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01 Some Notes About Andres In The Imaging Industry


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01 Some Notes About Andres In The Imaging Industry

  1. 1. Some notes about Andres Pedemontein the Imaging Industry2006<br />
  2. 2. Andres Pedemonte is currently President of the Advisory Council to the Peruvian Consulate in Vancouver<br />
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  5. 5. Mexico Conference 2006<br />Andres Pedemonte, Sergio Chavez- PMA Director Latinoamérica, Jeff Frazine-PMA Executive at Mexico D.F.<br />
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  7. 7. PMA MEXICO 2006<br />
  8. 8. Mexico D.F. 2006<br />
  9. 9. Peru Conference 2006<br />
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  11. 11. GOALS OBTAINED WITH KODAK<br />Mr. Andrés F. Pedemonte was the most profitable employee in Kodak Peruana during 1981-1988, by the goals gained in quantity (volume) and quality (profit) with the minimum of resources. When in 1982 he was appointed as Sales Manager of Professional and Photofinishing Markets, the LOB Sales were the 9% of the total company sales and after 2 years they climbed to 43% of total company sales. His performance extended to other Kodak markets because he was involved in all the lines of business.<br />
  12. 12. Certificate Marketing Program of Pennsylvania State University – 1983 -<br />
  14. 14. Eastman Kodak Company 1987<br />Andrés Pedemonte, P&F Sales Manager of Kodak Peruana, attended 1987 LOB Meeting for submit the AOP and Marketing Plan 1988. <br />
  15. 15. Eastman Kodak Company 1988<br />Andrés at KODAK Marketing Education Center (MEC) when he presented the AOP 1989 and Marketing Plan of Kodak Peruana. Rochester - June 1988<br />Andrés with Manuel Picota – P&F Mgr. of Kodak Panamá - at MEC <br />Andrés with Jorge Pratt - P&F Mgr. of Kodak Mexicana – at Niagara Falls, Toronto<br />
  16. 16. LETTER FOR MR. CHARLES GRIFFIN REGARDING ANDRES PEDEMONTE<br />FROM ROBERT C. MORRIS – IPO/KODAK ROCHESTER<br />1983<br />“I meet Bob Morris while I attended my first LOB meeting at Kodak Rochester. Under his guidelines I managed very well the Peruvian market, establishing the first Minilabs operations with a complete Color Paper Purchase Plan & Quality Control.”<br />
  17. 17. In 1983, Mr. Pedemonte created and developed a strategic & aggressive Marketing Plan for long term Color Paper Sales (including “Good-Look” campaign), selling inclusive to Procolor S.A. (Fuji dealer in Perú) from 1984 till 1987.<br />
  18. 18. During 1987 Mr. Pedemonte’s team obtained for Kodak Peruana the worldwide highest color paper market share (88%). <br />
  19. 19. In 1986, Mr. Pedemonte created and developed the Kodak Professional Photography Course (Curso Kodak de Fotografía Profesional), with a duration of 6 cycles. This course was a model and guide for the Latin America Region 1986/87 Professional Programs.<br />
  20. 20. Andrés Pedemonte created the fundaments and statutes of the Kodak Photographic Club : “Arte Imagen” , developing an Exhibition Committee integrated by Kodak students.<br />
  21. 21. In 1984, Mr. Pedemonte presented to IPO/Rochester the Project for the Exhibition in Latin America of the “George Eastman Collection of Photographs.”<br />
  22. 22. During 1984, the engineer Mr. Andrés F. Pedemonte as the Kodak Manager, integrated the Executive Committee for the First Peruvian Congress of Aerial Photography and Remote Perception, being the unique non-military professional engineer with that merit. <br />
  23. 23. In 1985, during a vacation trip to Europe, Mr Pedemonte consolidated with Kodak-Pathe (París-France) technical assistance for the professional photography segment. That assistance included the distribution of the Kodak Magazine : “ Le Courrier Professionel” for the top professional photographers in Perú. <br />Mr. Laurent Wallut, Export Director, with Andrés Pedemonte at Kodak-Pathé in Paris - 1985. <br />
