Canela Pr Presentation Jan 2010


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Canela PR credentials presentation

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Canela Pr Presentation Jan 2010

  1. 1. CANELA PUBLIC RELATIONS we know how to make noise
  2. 2. Contents Who we are Our offices Our clients What can we do for you Case studies References
  3. 3. Who we are  Canela is an independent consumer and lifestyle PR agency.  We have been in operation for four years.  We specialise in “breaking brands” into the Spanish market.  Canela has offices in Madrid and Barcelona  Each office has a showroom for presentations and product launches.  We have Pan-European, English, Spanish and Catalan capabilities.  We were nominated for the Best PR Campaign in Iberia by the Sabre Awards.  Our team of consultants have complementary experience.  We are the only Spanish PR agency to offer access to our client’s press information via our online press office
  4. 4. Our offices
  5. 5. Our clients
  6. 6. What we can do for you  Manage the press office and media outreach for your organisation online and offline.  Design and develop your media communication plan.  Organise meetings with media via press conferences, interviews, etc.  Position your representatives as opinion leaders in your sector.  Organise all aspects of press events and product launches.  Manage product review programmes with the press and bloggers.  Write, translate and adapt press materials for online and offline purposes.  Develop media training programmes for your spokespeople.  Create and update social media profiles.
  7. 7. Our Digital Press Room “The concept is brilliant” Alex Ferrero, Stuff magazine “It’s a journalist’s paradise” Juliet Ohuaregbe, WD PR EMEA Canela is the only PR agency in Spain with an open access Digital Press Room
  8. 8. Case study: Geo-Xating campaign Challenge  To build brand awareness and engagement for Mio and promote brand and leverage “Explore More”.  To promote the use of GPS for leisure pursuits and educate consumers on the services element of GPS use (e.g. geo-coordinates).  Achieve sustained WOM and participation via online websites and other social media. Response  Canela created the Geo-Xating concept: an activity involving using a GPS to participate in a treasure hunt that taking participants to different parts of Catalonia to discover hidden treasure indicated only by geo-coordinates and photographs.  This activity was developed with a key partner XATIC (Catalan Industrial Tourism network) and Turisme de Catalunya (the tourism institution that belongs to the Catalan Government).  The main support for this activity was to create a web for the project so all the participants were able to access to all the information  Canela also looked for other partners to give prizes to the winners of the competition as Descobrir Catalunya, a tourism and leisure magazine, and Paradores, a luxury hotel chain.  The launch of the activity was communicated through a press conference held in Palau Robert in the centre of Barcelona with the key target media. Results  One month after the launch we achieved more than 90 pieces of branded coverage including number 1 Catalan TV (TV3), Catalan radio stations (iCat FM & COM Radio), several local newspapers (Avui, Diari de Terrassa, Regió 7...), travel magazines (Descobrir Catalunya), leisure webs and blogs (,, national and regional news agencies (EFE & ACN), geo-caching blogs, etc.  Geo-Xating social media platforms were built and maintained by Canela: the website forum, Facebook group, Flickr profile, YouTube profile.  TV3 station commissioned its programme Info -K to do a documentary on a family participating in Geo-Xating (see coverage slide).  At the end of the four month campaign the Geo-Xating website had received in excess of 15.000 visitors.
  9. 9. Case study: Social media campaign Challenge  To launch a new NGO and recruit activists, supporters.  To generate traffic for the InspirAction website  To generate noise online about the organisation through social media sites used by the target audience.  To achieve a fluid communication with the target audience, mainly young people. Response  Canela made an analysis of the social media sites used most by the target audience of InspirAction and established bespoke InspirAction profiles in the most relevant ones: Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube.  Since InspirAction launch, Canela makes daily (Twitter) and weekly updates (Facebook, Tuenti, My Space, YouTube) of news about the InspirAction brand using contents specifically adapted to this media.  Canela links and marks opinion articles about issues related to InspirAction to create opinion and make the dialogue easier with its fans and followers.  Canela maintains a dialogue with InspirAction fans and followers responding to their enquiries. Results  Contents 100% updated always.  Increased visibility of InspirAction in the web.  One month after launch InspirAction has over 380 fans in Facebook and 300 followers in Twitter with numbers increasing every day.  The fans link articles that they find interesting in InspirAction Facebook profile and share their opinions with the organization and rest of the fans
  10. 10. Case study: Spokesperson profiling for WD Situation  In March 2007, Juan Sanz was appointed by WD, as the new Country Manager for Spain and Italy for it’s Branded Products Division.  Canela’s challenge was to develop a profile for Juan Sanz’s with IT Channel and business press. Response  Following his appointment Canela wrote and distributed a release about his appointment.  Canela organised an interview schedule for Juan Sanz targeting the most important IT and channel publications.  Canela took advantage of any profiling opportunities such as Q&AS and roundtables with the IT press. Results  17 Interviews with Juan: 4 interviews in the technology programmes of 4 radio stations, Cadena COPE and Cadena SER, Com Ràdio and Ona Mallorca, and also interviews in the main IT. magazines such as Dealer World, TCN and Newsbook.  Coverage of the appointment in the most relevant titles of IT and IT channel press and online versions.  Canela achieves a minimum of one interview per month for Juan Sanz offering a mixture of opinions and channel related stories to the channel press.
  11. 11. References “Canela has always provided me with up-to-date information, together with helpful “The reason I like working with Canela is details that make it possible for me to understand the context in which their clients because they are as serious about getting operate. This is the best thing for their clients and my readers.” results as I am”. Norberto Gallego, journalist from La Vanguardia  Daniel Mauerhofer, EMEA PR Manager Western Digital “We chose Canela because they demonstrated real creativity and enthusiasm for our brand during the pitch process. Since we have been “Canela has a very professional team with a broad working with them they have been able to scale up their original offer to knowledge of the sector. I believe they know how to provide social media support and media training as well as help us with handle relations with journalists very well. They offer the our corporate positioning and media launch and best of all, they are part appropiate information and answer our requests of the team which is what you really need, when you’re trying to launch a efficiently and quickly, which is essential for us” new NGO on a national scale.” Ricardo Gómez, Nick Marsh, journalist from Computer Hoy Head of International Marketing InspirAction “For Cosmopolitan in general and for me personally, it’s a pleasure to collaborate with such an efficient and responsible team.” Chus Salido, journalist from Cosmopolitan
  12. 12. Thank you very much for your time For further information about this presentation please contact: T. +34 93 269 09 93