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Learning gamification framework


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Learning gamification framework as designed by An Coppens of Gamification Nation Ltd. The presentation breaks down the Gamification Design Process and the 3 Levels of Learning Gamification Framework.

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Learning gamification framework

  1. 1. Learning gamification framework Designed by An Coppens Copyright 2013-2017 If referencing this framework, keep the following information in it: An Coppens,
  2. 2. Great learning gamification design starts with… Solid gamification design methodology – Hence our Gamification Nation Design Process Then… – Clear insight into the learners desires and motivations – Execution of learning gamification design at each level of impact – Hence 3 Levels of Learning Gamification Framework
  3. 3. • KPI's & metrics • Culture • Business objectives Business specifics • Motivation • Behaviour Understanding the player • Design • Test • Iterate • Implement • Support Gamification design Source: An Coppens (2013) Gamification Nation Design Process
  4. 4. 3 Levels of Learning Gamification Framework Level 1 – Content gamification Level 2 – Systems gamification Level 3 – Evidence of learning gamification Source: An Coppens (2014)
  5. 5. Quests and missions Scenario based content In snack-sized learning nuggets Mini-gamesChoices Consequences Feedback 1st Person Learner Source: An Coppens (2014) Level 1 – Content gamification
  6. 6. Gives learning structure Progression Skills improvement Habit building Fun •points •un-lockable content •content leaderboard •progression tracking •levels •dashboards on my activities •Scoring •Winning streak •Learning energy •surprises •badges Level 2 – Systems gamification Source: An Coppens (2014)
  7. 7. Publish an give expert advice Become a coach or mentor on the topic Train someone else in same subject matter 360 proof: from peers, managers and ideally clients also Quality rating by others through peer review or skills feedback Application to real life situations: Evidenced by self and reported by self, then confirmed by others Content evaluation Level 3 – Evidence of learning gamification Source: An Coppens (2014)