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SearchLove Boston 2019 - Purna Virji - Even Better Together: New Ways for SEO and PPC to Work Together


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We’ve heard it said many a time that SEO and PPC are better together, but what actions really matter and how should we prioritize our efforts? In this actionable, research-based session, Purna Virji will walk you through strategies and tactics you can apply today to drive revenue and customer satisfaction rates. The best part? These are all highly do-able – we’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just taking what exists and applying it in more meaningful ways. We’ll even bust some PPC myths along the way!

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SearchLove Boston 2019 - Purna Virji - Even Better Together: New Ways for SEO and PPC to Work Together

  1. 1. Even Better Together: New Ways for SEO and PPC to Work Together Purna Virji, Microsoft Advertising @purnavirji Microsoft Advertising. Intelligent connections.
  2. 2. @PurnaVirji
  3. 3. When SEO Met PPC Keyword Mining Retail Optimization Audience Insights @PurnaVirji
  4. 4. 1. Keyword Mining Don’t friend-zone Broad Match; there’s a lot of love potential here. @PurnaVirji
  5. 5. Broad match displays ads when searchers enter either: - the individual words in a keyword (in any order) - or themes related to the keyword. @PurnaVirji
  6. 6. Think of it like bidding on a theme rather than a specific term Broad match keyword Trigger search term winter vacations Winter vacation Tropical winter vacations Ski trips Winter ski villa vacation @PurnaVirji
  7. 7. Rethink your strategy: It’s not a volume play nor a way to identify individual keywords. @PurnaVirji
  8. 8. Rather it’s about staying ahead of the competition by identifying trends early. @PurnaVirji
  9. 9. @PurnaVirjiSource: Internal Microsoft Data, June 2018 We’ve already seen how language differs with voice inputs Talk @PurnaVirji
  10. 10. @PurnaVirji With natural language becoming more common, we’re seeing even typed queries getting longer.
  11. 11. On the Bing Network, about 31% of our queries have five or more tokens. @PurnaVirji
  12. 12. SEMRush data shows a slow but steady change @PurnaVirji Source: SEMRush Data, North America from March 2017- March 2019
  13. 13. Every day, roughly 20% of queries coming to the Bing Network are brand new. @PurnaVirji
  14. 14. Google has reported similar numbers in the past, stating 15% of all queries are never seen before. @PurnaVirji Source: Search Engine Roundtable,
  15. 15. Spotting the rise of new trending queries can give a keyword strategy a big boost, for both SEO and PPC. @PurnaVirji
  16. 16. Exposing Themes, Trends and Strategies @PurnaVirji Upgrade vs. Update Win10 vs. Windows Competitor terms Affordable + Superlatives
  17. 17. How do I go broad? Won’t it burn through my budget? @PurnaVirji
  18. 18. Say hello to Broadience @PurnaVirji
  19. 19. Broadience = Broad Match + Audience Targeting @PurnaVirji - The Purna Dictionary
  20. 20. The audience is the control lever. @PurnaVirji
  21. 21. Helps maximize exposure to valuable audiences. @PurnaVirji
  22. 22. @PurnaVirji Audience-agnostic Reduce (+) anchors in mod broad campaigns In-market audiences Bid + target Retargeting audiences (or custom) Bid + target Incremental conversion opportunity Manage risk via a phased approach
  23. 23. @PurnaVirji Broadience Case Study: FlipKey
  24. 24. Broadience Case Study: FlipKey Pain points: Brand awareness Closing the deal Campaign management @PurnaVirji
  25. 25. Broadience Case Study: FlipKey Opportunities: High volumes to help boost brand awareness. Can reengage customers multiple times during CDJ. Help increase search term coverage. @PurnaVirji
  26. 26. Broadience Case Study: FlipKey Results: 50% of total imp 36% of total clicks 35% total revenue @PurnaVirji
  27. 27. SEOs can identify and prioritize keyword themes based on actual performance data. @PurnaVirji
  28. 28. Fall in love with broad match I. Rethink the goal– discovery not conversion II. Minimize risk + maximize reach with audiences III. Monitor to identify themes @PurnaVirji
  29. 29. 2. Retail Optimization @PurnaVirji How Shopping Campaigns help strengthen the ties between PPC and SEO
  30. 30. @PurnaVirji
  31. 31. Visual Search = Image Search @PurnaVirji Image Search: Query is text and results are images. Visual Search: Image is query input and results are similar images, products, entities etc.
