater SAVINGS & More VALUE • Creating brand loyalty with customized offers through data and behavioural analytics • Newsletter showcasing technology trends and smart living with greater savings and more value • Spend more and earn more points – Loyalty system. Greater the spending, greater the benefits for customers Create a customer data bank of usage and gadget history in returns of gifts, discounted purchases and points Create standard one stop query and complaint board by promoting @XXX (handle) on physical orders and digital spaces Portal X