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Poultry copy

  1. 1. POULTRY
  2. 2. • Poultry - Domesticated bird for eating• Generally, the least expensive and most versatile of all main dish foods.• It can be cooked by almost any method• A bird stores fat in skin, abdominal cavity and the fat pad near its tail• The breast & the wing flesh of chicken & turkey lighter in color than thighs and legs due to higher concentration of protein myoglobin
  3. 3. Classification & Market FormsKind –the species such as chicken, turkey, duckClass – subdivision of kind, depending on age and sexStyle – the amount of cleaning and processing (live, dressed, drawn)State of refrigeration – chilled or frozen
  4. 4. Kinds of Poultry1. Chicken2. Turkey3. Ducks4. Guineas5. Squabs6. Quail7. Patridges8. Pheasant
  5. 5. Structure & Composition of Poultry Meat• Poultry is similar to red meats (beef,pork) -Dark meats- are those muscle with are active, has more fat and connective tissue with high myoglobin. - White meat has less fat, with no myoglobinMyoglobin – Protein that stores oxygen for the muscle tissue to use• Good source of protein to those people in diet
  6. 6. Market Forms of Poultry1. Live Poultry – When selecting live poultry choose those hat are alert, well feathered, and well formed2. Whole Poultry – Hunted birds, similar to the form of live poultry but no longer alive3. Dressed Poultry – These are slaughtered poultry with head, feet and viscera intact. Blood and feathers are removed
  7. 7. 4. Drawn Poultry – dressed poultry with the visceral organs, feet and head removed5. Ready to Cook – slaughtered birds that have been defeathered, visceral organs, feet, head removed ready for cooking.6. Poultry Parts – Several pieces of poultry parts is usually packed in one package (thighs, wings, breast, liver, gizzard)
  8. 8. Classification of Chicken Class Description Age WeightGame Hen Young or immature, 5-6 1 kg. or weeks less Very flavorfulBroiler/ Young with soft, smooth, 13 1.5 kg textured skin, relatively lean, weeks or less Fryer Flexible breastboneRoaster Young with tender meat, 3-5 1.5- smooth textured skin, months breastbone is less flexible 2 kg
  9. 9. Class Description Age Weight Capon Surgically cons rated male, Under 2.5 kg tender meat with soft, smooth 8 textured skin, well flavored, months contains high proportion of light to dark meat, high fat contentHen/Stewing Mature female, flavorful but Over 1 – 3.5 less tender meat, non flexible breastbone 10 kg. months
  10. 10. Poultry Cuts• Drumstick• Leg with thigh• Thigh• Wings• Leg with thigh,• meat from back
  11. 11. Factors affecting Tenderness & Flavors• Age – young birds are more tender• Amount of fat –• Females – more tender and more fat