  24. 24. Mr. Pedemonte developed an intensive Public Relations functions and activities through specific Programs. As a result of that Programs, Kodak obtained a strong social impact in the Peruvian collectivity and an excellent position of “Kodak” name in the mind of the consumers.<br />
  25. 25. KODAK SUPPORT TO THE EDITION OF THE ALBUM “POPE: JEAN PAUL II”<br /> 1985<br />Andrés installed an International Press Center at the Crillón Hotel with an “all day express film developing service” in order to give an effective support for the press image-covering of the visit to Perú of Pope Jean Paul II<br />
  26. 26. Through 1989-1999 Mr. Pedemonte introduced several innovator business with his company ASYNGSA and developed the Imaging Market in Peru<br />
  27. 27. AGFA-GEVAERT AG (Leverkusen-Germany)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Gert-Peter Scheck, G.M. Photographic and Finishing Business Unit<br />Mr. Jochen Mogwitz, Marketing Mgr. Color Paper<br />Mr. Klaus Martens, G..M. BAYER/AGFA<br />Mss. Mónica Rejas, Marketing Mgr. BAYER/AGFA<br />Results :<br />During Photokina 1992, Mr. Pedemonte consolidated for his companies ASYNGSA and FOTOMARKET S.A. the Distribution in Perú of AGFA color photographic papers (importing directly from Germany), obtaining a 6% of market share during 1992 and 1993.<br />In 1997 when BAYER assumed the AGFA Representation in Perú, Mr. Pedemonte was called to conduct the Marketing Research Studies and strategic advise in order to setup the Peruvian Marketing Plan 1998-1999. As a results of this, BAYER/AGFA obtained a 14% of color paper market share during 1998-99. <br />The Peruvian Photographic & Photofinishing Marketing Report, edited by my company ASYNGSA, was bought every issue by AGFA in Perú. <br />
  28. 28. KONICA CORPORATION (Tokyo-Japan)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Yasuhiro Suga, G.M. International Marketing<br />Mr. Hirofumi Nakayama, Mgr. Sales Dept. Int. Division<br />Results :<br />On July 1993 Mr. Pedemonte, as a Marketing & Sales Consultant, started with FOTOKINA S.A. the distribution of Konica photographic films and papers in Peru,importing in first instance from MARDEL PHOTO SUPPLY Inc. of Miami, obtaining a 25% of color paper market share during 1993 and 1994.<br />He also developed and conducted the First KONICA Quality Control Seminar in Perú on June 1994.<br />
  29. 29. Beginning 1995 Pedemonte established a commercial office and warehouse in Miami for FOTOKINA S.A.. The company in Miami was founded as PANAFOTO Inc. with the objective to reduce importation cost, buying directly from Konica Japan and other photofinishing suppliers manufacturers, for re-sell in Peru and other Latin America countries. As a result of this action we retained the 17% market share of Konica products in Peru during 1995. <br />On July 1995 Mr. Pedemonte with ASYNGSA make a society with Mr. Jan Schuenemann of FOTOMAR S.A., the Representative of Konica in Chile, in order to fit a photofinishing operation in Lima-Peru. The company called FOTOGRAFICA FOTOSHOP S.A., and distribute the full range of Konica products (cameras, films, paper and chemicals, video products). In the store was running a Konica Nice-Print 808 with an average of 180 rolls/day. The paper and chemicals were imported from FOTOMAR-Chile. Our store was an example for KONIMAR S.A. of how to install a success store/lab operation and a good show-room for their prospects. This store was visited by Carlos Winitzky of Mardel Photo Supply of Miami and Mr. Hirofumi Nakayama of Konica Japan.<br />
  30. 30. On July 1996 Mr. Pedemonte was called by Mr. Carlos D. Winitzky, President of the recently formed company MARDEL FOTO PERU S.A. (company partner of MARDEL PHOTO SUPPLY of Miami) and Official Distributor of Konica Products in order to take care of the company sales, named Sales Manager through April 1997, obtaining a 18% of market share during 1996 and 32% for the 1st. quarter 1997.<br />
