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Torno A20 vii

  1. 1. Cost effective solution for complex machining Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe VII
  2. 2. Exceptional Productivity and CostPerformance in a 5-axis 20 mm MachineThe A20 has been acclaimed by custom- includes an X2 axis on the back spindle Non-Guide Bushing Modelers as a highly rigid and reliable, low-cost enabling front/back simultaneous machin- Also Availablemachine. Now the A20 Type VII model ing. This, in combination with the rapidcontains 5 axes, 4 rotary tools and sub- feed rate, has substantially With the increase in material costs inspindle. The fully specified A20VII cut cycle times. High reli- recent years, less waste with the non- ability is assured through guide bushing A 20VII might be right conformity with IP54. for you. The non-guide bushing model doesn’t require the spaces between the guide bushing and collet chuck so there is less waste. In addition, the powerful chucking force enables heavy cutting, minimizes roughness and improves roundness. Non-guide bushing spindleStreamline ControlStreamline Control is a technique unique to Citizen that produces fast and smooth movements. It reduces idle time without any effecton cutting and achieves substantial reductions in cycle time. Conventional Conventional Machine Machine Z Rotation Zero stop point return X Rotating Indexing A20 A20 Axis feed overlapping areas Z Direct C-axis indexing X Rotating Indexing Reduced idle timeDirect C-axis indexing Axis feed motion overlap functionDirect C-axis indexing enables deceleration direct to the chosen The next axis feed motion starts without waiting for completionindex position, eliminating the wasted time of performing zero return. of the current motion of another axis. This cuts out wasteful idle time and also suppresses unwanted vibration.02 Cincom A20VII
  3. 3. 4 Rotary Tools for Cross Machining4 Rotary tools (standard)One Quill type rotary tool position and cross-milling spindle (BSC210)comes with machines as standard. The maximum tool spindlespeed is 6,000 rpm (rating 4,500 rpm).CS Quick WedgeThis tool clamping system is a standard feature that simplifies and Turning tools on thespeeds up tool setting. gang tool post 5 (½" Shank Tool)End Face Milling Spindle (option)The optional Quill type end face drilling spindle (BSE107) can re-place the standard cross-milling spindle (BSC210). Maximum toollength is 40 mm (1.57”). One rotary tool position is Quill Type Cross-milling spindle End face drilling spindle BSC210 (ER16) BSE107 (ER11) X1 Front spindle Max: 8,000 rpm Rotary tools on 165mm/1 chucking the gang tool post 2.50/1 chucking (NGB) Max: 6,000 rpm (rating 4,500 rpm) Y1Back spindleMax: 8,000 rpm Z1 X2 Z2 2 Cincom A20VII 03
  4. 4. High Rigidity and Convenient FeaturesLeft/Right symmetrical bed High-rigidity spindle construction Chip conveyor, long workpieceWith a bed 1.8 times as heavy as those High-rigidity spindles are the key compo- machining unit (option)of existing machines, the machine is con- nents for precision machining. The spindle Long workpiece machining unit enables thestructed to counter thermal displacement. design offers high resistance against loads discharge of long workpieces (max. 600 mm)The relatively small thermal displacement in the radial direction (direction perpendicu- through the hollow back-spindle. Chip con-of the bed during long periods of operation lar to the spindle axis) for superior cutting veyor discharges chips outside the machine.promotes high accuracy. performance, high accuracy and smooth surface quality.High-rigidity roller guideson all sliding axesRoller guides, which are characterized byhigh rigidity, have been adopted for the slideaxes (X1, Y1, Z1, Z2). Since rollers showlittle elastic deformation under loads, theyhave a broad area of contact with their trackto provide rigidity with quiet and smoothoperation.Work Conveyor (option)The workpiece conveyor can handle prod-ucts up to 80 mm in length, discharging tothe front of the machine.Large Capacity Coolant TankA 150-liter, large capacity coolant tank isequipped as standard, allowing long periodsof continuous operation.04 Cincom A20VII
  5. 5. User Friendly for Ease of OperationOperation Panel PC Card Slot Text size changeThe pivoting operation panel enables easy NC programs can be input and output by Two levels of text size can be set on eachoperation while simultaneously viewing the using the PC card slot on the front face of screen (the screen shown here is displayingmachining process. the operation panel. the larger text size). Chip Receiver Box Code list display The large capacity box and generous sized You can display a list of G, M and T codes door makes cleaning easy. that feature explanations of their functions for easy operation and programming. Parts Collection Box On-machine program check function The large capacity collection box reduces This function allows you to execute an NC the need for frequent emptying. program forward and in reverse using man- ual handle feed, after stopping temporarily during the check. You can edit the program and re-run it to check the operation. Cincom A20VII 05