  32. 32. @PurnaVirji There are already more than 1 billion visual searches per month on platforms like Pinterest, Amazon, eBay and Google Lens. - eMarketer Source: eMarketer report “Ten Key Digital Trends for 2019”
  33. 33. Your product feed is a lot more powerful than you might think. @PurnaVirji
  34. 34. @PurnaVirji voice-driven channel
  35. 35. Wondering how many people would want to shop via voice? @PurnaVirji
  36. 36. @PurnaVirji Source: Microsoft’s 2019 Voice Report 62.3%! “Have you ever attempted to make a purchase using either a digital assistant or your smart home speaker?”
  37. 37. @PurnaVirji Source: Microsoft’s 2019 Voice Report It’s not just for food
  38. 38. @PurnaVirji related products
  39. 39. @PurnaVirji
  40. 40. @PurnaVirji
  41. 41. @PurnaVirji Cortana app
  42. 42. What can we do to optimize? @PurnaVirji
  43. 43. @PurnaVirji
  44. 44. Let’s quickly review how the product auction works. @PurnaVirji
  45. 45. @PurnaVirji
  46. 46. @PurnaVirji Elements of a Product Ad Store name Price Product title Product image
  47. 47. @PurnaVirji It’s all pulled from the product feed Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4 Product 5 $ $ $ $ $ 2. Bids are placed on products1. Advertisers upload product feed
  48. 48. @PurnaVirji It’s all pulled from the product feed 3. Searches are matched to product data 4. Product ads are displayed to users bouquet
  49. 49. Need to think like an SEO here. @PurnaVirji
  50. 50. Which attributes help in determining product relevancy? 1 • Titles 2 • Descriptions 3 • GTINs (Global Trade Identification Numbers) 4 • Brand / Manufacturer Part Number 5 • Product Category (Taxonomy) 6 • Product Variant Attribute/Item Group ID (color, gender, size, material, pattern) Matching & relevance Matching & relevance Matching Matching Matching Matching @PurnaVirji
  51. 51. Let’s talk titles @PurnaVirji
  52. 52. Include the following: Brand + Product Name + Product Type + Size + Color (if applicable) Titles Cheat Sheet: @PurnaVirji
  53. 53. e.g. Contoso (COI37117) 3/8in. Drive Standard 6 Point Impact Socket 17mm # 37117 Titles Cheat Sheet: @PurnaVirji
  54. 54. Normalize to most common verbiage, e.g. used vs. pre-owned. Tip: Check the search term report for ideas. Titles Cheat Sheet: @PurnaVirji
  55. 55. Know your limits: 35 | 150 Titles Cheat Sheet: @PurnaVirji
  56. 56. Let’s discuss descriptions @PurnaVirji
  57. 57. Yay or Nay: How’s this description? Ready to drink Protein Coconut water Size: 330ML. Flavor: Plain. @PurnaVirji
  58. 58. Important to note with product feed descriptions Goal=relevancy, not incentive @PurnaVirji
  59. 59. Ready to drink Protein Coconut water Size: 330ML. Flavor: Plain. Coconut water drink with fruit juice concentrate, whey protein and sweeteners. Coconut Water (48%)*, Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Water, Strawberry puree (1.2%), Banana puree (0.7%), Color (Carrot Concentrate), Lemon juice*, Natural Flavoring, Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame-K), Acidity Regulators (Lactic Acid, Sodium Citrate), Stabilizer (Pectin). Size (330) Unit (ML) @PurnaVirji A better description would be:
  60. 60. Descriptions cheat sheet • You have 10K characters, use them well • Should be same description as on landing page • Most important data up front @PurnaVirji
  61. 61. SEOs, this is like instant karma. @PurnaVirji
  62. 62. Let your product feed bring SEO and PPC together I. Make titles and descriptions work harder II. Use the same feed across search and advertising campaigns III. Earn extra visibility through organic placements @PurnaVirji
