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Why Django


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Why Django is created and maintained by myself, James Tauber, and others. Its purpose is to help individuals sell Django as a working platform. It is a work in progress, and will be updated periodically.

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Why Django

  1. 1. A web application framework
  2. 2. Nebula is powered by Django
  3. 3. Nebula is powered by Django
  4. 4. Discovery is powered by Django
  5. 5. National Geographic is powered by Django
  6. 6. PBS is powered by Django
  7. 7. MSNBC's Everyblock is powered by Django
  8. 8. Spacebook is powered by Django
  9. 9. Library of Congress is powered by Django
  10. 10. Culture of Quality Django was born in a world of tight deadlines and high expectations.
  11. 11. Culture of Quality Another place where failure is not an option
  12. 12. Culture of Quality Django encourages doing the right thing. In Django doing the wrong thing is hard.
  13. 13. Culture of Quality Code without tests is broken
  14. 14. Testing is expected Django test results from WebFed Django culture expects tests and many tools are available to produce reports like this one, demonstrating that we need to expand our test data to exercise new features which were just added a few minutes ago. These tests: create a clean database, load test data, and test the entire site, in about 30 seconds.
  15. 15. Django saves money
  16. 16. Django saves money We aren't reinventing the wheel
  17. 17. Django saves money Django is powered by Python
  18. 18. Django is secure
  19. 19. Django is secure Cross Site Scripting SQL Injection Buffer Overflows Directory Traversal
  20. 20. Django is Persistent PostgreSQL (Preferred because of GeoDjango) MySQL Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Sqlite3 Future: ZODB, MongoDB, Cassandra, et al
  21. 21. GeoDjango The United States Django Community "The best GIS API in the world is GeoDjango " -Ted Leung, Sun Microsystems
  22. 22. Django is Open Source
  23. 23. Django is Open Source
  24. 24. Django is Open Source
  25. 25. Django is Open Source
  26. 26. Job Trends
  27. 27. Job Trends
  28. 28. Job Trends
  29. 29. Automatic Admin Interface Demo
  30. 30. Questions