  31. 31. MITSUBISHI MC Inc. (New York-USA)<br />Personal Contacts : <br />Mr. Wade Godfrey, National Sales Mgr.<br />Mr. Gary L. Roberts, G.Mgr. Photographic Materials<br />Mr. Yasuo Suzuki, Senior V.P.<br />Results :<br />On February 1996, Mr. Pedemonte was called again by Mr. Harish Gianchandani/Owner of Fotokina S.A. <br /> a) For conduct the commercial delegation that achieved for the FOTOKINA Group companies : PANAFOTO Inc. at Miami and PANAFOTO S.A. at Lima, the Representation for Peru of Mitsubishi photographic color paper <br /> b) For set-up the Marketing Plan for the new company PANAFOTO S.A. in Lima. I finished my work with Panafoto S.A. on June 1996.<br />As a result of the Plan application they obtained an 8% of market share during 1996.<br />
  32. 32. PMA 1996 Las Vegas- USA: Andres Pedemonte, Julio Rizo-Patrón of Panafoto S.A. and Miguel De la Gala of Panafoto Inc. <br />
  33. 33. FUJI PHOTO FILM Co., Ltd. (Tokyo-Japan)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Jiro Nakamura, President’s Assistant<br />Mr. Toshihisa Iida, International Marketing Division – Consumer Products<br />Results :<br /> In several occasions, Mr. Pedemonte was called as a consultant during PMA Fuji Corporate business sessions, making strategic sales analysis of the Latin America an peruvian market, and confidential evaluations of his exclusive dealer in Peru: Procolor S.A.<br />
  34. 34. HOPE INDUSTRIES INC. (Philadelphia-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Henry Hope, President ()<br />Mr. Jack Hope, Sales Director<br />Mr. Manuel Bandres, International Sales<br />Mss. Joyce Schaller, Int. Sales Assistant<br />Mr. Tom Von Bargen, Mgr. Technical Service Department<br />Mr. Peter Evans, Mgr. Sales & Marketing<br />Results :<br />In 1990 at Willow Grove-Philadelphia; Mr. Pedemonte achieved for his company ASYNGSA the HOPE´s Exclusive Representation for Peru of all the lines of Minilabs and photofinishing equipments.<br />Established with ASYNGSA the HOPE sales record in Peru, including a Photofinishing System for the Peruvian Navy.<br />
  35. 35. Left: Mr. Jack Hope with Andrés at Photokina 1992.<br />Right: Mr. Rodd Jones with Andrés, after Kreonite purchased Hope Industries Inc. at Photokina 1994<br />
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  37. 37. Image Center by ASYNGSA<br />Image Center (“Centro de Imágenes”), the revolutionary imaging business concept that Mr. Andrés Pedemonte introduced and developed in Perú and Latin America during the 80’s and 90’s.<br /> Actually he is developing worldwide the Workshop Seminar: <br />“Image Center: Century 21st.”<br />
  38. 38. L.B. RUSSELL CHEMICALS (New York-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Irving Ewig, President ()<br />Mr. Russell Edwig, Director<br />Mr. Joseph Adamo, V.P. of Sales<br />Mr. Pablo Dent, Territorial Mgr., Latin America<br />Results :<br />In 1992 Mr. Pedemonte obtained the Russell distribution for Peru through his companies ASYNGSA, FOTOMARKET S.A.(October 1992- August 1993) and REVELADO S.A., PANAFOTO S.A.(1994-95), obtaining a 24% of market share during 1992 till 1995.<br /> RUSSELL’s staff indicated us that the importations must be make from MARDELPHOTO SUPPLY of Miami.<br />Pedemonte also setup the First RUSSELL Quality Control Seminar in Perú in 1994.<br />
  39. 39. KONICA QUALITY CONTROL SEMINAR - 1994 -<br />75% of the minilabs owners and operators were represented at this seminar.<br />Andrés, as an opinion leader in the industry, organized and promote the event in all the country. He also gave a conference. Mr. Carlos Winitzky of Mardel Photo Supply (Konica Florida distributor) integrated the panel of expositors.<br />
