Strategies for building your online presence and reputation (2)


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  • INTRO STATEMENT: In personal Branding we are bringing what we do subconsciously into the realm of the conscious and then putting a lot more effort into doing it much more effectively.
  • Strategies for building your online presence and reputation (2)

    1. 1. Strategies for Building Your Online Presence & Personal Brand Exec-U-Net Roundtable Meeting Charlotte, NC Wednesday , July 15thHost: Presenter:Merton St. C. Marsh Mauro “MAC” CalcanoFocalPoint Business Coaching of NC
    2. 2. Selling The Brand You• When did you first start selling You? – Was it in the womb? • The kick to let Mom know you were there – In the crib? • The smile when you got what you wanted and the Banshee scream when you didn‟t – As you manipulated your parents to get what you wanted before you could walk or speak?
    3. 3. Marketing & Selling• In almost every interaction, be it personal or business related, we are marketing or selling, or we are recipients of someone else‟s marketing or sales activities.• In transition, we ratchet up our marketing & selling of ourselves, but when we are employed our success depends as much upon our selling of ourselves as upon our competence.
    4. 4. Personal Branding• ” We are CEOs of our own companies: The Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” -- Tom Peters in the Brand Called You article (1997)• In creating your brand you must develop a specific and consistent message about your knowledge, skills, and attributes which leads to an indelible and favorable impression that you are uniquely qualified.• What Makes You Different From Your Colleagues/Competition? – What are you most proud of? – Write it in 15 words or less
    5. 5. The You Brand will fall into four categories:1.) Focuses on the outer world. What does the You brand mean and how willothers judge me.2.) Focuses on the inner world of ideas and impressions of the You brand.Focuses on the present and on concrete experiences gained3.) Impressions based primarily on logic and on objective analysis of causeand effect. Identifies with and likes a planned and organized approach to thebrand and to life.4.) Brand impressions primarily on spontaneous approach to life and preferto keep brand options open. Focuses on the future, with positive viewstowards all possibilities5.) To create understanding, to create excitement and acceptance of the toencourage personal ownership.
    6. 6. A Personal Branding statement in its simplest form is the elevator pitch thatintroductory summation of what an individual represents . The “elevator”part reflects the fact that the pitch can be delivered in the time span of anelevator ride (thirty seconds or 100-150 words).Creating the You Brand - the impression that you want to leave behind ismuch like the coffee travel mug youre carrying --, youre Starbucks (you donot mind paying $4.00 for a cup of coffee or Dunkin Donut, you know couldvalue for money. In building your brand you get to select what you want tosay about yourself, It is the symbol crafted to represent your skills,knowledge and experience that makes you stand out in that narrow boundaryof all other candidates competing for a position.Discover your brand - The single biggest mistake people make is thatthey fail to invest time in a personal brand statement; of not only whatyou do well but also what you want to do and how well (success) youhave done so in the past.Your self-impression = How people perceive you
    7. 7. The Process of building the You Brand commitment requires constant enforcementand it is a deliberate way to manage your search and career. Communicate “Understand the Why” - The benefit – Your passion Who you are What you do well What you represent Make it believable “Yes, I will be successful “ Be specific –what are you looking for Gain emotional commitment for results “ I will support and do ”
    8. 8. Personal Branding Toolkit1.) The You Brand Statement2.) Leave behind – business card that support that brand statement.3.) Portfolio - use a CD, web or print portfolio, it‟s a great way to showcase thework you‟ve done in the past, which can convince someone of your ability toaccomplish the same results for the future4.) Websites: Start a blog or develop a static homepage. Blogs rank higher insearch engines but you have to have something „pithy‟ to say everyday.5.) LinkedIn: Use it to create your own personal advertising, to search for jobsor meet new people.6.) Facebook: Be sure to include picture of just you, your work experiencewhile turning off the privacy options to make yourself searchable7.) Twitter: Include a link to LinkedIn profile. Follow the job boards posted8.) Video resume: short video of you talking about why you are the best
    9. 9. The Fundamental of On-line Presence 1. Provide multiple connections 2. Shared History 3. Instant Updates 4. Past Present & Future 5. Ability to provide and receive references 6. Personal Branding Webpage
    10. 10. Professional & Social Networks• Professional – LinkedIn – FENG – SHRM• Social – Facebook – MySpace – Twitter
    11. 11. LinkedIn• Profile – Skills – Experience – Currently working on – Interests Hobbies Reading – SlideShare• Build Connection – Send Invites to everyone you meet – Obama – not accept invites – Congress/ Senate are
    12. 12. LinkedIn PollNumber of ConnectionsFrom - To Percentage of Participants0 50 48%51 100 20101 200 15201 500 12500 plus 5
    13. 13. Social Networks• Fun• Young in Spirit• Instant updates• Intimate – careful with solicitations• Crossover Sites• Practice Online branding• Increase contacts
    14. 14. On line Success• Takes time & focus to build the You brand• Road to contacts and leads• Stand out with Photo / Video / Audio resume• Build connections to 200 plus• It is about sharing Past, Present & Future• Continue after you have landedWould like to present 2 image buildersCharlotte in Transition Support - Advancement Systems -
    15. 15. Have One, Memorable Branding Message.Your personal website, profiles, cover letter, resume and conversationsshould have a consistent, engaging message about who you are, whatyou love to do, and the results you create. Your message needs to beengaging and memorable, so that others can repeat and share it.Reinforces the fact that relying on job boards as the main tactic in a jobsearch will produce the lowest yield. Rather, the highest probability forsuccess is built on using multiple tools including: a targeted directmarketing campaign; extensive use of social media sites for networking;and your own personal website to help manage your online identity andcommunicate your personal brand.