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Gamification World Congress 2014: Taking a train down memory lane presentation


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Gamification World Congress 2014 slides for main conference day. An Coppens from Gamification Nation discussed enagement strategy from Eurostar as a great example of gamification to attract a following online. #gwc14

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Gamification World Congress 2014: Taking a train down memory lane presentation

  1. 1. Taking a fast train down memory lane An Coppens Chief game changer – Gamification Nation
  2. 2. A few research findings Women make 92% of decision relating to leisure travel (slightly less in corporate) Photo sharing is a female dominated sport on Facebook, but on Instagram guys seem to be on par Recalling of location based memories reinforces the emotional connection with that place and memory
  3. 3. Business objective Create a stronger more emotional connection with the customer and the brand How Invitation to share memories on Facebook and Twitter Inspire others to travel to your favourite places in Paris or London Earn the opportunity to be in the remake of the ad
  4. 4. Eurostar Paris: https :// NCyQo6rVrOI London: https :// mYj_vTY
  5. 5. Stories are waiting Gamified aspects: Time limited quest (October – December) Customer engagement: social sharing – Paris your way Appealing to status – Earn a chance to feature in the next ad - 15 minutes of fame Social media driven: Twitter, Facebook & YouTube #wheninParis #wheninLondon
  6. 6. Numbers Original ad viewed over 330 million times (4million of these through social media channels) 700,000 interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube about the campaign 1100 entries into the re-edit of the ad competition Winners only saw they won when the ad aired online for the first time feature=player_embedded&v=uxfjoU-LZOs
  7. 7. Results New advertising campaign with user generated content Website with crowd sourced travel information – some unusual tips Created a following of potential buyers Continued on with a monthly winner of free travel