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LCNUG 2015 - what's new for agile teams in TFS 2015

With the upcoming launch of TFS 2015, it's hard to keep track of all of the new features. This presentation is a quick synopsis of what has been added in the agile planning and testing space with the latest releases to TFS 2105 and VSO.

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LCNUG 2015 - what's new for agile teams in TFS 2015

  1. 1. What’s new and cool for your agile teams! Angela Dugan
  2. 2. Polaris Solutions ALM Practice Mgr since Jan ‘12 Been in the software industry since 1999 Runs the Chicago ALM User Group ALM MVP, PSM, PSD, SPC Has a *possibly* unhealthy love of Halloween Shameless self promotion Polaris Solutions- Chicago Visual Studio ALM User Group - Twitter: @OakParkGirl, @ChicagoALM, @TeamPolaris Blog -
  3. 3. Buy your ticket before it sells out!
  4. 4. What: TFS 2015 and some straight talk on TFS Git Who: Ed Thomson, TFS Product Team When: Thursday July 16th 2015 6:30PM: Food and networking 7:00PM: Presentation and demos Where: Microsoft Chicago Office MPR 200 East Randolph, 2nd Floor Chicago IL, 60601 Register:
  5. 5. What the heck is TFS anyway? Why do I care about VSOnline? Online Collaboration Tools – What’s New? Testing Services – What’s New? Build Services – What’s New?
  6. 6. VSO <> Visual Studio on the web. Sorry, it’s just not! VSO includes the entire TFS portion of the VS ALM platform hosted on Azure You can leverage on-premise VS with TFS hosted in VSO Now VSO offers build, load testing, and release management! VSO services and Visual Studio can be licensed on a month-to-month basis (cannot mix with standard VS/MSDN licensing)
  7. 7. VSO is super easy to setup VSO is likely FREE for you, or at least really inexpensive VSO receives feature updates every 3 weeks! (quarterly for on-prem) But… Template customization is a bit limited (in beta now) VSO does not have SharePoint integration or OOB reporting* VSO is reliant on Azure, not all companies are comfortable with that
  8. 8. The more you know! -- TFS 2010 Goes Out of Standard Support in July!
  9. 9. This week Brian Harry announced on his blog that TFS 2015 would be delayed. “Our plan had been that the Release Candidate we shipped at the end of April would be our last public pre-release and that mid-July would be our RTM date. About a week ago, I made the decision to change the plan. Instead, we are shipping a “Release Candidate 2” now and will RTM as soon as we are ready after that.”
  10. 10.    Visual Studio and all of the IDE components WILL still release on July 20th. You can install TFS 2015 RC 2 today and it will be fully supported by Microsoft VS 2015 and the other ALM IDEs released on July 20th are fully compatible with TFS 2013 No, I don’t know when TFS 2015 is REALLY releasing and neither does Brian, yet.
  11. 11. Drag and drop to reprioritize EVERYTHING - Even hierarchal groups - Even tasks Un-parented stories do not disappear New way to expand trees Add new work item levels Add bugs to your backlog with 1 click!
  12. 12. Drag and Drop to reprioritize – I KNOW!!! New customization options for: Columns Swimlanes Cards Customize ALL THE THINGS Team specific too!
  13. 13. Drag and drop to reprioritize EVERYTHING - Even hierarchal groups - Even tasks Board customization - Currently cards only but more is coming!
  14. 14. New Test Pane - Test Details - Test Suites - Test Results Share Test Artifacts (Print or email) Assign test cases to testers Shared Parameters Test charts – for both test case and results Support for automated tests in Build vNext
  15. 15. Build agents for Windows or XPlat Build apps for Windows or Azure Build Xcode apps for iOS Build your GitHub-hosted projects in Visual Studio Online Customize everything using scripts
  16. 16. No more freaking XAML!! Old XAML builds still work, but require old build service Parallel builds across multiple agents Agents can span team project collections Remote agents are xcopy (download from the web UI)  No more TFS installs on your build machines Automatic updates of build agents – both on-premises and VSO
  17. 17. Work item charting – longer trends and custom colors
  18. 18. Team Project Rename! There’s a reason it took 10 years :-P
  19. 19.