  63. 63. 3. Audience Insights @PurnaVirji How audience targeting helps SEO and PPC with increasing relevancy and personalization
  64. 64. @PurnaVirji Age: 30-35Gender: Female College Student Avid Gamer Parent Audiophile Visited Warby Parker Cortana/Invoke Owner Purchases on Mobile @PurnaVirji
  65. 65. In-market audiences @PurnaVirji
  66. 66. Curated lists of customers who have shown purchase intent signals within a particular category. @PurnaVirji
  67. 67. They’ve been a big hit with PPC advertisers 5% CTR* Ads shown to In-market Audiences saw up to a 5% greater click-through rate (CTR) than the same ads shown to non- audience targeted users. 17% CVR* Ads shown to In-market Audiences saw up to a 17% greater conversion rate (CVR) than the same ads shown to non-audience targeted users. Audiences * Source: Microsoft internal data; U.S. pilot performance data using “bid only” targeting on Bing owned and operated traffic, April 2018.@PurnaVirji
  68. 68. Take it a step further by testing tangentially-related audience groups. @PurnaVirji
  69. 69. @PurnaVirji § /Apparel & Accessories/Formal Wear/Bridal Wear § /Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Type/Luxury Vehicles @PurnaVirji For example
  70. 70. Get further insights into how different segments perform + identify new niches for content and outreach. @PurnaVirji
  71. 71. LinkedIn Profile Targeting @PurnaVirji
  72. 72. Target potential customers based on their LinkedIn profile information such as company, industry, and job function. @PurnaVirji
  73. 73. @PurnaVirji For example
  74. 74. Note: These are different from LinkedIn Ads. @PurnaVirji
  75. 75. Adjust bids as you would do with your regular demo targeting options. @PurnaVirji
  76. 76. @PurnaVirji
  77. 77. @PurnaVirji Think of the advantages with outreach and link building.
  78. 78. @PurnaVirji As well as with making content marketing feel more relevant and personalized.
  79. 79. SEO learnings can come from display and native advertising too! @PurnaVirji
  80. 80. H/T to Arnout Hellemans (@hellemans) for this idea @PurnaVirji
  81. 81. Start by creating a remarketing list of converters and running super simple, non-conversion focused display ads. @PurnaVirji
  82. 82. Could use: - Brand logo, no CTAs - Advertorial-style - Generic brand + lifestyle @PurnaVirji
  83. 83. Review the placements report for learnings into the sites where your audience hangs out. @PurnaVirji
  84. 84. Now you can prioritize your content outreach efforts and pitch the sites your audiences frequent. @PurnaVirji
  85. 85. P.S. Ensure good customer experience by leveraging frequency capping + running these campaigns for limited windows. @PurnaVirji
  86. 86. Better reach Mr. or Ms. Right via audience targeting I. Tangentially-related in-market audience lists II. Professional demos via LinkedIn targeting III. Display to understand where to reach your audience @PurnaVirji
  87. 87. Do-able, right? @PurnaVirji
  88. 88. Let’s recap Keyword Mining: Identify keyword themes and trends to focus and prioritize your efforts. Retail Optimization: A few simple steps can yield a lot more volume – paid and organic. Audience Insights: Increase relevancy and personalization for ads as well as outreach efforts. @PurnaVirji
  89. 89. It’s all about SEO + PPC coming together to get their fairytale ending, i.e. maximizing efficiency. @PurnaVirji