  40. 40. TREBLA CHEMICAL Co. (Missouri-USA)<br />Personal Contact : <br />Mr. Pedro Bonilla, President<br />Results :<br />Mr. Pedemonte started the distribution for Peru of Trebla photofinishing chemicals products through the companies REVELADO S.A. and PANAFOTO S.A obtaining a 5% of market share during 1996.<br />
  41. 41. CHAMPION PHOTOCHEMISTRY (Ontario-Canada)<br />Personal Contacts : <br />Mr. Peter Newton, President<br />Mr. Walter Drozdowsky, V.P. & G.Mgr.<br />Mr. Rae Finlayson, V.P. Sales<br />Mr. Derek C. Wybrow, Managing Director<br />Mr. Tony Mastromatteo, Export Sales Mgr.<br />Results :<br />On February 1996, Mr. Pedemonte obtained the Champion Representation in Perú for the company PANAFOTO S.A.<br />He also develop the Marketing Plan obtaining an 8 % of market share during 1996.<br />Mr. Pedemonte developed and conducted the First CHAMPION Quality Control Seminar in Peru, in 1996.<br />
  42. 42. POLAROID CORP. (Massachussets-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Kent G. Wilhelmsson, Vice-President Developing Markets<br />Mr. Sunil Swami, Director Developing Markets<br />Mr. Tomas Hauff, G.M. Latin America & Caribbean Export Operations<br />Mr. Edwin Cardona-Méndez, Manager of Electronic Imaging<br />Results :<br />In 1996, Mr. Pedemonte developed the Marketing Plan for the Polaroid Digital Products Sales in Peru, through MARDEL FOTO PERU S.A. partner of MARDEL PHOTO SUPPLY Inc. (Florida-USA)<br />He also conducted the First POLAROID Digital Products Seminar in Perú in 1996.<br />
  43. 43. In 1996 Andrés launched Polaroid Digital Products at four different target markets: Graphic Arts and Newspapers, Professional Photographers, Advertising Agencies, Digital Image Center<br />
  44. 44. ENVIRONMENT PROJECTION SYSTEMS – EPS – PIXEL MAGIC (Texas-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Dr. Henry J. Oles, President<br />Results :<br />In 1991 at San Marcos-Texas, Mr. Pedemonte achieved the EPS Representation for Peru for his company ASYNGSA.<br />He received special training in the full range products.<br />He also developed the Sales Plan that allowed to setup this systems in Lima and Provinces.<br />
  45. 45. LASER MASTER / COLOR SPAN (Minnesota-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Julio Ramírez-Sánchez, Latin America Sales Mgr.<br />Mr. Peter Relick, Color System Division<br />Results :<br />In 1997, Mr. Pedemonte developed the Sales Marketing Plan for MARDEL FOTO PERU S.A.<br />He also conducted the First LASER MASTER (now COLOR SPAN) Seminar in Perú, in 1997.<br />
  46. 46. LUCHT, INC. (Minnesota-USA)<br />Personal Contacts <br />Mr. John Walentiny, International Sales Manager<br />Mr. David Willians, Sales Director<br />Mr. Bernd. M. Tischer, Int. Sales Director<br />Results :<br />In 1991 at Bloomington-Minnesota, Mr. Pedemonte achieved for his company ASYNGSA, the LUCHT´s Representation for Peru. He attended an extensive technical/marketing program with people of Kodak Mexicana. <br />That year he developed a Regional Sales Program with executives of KODAK MEXICANA through a technical/sales factory training.<br />
  47. 47. Mr. Walentiny with Andrés Pedemonte at Lucht headquarters.<br />Minneapolis, Minnesota – USA<br />1991 <br />
  48. 48. NORITSU KOKI LTD. (Wakayama-Japan)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Haruhisa Kako, Group Leader - International Sales Dept.<br />Mr. Takashi Yoshida<br />Mr. Shiro Kazuta, Mgr. International Sales Dept.<br />Mr. Flavio Takeda, Marketing Mgr. Noritsu Brasil<br />Mr. Edson Bamnin, Technical Dept. Noritsu Latin America<br />Results :<br />Mr. Pedemonte was called as a consultant of ASYNGSA for specific advisory<br />a) Latin America and Peruvian strategic sales <br />b) Develop business opportunities.<br />
