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Brazil Culture


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its al about brazil cuture and its core values , study of brazil.

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Brazil Culture

  1. 1. BRAZILIAN CULTURE  Shital Patel  Jayesh Khapandi  Dipti Gadhiya  Ankita Sendre  Krupal Patel.
  2. 2. About Brazil Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and the Latin America region. It is the worlds fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population, with over 193 million people. Population: 196,655,014 Capital: Brasília Currency: Brazilian real President: Dilma Rousseff Official language: Portuguese Language Government: Federal republic, Constitutional republic, Presidential system
  3. 3. Most of them have mixed backgrounds. Intermarry and Portuguese brought share culture African slaves
  4. 4. Well-known for agricultural products Largest Coffee producer in the world
  5. 5. The culture of Brazil are mostlyinfluenced by the Portuguese
  6. 6. Amazon Jungle
  7. 7. Culture Fusion of Portuguese, African and indigenous Indians. Diversity of Brazilian society. Unique values and attitudes of its citizens.
  8. 8. Communication style. Family Relationship Time Languages: Brazilian Portuguese and english. Avoid using Spanish.
  9. 9. Doing Business in brazil A strong diversified economy and unique culture make doing business in Brazil an exciting but often challenging endeavour.
  10. 10. Working Practices 9:00am to 7:00pm Monday-Friday. 9:00-1:00pm on Saturday. Business appointments.
  11. 11. Working Relationships in Brazil. Close personal relationships and building trust. Brazilians prefer to do business with those they know and trust. Centralization of power is frequently mentioned as a pronounced characteristic in Brazilian business.
  12. 12. Business Practices in Brazil. Handshakes. Use of titles and first names. high Uncertainty Avoidance Power Distance rankings Oral communication. Culture oriented.
  13. 13. Brazilian Management Style. Importance of technical abilities. Relationships are of key importance. direct instructions by manager. Brazilian subordinates, try to be as clear, precise and comprehensive as possible.
  14. 14. Dress Etiquette. Men should wear  Women should wear conservative, dark suits or dresses that are coloured business suits. elegant and feminine with good quality accessories.
  15. 15. Gifts and Greetings
  16. 16. Business cards Business cards are exchanged during introductions with everyone at a meeting.
  17. 17. Brazilian Business Etiquette.DO Dont DO schedule extra time.  DON’T show feelings of DO make eye contact. frustration or impatience. DO accept food or drinks.  DON’T publicly criticise your DO expect a meal to take Brazilian counterparts. longer as it is always like a celebration.
  18. 18. Thank You