Business Mastery for experts in mind, body, spirit and coaching


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Business Mastery for experts in mind, body, spirit and coaching

  1. 1. Business Mastery for Mind, Body, Spirit, Success Your Roadmap to Success EntrepreneursAngelique Tsang & Zulfiqar Deo
  2. 2. Reality check Is your income / practice /success where you want it to be?
  3. 3. Business Skills Gap Analysis Check the box
  4. 4. Top Challenges for Business Mastery Goals & Business Planning Implementing Strategy and Planning Mindset + Skillset and Actions – Internal barriers to change Top 3 ongoing challenges Skills to master working Smarter NOT Harder(Source: Recent Survey by New Life Tasters)
  5. 5. Ambitions / VisionClarity - Plan in where togo / what to do?Improve Business Success:Yes, clear plan and strategy 28%Yes, unclear strategy and plan 28%Yes, but also want to achievejoy, creativity and flow in life /business– 39%
  6. 6. Goals - Planning  Where are you out of the flow with your vision and goals?  Setting goals/plan for business success:  Discomfort business skillsets 44%  Going with the flow 33%  Use goals to prioritize – 22%  Exceed own expectations – 11%
  7. 7. Mindset / SkillsetWhat counts?What is Responsible for Success:50 % Mind – 50% Skills – 27%70% Minds – 30% Skills - 27%80% Minds – 20% Skills – 20%90% Minds - 10% Skills – 20%
  8. 8. Discipline / ActionAre you walking the talk?Applying Learnings and AchievingSuccess:Mixed results – 44%Yes, I apply with success - 33%No, habits win – 17%No time – 6 %
  9. 9. Top ongoing challenges Challenge or Opportunity? Sales & marketing, pricing, lead generation, build brand – 50% Organizing business, compliance 50% Technology and how to leverage – 44% Strategy formulation and implementation – 39% Communications effectiveness – 28 % Client relationships – building, maintaining 21%
  10. 10. Priority challengesWhat keeps you awake?Lead generation new prospectclients – 50%Creating compelling packages toretain clients / drive new leads – 44%Marketing, reaching prospectcustomers via channels / costs – 39%Work – Life balance - 33%Overwhelmed – 22%Pricing, positioning/ marketing/sales– 11%
  11. 11. Internal barriers tochange Your personal DRAGON? Improve Business Skills Set, Don’t know where to start – 22% Financial & Business Acumen – 22% Lack of marketing / Sales strategies I can implement – 22% No Accountability self employed- 44% Mindset, procrastination, self belief – 22% Time / Money / Technology - 33%
  12. 12. Changes to WorkSmarter (NOT Harder)Market my services to a wider/ relevantaudience – 45%Draft a plan for success and implementit – 17%Optimize tactical business strategies foropportunities – 11%Sell my self more - 11%Mindset, self belief – 11%Time / Money / Technology - 6%
  13. 13. Gap in Skillsets What skills will accelerate your business growth? Sales & Marketing – 44% Business Strategy 39% Communication with Customer base – 22% Understanding who my customer base is - 22% Leverage technology – 39% Support mastermind group – 33% Implement / Complete projects – 17% Business/ Finance/ Legal - 16%
  14. 14. 4 Week Business Mastery Course with is a Business Management Support Service Provider specialising in the Small and Medium sized Companies. Founded by Zufi Deo: an MBA in International Business Management. Author of MBA for Startups. His work on Business Strategy and Small and Medium sized Enterprises was published by the Asia Pacific Journal for Innovation and Entrepreneurship His Business Mentoring practice uses state of the art Knowledge Creation and Management Tools to interact with SME’s and start-ups. He delivers webinars and articles on Business Management regularly across the world. He is also the founder of Entrepreneur Commons, London, the London Chapter of a not for profit global peer support group movement for Startups and Entrepreneurs.
  15. 15. 4 Week Business Mastery Course (Content of Course)  Wk 1 –Where you are currently and where you would like to be  Wk 2 – How to use the Internet. Identify, Build and Retain a Client base  Wk 3 – How to Implement and Execute Plans and Organise your Business  Wk4 –Identifying Critical Areas and Timelines you need to focus on
  16. 16. 4 Week Business Mastery Course This Business Mastery Success Course is specially designed for Entrepreneurs in the Mind, Body, Spirit Industry. Tools you will use during this Course Project Management and how it allows you to organise your Business A free Intranet site you can use at your own pace– a free Gmail id will be required ! This will Lower the Possibility of your Business Failing It will highlight Realistic Growth Rates you can target and Help with Business Planning Basics This course is available at a 60% discount for the first 4 clients. Pls contact Zufi at with your interest.
  17. 17. Summary – Entrepreneurs Success Roadmap Identify the Top Ongoing Challenges Understand your business and ensure you have set yourselves realistic Targets and Timelines Mindset + Skillset and Actions – Manage Internal barriers to change Business Support by Professionals to support you through the process How by working Smarter you can grow your Business Specially negotiated price for you Contact Details:  Zulfiqar  Angelique