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United states and athens government


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United states and athens government

  1. 1. Athens & the UnitedStates Governments By Andrew Palomba
  2. 2. The Athens Government● It was the most important and popular body● All males who live in Athens could take part in the Assembly● The first 6000 Athenians who participate in the Assembly were the only ones who could vote for actions in Greece
  3. 3. ● The Athenian Assembly and Council had 2 different responsibilities● The Council would create an offer and the Assembly would decide whether or not to accept it● Athens could only be considered a democracy if they ensure that women, slaves,and immigrants dont vote in the Assembly
  4. 4. ● No one except for Solon who made the Council knows what it really is● The Council contains about 50 people from each of the 10 tribes● The Councils job was to connect the Athenians together no matter where they live and who their relatives were
  5. 5. ● But the Councils main purpose is to create laws for the Assembly to decide on● The 50 people who work in the Council have the duty for every 1/10 of every year is to check any companies that need quick attention● The Council was also in charge of certain purposes that involve the government
  6. 6. The United States Government● The Supreme law allowed all the states to unit as one but the law also protects them as individual states● To make sure that no one accesses too much power the founders created the government to separate the laws● Each specific government is balanced by powers to make them all equal
  7. 7. ● The Supreme Court creates the laws and the executive branch decides whether to accept the specific law or not● If the president viteos the law the legislative branch can overrule the veto and accept the law anyway● It all depends on how important the law is for the legislative branch to want to overrule the veto
  8. 8. ● A group called the framers of the Constitution tried to create what they consider to be "the perfect union" while the balanced was being created● The "perfect union" is a government that would serve the people and also have a long lived life so they can serve the people for a long time● The government would also be a great example to other nations around every continent
  9. 9. ● The United States government was created to bring happiness and pleasure to the people of the united states● The principle was formulated in 1788 with the ratification of the Constitution
  10. 10. The Comparison between the 2Governments● The U.Ss government isnt a democracy and Athens government was a democracy● Athens government is more advanced than the U.Ss government● The U.Ss government is a Constitutional Republic and Athens government is not
  11. 11. ● The U.Ss Constitutional Republic is better than Athens democracy because it is better at protecting its citizens● The U.Ss Constitutional Republic is an imperfection because their citizens dont always agree with the decisions the Republic makes● athens government has 2 main bodies and the U.Ss government has 3