  49. 49. FELIX SCHOLLER (Onsbruk – Germany)<br />Personal Contact :<br />Mss. Ina Hilker , Editorial Mgr.<br />Results :<br />Mr. Pedemonte through his company ASYNGSA developed the most complete and extensive Latin-America studies for European investors.<br />
  50. 50. PHOTO MARKETING ASSOCIATION – PMA (Michigan-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mr. Roy S. Pung, Director<br />Mr. Richard Stoneman, Education Manager<br />Mr. Bruce H. Aldrich, Director<br />Mss. Terry Cameron, Advertising Mgr.<br />Mr. Sotero Ortega<br />Mr. Antonio Rubalcava, Latin America activities.<br />Mss. Amanda Maynard, Latin America membership Services.<br />Results :<br />During 1992 PMA Convention, Mr. Pedemonte integrated a panel of the most prestigious international experts in the imaging industry that appointed the opportunities and challenges for the photo-industry. <br />During 1995 PMA Convention, Mr. Pedemonte developed the Conference : “ Excellence in Quality and Service”. <br />During 2006 Andres developed the Conference: “Photos + Prepress=Impre$o$” in Florida-USA and other Latin American countries like Mexico, Chile and Peru.<br />Mr. Pedemonte support to PMA´s imaging market information through ASYNGSA Report : “Photography and Photofinishing Markets”<br />Mr. Pedemonte was the PMA´s emissary for PMA in Peru during 1991 to 1996, expanding to the photo-industry market the benefits of this association gaining 70 new members and organizing and conducting the Peruvian Delegation for the Conventions. <br />
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  53. 53. CONGRATULATIONS LETTER TO ANDRES PEDEMONTE FROM PMA <br /> - PHOTO MARKETING ASSOCIATION -<br /> We contributed with strategic ideas that allowed they to developed Latin America Division. We also recommended to PMA LAR Division to establish an office in Lima-Perú, because it’s a strategic geographic city in the center of South America.<br />ASYNGSA marketing research studies are frequently used by PMA publications.<br />
  54. 54. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF AMERICA – PPA (Atlanta-USA)<br />Personal Contacts :<br />Mss. June Youngren, Membership Director<br />Mr. Andrew Foster, Executive Director<br />Results :<br />Mr. Pedemonte was the emissary of PPA in Peru. In 1997 Pedemonte organized and conducted the first Peruvian Delegation for the PPA Convention.<br />
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  59. 59. PHOTOFINISHING NEWS, INC. (Florida-USA)<br />Personal Contact :<br />Mr. Don Franz, President<br />Results :<br />Mr. Pedemonte developed together with ASYNGSA and PHOTOFINISHING NEWS Inc., Marketing Research Studies for the School Photographic Segment in Latin America.<br />Mr. Pedemonte contributed with Latin America strategic market information in the imaging industry through several monthly reports, edited by ASYNGSA.<br />
  60. 60. Andrés with Oscar Pellati/GM of SERPAK S.A. Buenos Aires – 1995<br />Andrés Pedemonte with the President of CACIOFA - Argentina<br /> Andrés with professional photographer Jorge Skenen <br />
  61. 61. Andrés Pedemonte, Hernán Moreno/BIS Regional Sales Mgr. and Alejandro Opitz at a regional business meeting at Kodak Chilena in Santiago - 1995<br />
  62. 62. Andrés Pedemonte developed with his Group ASYNGSA the most complete database of Latin America imaging industry.<br />
  63. 63. DECLARATION<br />All the information and results here described are supported extensively in detail by Studies, Reports, Audits, Publications, Commercial correspondence, Affidavits and Public Information.<br />Also the Corporate Executives that I refer as a Personal Contacts can give you<br /> references and faith of these acts.<br />If you have any comments or need more information to these matters, <br />please do not hesitate to contact me.<br />Andrés F. Pedemonte H.<br />Telephones<br />CANADA (604) 210-0487<br />PERU (511) 422-8416<br /><br />
  64. 64. Working Together to be the # 1 !<br />