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Intercultural communication saudi arabia, japan and brazil


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Intercultural communication saudi arabia, japan and brazil

  2. 2. Outline 1 2 3 Saudi Arabia Japan Brazil
  4. 4. Use of silence S Emphasis on tone of voice, use of silence, facial clues and body language. Silence is often used for contemplation.
  5. 5. Eye contact Be aware of the importance of good, strong eye contact! A man's sincerity and honour can be judged by their ability to look you in the eye, it also indicates respect
  6. 6. Touching No touching between men and women in public places. Decent amount of touching between members of the same gender during conversations.
  7. 7. Space Comfort zone: a little less than an arms length People stand close together and touch each other while conversing.
  8. 8. Privacy Never ask a Saudi about his wife! The Saudi Constitution does not provide for a right to privacy.
  9. 9. Dos  Address your counterparts with appropriate titles.  Abide by local standards of modesty and dress appropriately  Maintain strong eye-contact  Do use your right hand for gift giving etc.
  10. 10. Don’ts DON’T appear loud or overly animated in public DON’T rush your Arabian counterparts during business negotiations DON’T use the german ok sign DON’T assume during business meetings that the person who asks the most questions holds the most responsibility.
  11. 11. U S E O F S I L E N C E C O N V E R S A T I O N A L O V E R L A P S A N D I N T E R R U P T I O N S E Y E C O N T A C T T O U C H I N G P R I V A C Y D O S D O N ' T S Japan
  12. 12. Use of silence: Silence is a virtue Never interrupt or break the silence.
  13. 13. Eye contact Limit eye contact. Uncomfortable for Japanese
  14. 14. Touching • Bowing to each other. • More touching than a handshake is not comfortable Combination of both
  15. 15. Privacy Cultural environment Social environment Society not very sensitive to protection of privacy
  16. 16. Dos and don’ts - Do take things slowly - Do take care of your posture. - Do take business cards with you. - Don’t blow your noise noisily - Don’t be late. - Don’t hog the conversation.
  17. 17. U S E O F S I L E N C E C O N V E R S A T I O N A L O V E R L A P S A N D I N T E R R U P T I O N S E Y E C O N T A C T T O U C H I N G P R I V A C Y D O S D O N ’ T S Brazil
  18. 18. Use of silence: Taking turns to speak is not the rule Use of silence only in groups
  19. 19. Eye contact  Eye contact is important.
  20. 20. Touching Touching is common Handshaking & kissing are common forms of greeting
  21. 21. Space Brazilians tend to get close to each other
  22. 22. Privacy  Brazilians display their emotions openly and don’t hold back their feelings  It’s common to see young people showing feelings in public places
  23. 23. Dos DO schedule extra time in between meetings DO expect to spend a lot of time getting to know your Brazilian business counterparts before any business takes place. DO accept any food or coffee offered to you DO make eye contact as this shows you are paying attention, interested and honest.
  24. 24. Don’t DON’T rush business dealings with your Brazilian colleagues and avoid pressing for final decisions DON’T show feelings of frustration or impatience as this will reflect poorly on you as an individual counterpart. DON’T publicly criticize your Brazilian counterparts
  25. 25. A N Y Q U E S T I O N S ? Thank you for your attention!