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Deep dive: Monetize your API Programs

APIs and data have not only become a competitive advantage for enterprises but also an innovation tool and source of revenue. Finding the right monetization program is crucial to help you deliver the right business model for your digital assets.

In our deep-dive webcast, we explore how you can:

- think about your APIs as a strategic revenue opportunity

- strengthen and manage your partnerships

- build and energize your developer ecosystem with creative pricing

- how Apigee Monetization Services changes the game

Listen to the podcast version here:

Deep dive: Monetize your API Programs

  1. 1. What are your data/services worth? Tej Ravindra, Apigee
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Thinking of your APIs as a strategic revenue opportunity  •  Build and energize your developer ecosystem with creative pricing •  Strengthen and manage your partnerships •  How Apigee can help.
  3. 3. Enabling strategic revenue opportunities 3
  4. 4. Popular APIs & categories 4
  5. 5. callout here Content providers/ Digital properties 5 Data via APIs as a revenue stream
  6. 6. callout here Digital services 6 Services via APIs as a revenue stream
  7. 7. Revenue sharing /commission models 7 Third party developers &/ affiliates get a % of the order value
  8. 8. Payment processing API 8
  9. 9. Revenue-sharing models Fee-based models Freemium models Fixed Flexible Hybrid (flat fee plus fixed or flexible) Transaction One-time Subscription Duration Quantity Hybrid Transaction Volume Custom Attribute Advance / Arrears Pro-rated / Full amount Revenue / Volume Bands 9 You pay Developer Developer pays you
  10. 10. What makes successful API programs? •  Category •  Clear value proposition •  Little to no friction to try &/get started •  Engaged partners/developer community 10
  11. 11. Extending the value of your digital strategy 11 DeveloperUser APIApp API Team Backend Monetization for real business results
  12. 12. Monetization Use Cases: generating internal and external value 12 B2E Scenario B2C or B2B Scenario API Team App Developers / Partner App User / Customer $ API Team Internal Developer team App User Department Internal Chargebacks
  13. 13. Ecosystem: API Providers, Partners & Developers 13 API Provider Developer Portal Partner A Partner B Developer Packages, Rate Plans
  14. 14. How can Apigee help?
  15. 15. Enabling your business models Digital Assets Apigee Monetization Backend financial systems API Provider pays Developer Developer pays API Provider
  16. 16. Monetization highlights 16 NFL-0053-2DC-6N Create & publish packages Price creatively Limits; Notifications Billing documents Detailed reporting Developer workflows Monetization features
  17. 17. this is a call out this is a call out this is a call out Creating groups of products/ APIs under packages 17
  18. 18. Rate plan to set pricing 18
  19. 19. Published API & pricing 19 •  Monetized products available for purchase •  Developer portal enables developers to buy & use API
  20. 20. Add balance to developer account 20 •  Purchase monetized products & build apps
  21. 21. Add Apps & Make API calls 21
  22. 22. Thank you