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Effective blogging for A Level Media


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Published in: Education
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Effective blogging for A Level Media

  1. 1. Overview0Setting up a blog?0What to and what not to include0Strategies for success
  2. 2. Blogger Tumblr Wordpress Posterous Wix
  3. 3. Blogger0 Create a Blogger account via Google0 Make sure an email address is used that you access regularly0 Create a memorable password0 Blog address: yournameASMedia…0 Design the look of your blog but keep it sensible – the examination board WILL look at it.
  4. 4. What it shouldn’t look like
  5. 5. What it should look like
  6. 6. Create a checklist
  7. 7. Useful tools• - an online tool to produce creative thematic wordclouds/brainstorms• - online brainstorm/mindmap creator• - interactive presentations• - an online comic strip creator• - online scrapbook tool• - the ability to combine multimedia to formanother product• - online sketching• - online mindmap creator• - create 3d graphs or spider diagrams• - online organisation tool for websites• - flowchart creator etc• - upload photos and make notes on top topreserve ideas• - create group notebook online• - online poster construction• - free online diary• - create animations for free
  8. 8. Useful tools• - create online polls/questionnaires• - create short 30 second videos out of photos orvideo clips• - upload docs and allow people to leavecomments• - upload and share powerpoints toblogs/websites• - upload and share documents to blogs• - create photo albums and share online• - create online timelines for projects/research• - create online timelines for projects/research• - convert text to speech – online voice for websites• - online presentations• - synchronise videos and slideshows side by side• - word cloud generator• - Create a drawing, save and play back as a movieof the drawing being created. Embed into anywebpage
  9. 9. Useful tools• - decision making tool• - online editable world map useful forlocation details• - free to-do list creator• - convert videos from youtube to mp3• - online comments board
  10. 10. Embedding Media Click Share, then click Embed. Copy this into the HTML bit of your blog post (not the compose)
  11. 11. Tagging/Labelling Posts
  12. 12. Evaluations0 Be creative and imaginative0 Not just a load of text or uploaded PowerPoints.0 Make each one different.0 USE ONLINE MEDIA0 Be clear and thorough
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 0 http://ringwoodmediaalicesadvancedportfolio.blogsp
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