  6. 6. AccessoriesCoolant & AGB systemsCoolant nozzle Through tool coolantThe nozzle for high or medium pressure coolant system is effec- High pressure system is effective for through tool coolant even fortive for front/back drilling and clearing around the guide bushing. smaller diameter drills.Cool blaster (high pressure coolant system) Adaptive guide bushing (AGB) systemHigh pressure up to 14MPa (2000 psi) can control chips, improve AGB systems can be used in place of standard guide bushing unitsthe surface finish, increase tool life and reduce cycle time. Avail- for non-ground material. This system uses a double taper bushingable with 5 or 10 ports. which will always close parallel, and constant pressure is applied to compensate for any bar deviation up to .008” in diameter.C320 BarfeederThe MCC C320 automatically feeds round, square and hexagonalbar stock into the A20VII in lengths up to 12’ and a diameter rangeof 3-20 mm.06 Cincom A20VII
  7. 7. Machine Layout L2 L1Standard 135 500 Maintenance Area 2285 1050 Loader Machine Body (519) 600 500 2100 500 3100 2100 1100 1000 485 565 1820 378 1050 360 1875 1025 135 525 525 1185 L2With Options L1 135 600 Maintenance Area Automatic extinguisher U99Z 2385 1050 592.5 Loader Machine Body (519) 600 500 1043 2100 500 4143 3-color signal tower 1043 2100 930 1100 1000 615 565 Long workpiece unit Workpiece conveyor Chip conveyor 215 210 332 167 1927 1820 1050 1025 930 764 724 963 2177 135 525 525 3140 1185 Cincom A20VII 07
  8. 8. Machine SpecificationsItem A20VII A20VIIC Standard accessories Main spindle chucking device Guide bushing Non-guide bushing Back spindle chucking deviceMaximum machining diameter (D) 20 mm Headstock cooling deviceMaximum machining length (L) 165 mm / 1 chucking 2.5D / 1 chucking 4-gang rotary tool driving devices (Z1 stroke 55 mm) Coolant device (with level detector) Lubricating oil supply unit (with level detector)Maximum front drilling diameter 10 mm Machine relocation detectorMaximum front tapping diameter (tap, die) M8 Door lock functionSpindle through-hole diameter 31 mm 28.5 mm Workpiece separator Pneumatic device for air sealingMain spindle speed 8,000 rpm Cut-off tool breakage detectionMaximum drilling diameter of gang rotary tool 7 mm LightingMaximum tapping diameter of gang rotary tool M6 Rotary guide bushing deviceSpindle speed of gang rotary tool max 6,000 rpm (rating: 4,500 rpm) Optional accessoriesMaximum chuck diameter of back spindle 20 mm Knock-out jig for through-hole workpieceMaximum workpiece length for front side ejection 100 mm 2.5D (max. 50 mm) Workpiece conveyor Chip conveyorMaximum drilling diameter 8 mm Workpiece basket on back spindle in back machining process Coolant flow rate detectorMaximum tapping diameter M6 Patrol light in back machining process 3-color signal tower Long workpiece unitBack spindle speed 8,000 rpmNumber of tools to be mounted 21 Standard NC functions Turning tools on the gang tool post 5 NC unit dedicated to the A20 Cross rotary tools 4 7.2-inch monochrome LCD Pre-processing function Tools for front drilling 4 Program storage capacity: 80m Tools for back drilling 8 (4+4) Tool offset pairs: 49Tool size Product counter indication (up to 8 digits) Spindle speed change detector (main & back) Tool (gang tool post) ½", ( 12mm) Automatic power-off function Sleeve 1" (25.4 mm) Main spindle indexing at 15° intervalsChuck and bushing Main & Back spindle C-axis function On-machine program check function Main spindle collet chuck TF25 BL25 Constant surface speed control function Back spindle collet chuck TF25 (main & back spindle) Rotary tool collet chuck ER16 Canned cycle for threading Chuck for drill sleeves ER16 Variable lead thread cutting Chamfering, corner R Guide bushing TD25NS — Direct input of drawing dimensionsRapid feed rate Spindle synchronized function X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 axes 32m / min Milling interpolation Multiple repetitive cycle for turning X1 axis 18m / min Canned cycle drillingMotors Rigid tapping function Spindle drive 2.2 / 3.7 kW Y-axis offset Tool life management I Tool spindle drive 0.75 kW Tool life management II Back spindle drive 1.1 / 1.5 kW User macros Coolant oil 0.25 kW Inch/metric conversion Lubricating oil 0.003 kW Sub-inch command B-code I/FCenter height 1050 mm Bar feeder interfaceInput power capacity 6 KVAAir pressure and air flow rate for pneumatic devices 0.5MPa 9 0NL / min ( max. 1 50NL / min) Optional NC functions Program storage capacity: 120mWeight 2550 kgs Additional custom macro variables Catalog No. A20VII 0209