Online Insights 101 Seo


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A presentation designed to help improve your website performance and drive online business.

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  • Big Cat Group was established in 2000 26 staff across 4 offices in UK, France & Spain Award-winning marketing, brand generation and event management consultancy 15 year experience delivering high profile campaigns for events Highly skilled in developing event experiences and audiences – apply similar methods in helping clients to thrill their audiences and grow their client base Working at a strategic level – Marketing and media buying as a means of achieving campaign and business goals
  • Photo’s, videos, news, blogs, competitions
  • Decide what you want to be found for:Narrow it down to 10 keywords or phrases but doing this will make your SEO more focused and goals more achievable. Consider tailoring keywords to specific pages or services e.g. if you’re a recruitment consultant you’re trying to attract both employers and job seekers. The search terms they will use will be very different and your keywords should reflect that.Monitor and evaluate: SEO is an ongoing process, know your position and monitor regularly. If you haven’t already, sign up to Google analytics to watch your customer behaviour and make informed decisions about your business’ online KPIs.
  • Online Insights 101 Seo

    1. 1. Online Insights:How to analyse your business performanceand improve your position online#bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    2. 2. About MeAnthony TattumManaging DirectorBig Cat Group@anthonytattuma.tattum@bcguk.com0121 200 0910 #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    3. 3. About Big Cat #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    4. 4. Search Engine Optimisation#bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    5. 5. SEO: What is it and why is it important?SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is theprocess of improving and promotingyour website to increase the amount ofrelevant traffic your website receivesfrom search engines #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    6. 6. SEO: What is it and why is it important?SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is theprocess of improving and promotingyour website to increase the amount ofrelevant traffic your website receivesfrom search engines More traffic More potential (visits) = customers #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    7. 7. SEO: What is it and why is it important?To put it simply…If your customers can’t find youthey aren’t going to hire you. FAB FACTS Over 75% of people don’t click past the first of search results on Google. With 36% of people clicking on the first link. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    8. 8. What is a Search Engine?A search engine is designed to search forinformation on the world wide web.The search results are presented in a liston a page called a SERP (Search EngineResults Page). #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    9. 9. What is a Search Engine?Examples of Search Engines –• Google• Yahoo• Bing• YouTube• AOL• Wikipedia FAB FACTS• Google can have their ‘pie’ and eat it, with over 80% of the search engine global market share #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    10. 10. SERP: Search Engine Results PageA SERP position refers to the rankingwithin the list of search results.SEO focuses on improving your ‘organic’search results (rather than paid for). TOP TIPS Google remembers your search history, so to see your website’s accurate SERP position use the incognito function on Google Chrome. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    11. 11. SERP: Search Engine Results Page #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    12. 12. SERP: Search Engine Results Page #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    13. 13. SERP: Search Engine Results Page #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    14. 14. SERP: Search Engine Results Page Search Term (keyword)Organic Search Results – SERPposition 1, 2 and 3 Paid For Search Results #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    15. 15. What Influences SEO? #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    16. 16. 7 Steps: To improve youronline position#bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    17. 17. 1. Define your goalWhat’s the purpose of your website?• Generate sales?• Increase telephone/email enquiries?• Share quality content?• Brand awareness? TOP TIPS Think of your website as yourUse your business KPIs to influence your “digital shop front”. Not only doSEO activity and determine how and you want people to find you, butwhat you optimise for. also to enter, stay and come back again. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    18. 18. 2. Select keywords you want to be found forKeywords allow you to influence whatsearch engines find you for. When Example Big Cat’s keywords:Re-evaluating keywords consider - Ad agency Birmingham• What do you want to be found for Event marketing London vs. What people actually search for• Be specific and relevant Digital marketing Birmingham• Maximum of 10 keywords to Event management London optimise for PR Agency West Midlands• Existing keyword density #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    19. 19. 