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  1. 1. DIGEN VERMA CAMPAIGN BY FROOTI <br />BRAND FROOTI <br />AD AGENCY: EVEREST <br />CASE OVERVIEW <br />First tetra pack drinks to be introduced in the Indian market. Frooti has a majority market share of the Rs. 300 cr. tetra pack fruit drink market.(By 2000) and in various market research it was rated as 100% in likeability and quality score . But due to competition in market the brand recall reduced to 60 % and there were other competitors like maza and slice coming up in the market of cold drinks and fruit juices which made the condition even worse <br />Change in market segment <br />Also there were a few sub segments created in the market because of age differences in which 12 years calling them teenagers and 9-12 as pre teenagers and they were seeing frooti as a product for kids and because of this frooti wanted to change this perception ASAP <br /> OBJECTIVES OF THE STRATEGY <br />With the digen verma campaign the objectives were <br /><ul><li>Reposition frooti
  2. 2. Increase sales
  3. 3. Increase brand recall value of frooti </li></ul>They also wanted to create a market segment targeting <br /><ul><li>Pre-teens (9-12) ,
  4. 4. Teen agers(12-15),
  5. 5. Above teenager(16-19)
  6. 6. New Impulse category</li></ul>STRATEGY ADOPTED <br /> Parle agro wanted to Differentiate:<br /><ul><li>Target users- Fruit drink for youths.
  7. 7. Occasion- As a fun, for hang out habits.</li></ul>They used differential marketing and communication in all forms for Product, Packaging, Brand, Place, Promotion<br />Various strategies used by them for <br />1.PRODUCT <br />Packaging: It was changed to new splash graphics which appealed to youth as well as kids also the packaging was changed to flip top packaging which gave it a completely new look <br /> Also the 16 year old tagline Tagline was changed to Frooti-just like that<br />2. PLACE <br />It was heaviy promoted in canteens ,movie halls ,bus stops ,colleges where young people usually hang out and thus created a great deal of buzz in the market <br />3. PROMOTION <br />A nationwide campaign was run to promote DIGEN VERMA which lasted for 15 days and then after a week it was revealed that digen verma is the brand ambassador of frooti such innovative campaign covered TVCs, newspaper ,ooh ,radio jingles ,offline and online promotions <br />RATIONALE BEHIND DIGEN VERMA <br /><ul><li>To create a hype in market.</li></ul>It was somewhat unusual.<br />Digen Verma was well received in southern markets. Image of a celebrities can be lossed and they knew that using a brand ambassador won’t help cause life of stardom was very less so Parle directed their efforts at digen verma a fictitious character <br />OUTCOME OF THE CAMPAIGN <br />The campaign had been successful in not just evoking interest but also in increasing sales. The customer awareness it was likely to capture seemed quite phenomenal. (Brand awareness) The sales are already up by almost 30% by investing 30 million on campaign. (Sales) ,The Digen verma campaign would be remembered for its sheer creativity and unprecedented public interest it generated.<br />Market share of frooti after this campaign increased to 80% which clearly shows us the effectiveness of the campaign it not only created a repositioning of the brand also resulted in such a huge increase in the sales <br />Apart from the promotion of this campaign few other factors also help in repositioning of a brand these are <br />MarketingSocio- CulturalProduct MixDemographicPricePhysical- Natural-technologicalPlaceCustomer & MarketPromotionCompetitors & IndustryHR/ Finance Dept.Quality of production.Political-Economic-Legalimproving high productivity.<br />The campaign created a long lasting impact in minds of consumers of frooti and they still connect with digen verma in early 2000 digen verma became a synonym for frooti and the campaign was hugely popular in all the age groups <br />SUBMITTED BY <br />Abhishek singh Rajpurohit (79)<br />Aparajita saxena <br />Chintan buch <br />Chaitanya <br />Juanita Jocelyn <br />