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Presentation david carson


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Published in: Design
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Presentation david carson

  1. 1. David Carson By Amy and Sophia
  2. 2. Early Life and Career • Carson was born on September 8th, 1954. • First worked as sociology professor at San Diego State University. • 1983 he started to experiment with graphic design, • In 1992 Carson became art director for Ray Gun magazine
  3. 3. What Make Carson Famous • Carson’s unique ability to transform the norm of conventional magazines by experimenting with different varieties of mediums. • ‘Grunge’ typography. • Use of the Font Dingbat.
  4. 4. Examples of Dingbat:
  5. 5. Carson’s Other Work
  6. 6. Carson’s Philosophy • Carson is all about breaking the rule. He is constantly changing public views on graphic design and commercial art. He had what could be described as a very anarchist style in the 90’s. • David Carson’s philosophy is the way he comes up with his ideas and creates his work. Before starting a design, he’ll read the article, analyze the product and listen to the music. From there he gets a feel for whatever the topic is, and he tries to crate that visually and emotionally through his art and typography.
  7. 7. Example
  8. 8. What Should Influence Designers • Picture of Carson & his quote. • ‘I think it’s really important that designers put themselves into the work. No one else has your background, upbringing, life experiences, and if you can put a bit of that into your work, two things will happen: you’ll enjoy the work more, and you’ll do your best work.’ - David Carson
  9. 9. Who Carson has influenced: • He largely influenced the dirty-grunge movement in design trends of the 90s. • Carson also influenced many artists, because he shook up the type world. • Instead of following all of the typographic rules, Carson broke them all. Thus, enabling other artists to do new and inventive things that they wouldn’t have done before.
  10. 10. David Carson – A Designer’s Story •