3. Create engaging contentEngaging content can -• Increase the time that people spend on your website - more time to up sell your services or products• Increase your SERP position by TOP TIPS allowing search engines access to Refresh your content regularly. relevant content for your audience This gives search engines new• Lower your bounce rate content to rank and, like your customers, keeps them coming back for more. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    20. 20. 4. Utilise quality in-bound linksAn in-bound link is a link from a websitewhich directs people to your website e.g.editorial, listings, content on socialmedia. TOP TIPSSearch engines look at both the number Don’t forget about internal linksand the quality. between the pages on your website. If the web page isn’t important enough for you to link to, why would a search engine think it’s important? #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    21. 21. 5. Don’t forget your “back-end”Your website is more than likely build inhtml or another web language, ensurethat h1 tags, title tags and meta tags areused so that search engines can readyour website and easily find out themost important information. TOP TIPS Search engines can only read words so don’t forget to alt tag your images. These are descriptions which tell search engines what the image is of. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    22. 22. 5. Don’t forget your back-end #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    23. 23. 5. Don’t forget your back-end:For example on Big Cat’s About Us page:H1 Tags:<h1>Our Story</h1>H1 tags highlight the most important piece of information on a pageTitle Tags:<title>Big Cats Story - Marketing, Design, PR &amp; Events Agency</title>Title tags highlight the title of the page important piece of information on a page –Meta Tags:<meta name =“description” content =“We are a full service agency achieving yourobjectives using events, marketing, PR and design. Based in Birmingham or London,call us on 0121 200 0910”/>The most common meta tags are meta descriptions or meta keywords. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    24. 24. 5. Don’t forget your back-endFormat your URLs (web address) TOP TIPSVs As a general rule what’s good for your customer is good for search engine. Can your customers find their way around your website? #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    25. 25. 7. Monitor and evaluateMonitor and evaluate:Utilise online tools like Google analyticsand Google webmaster tools to monitortraffic and customer behaviour.Regularly take note of your SERP position(using incognito mode) for yourkeywords and how your competitorscompare. #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    26. 26. 7 Steps: To improve your online positionThe following steps are an initial guiderather than a definitive list, SEO is anongoing process:1. Define your goal2. Select keywords to match what you want to be found for3. Create engaging content4. Utilise quality in-bound links5. Don’t forget your back-end6. Format your URLs correctly7. Monitor results and evaluate #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    27. 27. Google Analytics#bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    28. 28. Google AnalyticsWhy your business should be using it?As a business do you evaluate yourmarketing activity?Your website is a marketing tool and youraudience interaction need to be TOP TIPS If you’re not already set up onmonitored and used to their full Google Analytics, register andPotential. leave for 2 weeks so when you do start your SEO you have aUse custom reporting to see where and baseline to compare results towhat interests your audience and moreimportantly where they “drop off” yourcompany’s website... #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    29. 29. Google Analytics: The Dashboard TOP TIPS Your dashboard is completely customisable; just pick the information that’s most important to your business #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    30. 30. Google Analytics: Reporting #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    31. 31. Google Analytics: Search Terms #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    32. 32. Google Analytics: Popular Content #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    33. 33. Google Analytics: Traffic Sources #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    34. 34. Google Analytics: For the expertsWhat else can you do with Google TOP TIPSanalytics?:• Real time reporting and in-page analysis• Conversion monitoring Google Webmaster• Integrate your eDM platforms to monitor the effects on web traffic tools• See how mobile technology is used your website• Test content variations for optimum Google Insights engagement• Plus lots more... Keyword Density Tool (optimum between 5%-10%) #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    35. 35. What 3 things should you takeaway from today’s session? #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    36. 36. Top 3 take aways…Decide what you want to be found for:1. Narrow down to 10 keyword phrases2. Sign up to Google Analytics3. Get good quality back links #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing
    37. 37. Any Questions? WIN A FREE SEO AUDIT Just give your business card to Anthony today and you’ll beIf you’d like more information about entered into a prize draw to win aanything we’ve covered today or a more free SEO audit for your companyin-depth consultation please contact me: from Big Cat GroupAnthony TattumTweet me: @anthonytattumEmail me: a.tattum@bcguk.comCall me: 0121 200 0910 #bigcatinsights @BigCatMarketing