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A hospitality consulting firm specializing in providing hospitality owners and management companies with solutions geared towards service excellence and growth of share holders profitability

We specialize in hospitality related concepts , efficiencies and performances, whilst providing practical and simplistic strategies, solutions and services that focus on Revenue Generation and Profitability

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LiveBean Hospitality Management Consultants

  1. 1. Who are we
  2. 2. Who are weA hospitality consulting firm specializing inproviding hospitality owners and managementcompanies with solutions geared towardsservice excellence and growth of share holdersprofitability.
  3. 3. What we do
  4. 4. What we doWe specialize in hospitality related concepts, efficiencies and performances, whilst providingpractical and simplistic strategies, solutions andservices that focus on Revenue Generation andProfitability
  5. 5. Transforming hospitality services Feasibility Study Operational Design Optimization , Architecture Back-office , Setup to Launch Asset ManagementCustomer Experience – turn Key Service Transformation Business Process Operations Management Sales Acceleration Business Growth & Recovery innovation Business Recovery
  6. 6. Transforming hospitality services Feasibility StudyMystery Shopping Support Operational Quality control Training, Development Asset Management & Resource Assessment S&M Support andRevenue Generation Service Transformation Business Transition Asset Operations Management Management Next Steps Growth and Returns New markets GOP turnaround New businesses Sales Acceleration Feasibility studies Business Recovery
  7. 7. How can we support
  8. 8. Feasibility Studies Market Need Vs. Desire  examine the long term positioning and development of a property including development, branding (for real estate developments), repositioning, space allocation, extensions and alternative uses.  approaching the investment from every direction, evaluating all the opportunities and advising on how to capitalize on them.  help ensure that the properties are suited to current and future real estate trends, whilst generating an optimum level of return for the future.
  9. 9. Asset Management Asset Management for Unit or Group of Hotels  providing higher return on investment year on year through stringent P&L management working closely with Owners and GM of Property  a close look at the day-to-day operations of the business, analyzing budgets, cash flows, forecasting, sales and marketing and performance to ensure that the property is being managed efficiently
  10. 10. Asset Management Operator Selection and Project  evaluate feasibility amongst operator’s for project  choose operator that meets owner market as well as project needs in set guidelines  lead all commercial negotiations as owners representative with owners legal team end to end till contract.  monitor progress of project in relation to design , concept , architecture and core management team selection
  11. 11. Asset Management Owner Representation  Done as an Audit and/or long term retainer  evaluate P&L (top as well as bottom line and cash flow) , profitability with set targets  create vision with owner on next level for product  lead all renovations / product changes from owners side  evaluate all day to day operational standards, monitor quality control, provide direction for success, working closely with GM/ VP Operations of existing operator  evaluate operator performance on global brand Vs unit success  supervise on an on-going basis the management activities and build collective success for the operator/owner.  evaluate the performance of the operator’s key EXCOM personnel including GM.
  12. 12. Service Transformation Design and Architecture  concepts to design for existing or new hotel  a close look at maximizing your infrastructure  from development planning to hospitality design strategy enabling achievement of owner/operators target market through architectural setting, design, and branding perception.
  13. 13. Service Transformation Mystery Shopping  is your organization able to serve its Vision and Mission  brand assurance / compliance evaluations  customer/ guest experience evaluations  specific "touch point" evaluations Internal and External Mystery Shopping  External  as a guest - narrowing down the difference between what you do and how it is perceived is the first step to improving your front-end customer service and increasing sales closures  Internal  analysis of set standards and processes  are the core values being followed
  14. 14. Service Transformation Quality Standards application & training (leading from Mystery Shopping )  help you identify areas where employee training is required and provide structure to improve.  identify areas where trouble shooting is needed  classify employees according to their performance and can be used as a tool for incentives and appraising employees  make comparative studies about service at your establishment as against the global set standards and competition.  provide you with actionable inputs on both your hard and soft quality.
  15. 15. Operations Management Operational Management  as an audit and/or build long term success  evaluate P&L and profitability percentage Vs. budget and market  evaluate and reset competition benchmarking if needed  participate and provide advice on F& B concepts and support services planning.  identify operational issues of management , training needs and work with the owner /operator to develop acceptable solutions beneficial to both owner / operator.  evaluate life safety , food quality and engineering standards for staff and guest safety  co-ordinate and work with operator/owner improving brand standards.
  16. 16. Sales Acceleration Sales and marketing maximization  evaluate complete Sales & Marketing structure and agenda with DOSM  strategic and tactical planning for results:  set up marketing agenda  business plan and implementation methodology,  sales strategies for market penetration in different business segments,  policies for rates to handle the various categories of the business.  evaluate marketing opportunities  streamline communication and PR in line with Brand promise and delivery .
  17. 17. Business Recovery Audits for better results  brand strength  market definition, strategy and plans  competitive environment  sales force organizational structure  financial resources/budgets  approach to target markets  product competitiveness  pricing and channel strategy  territory, market or segmentation structure  market intelligence, customer understanding  clarity and consistency of value proposition  compensation structure
  18. 18. So how can we assist you By getting a clear understanding of your organization’s strengths, while identifying opportunities for revenue and profitable growth. An independent, objective and detailed assessment of your asset – Revenue , cost and operational capabilities to determine what is being done well, while identifying weaknesses and missed opportunities to drive profitability A roadmap for improvement – providing Owning Company with either  recommendations and solutions for Owners and Management or  ongoing support services from experienced Hospitality professional ensuring cost efficiencies and achieved deliverables
  19. 19. LiveBean