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High Availability in YARN - Project Preview


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Project preview presentation for ID2219.

Published in: Education
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High Availability in YARN - Project Preview

  1. 1. Highly AvailableNG Hadoop MapReduce Arinto Murdopo Mário Almeida Umit Cavus Strahinja Lazetic Supervisor: Jim Dowling
  2. 2. AimHigh Availability in YARN
  3. 3. AimHA with ZooKeeper
  4. 4. AimHA with NDB
  5. 5. Outcome● Highly Available implementation of YARN ○ with Zookeeper before the hadoop team ○ with NDB MySql-Cluster before Jim kicks us out● (Secondary goal) make RM stateless so we can have more than one running at each moment. ○ So we can have failover when there is failure in a RM● (Eventual goal) Get a job!
  6. 6. Expected graphs (fictional values)
  7. 7. Expected graphs (fictional values)