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Ramadan games


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Make this Ramadan a memorable one for your Kids with easy and fun Ramadan games to make them know about Islam and its rituals.

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Ramadan games

  1. 1. Make this holy month memorable for Kids with Ramadan Games
  2. 2. Ramadan Games • Ramadan is the holy month of fasting for Muslims, and Allah will give us multiple rewards for every good deed that we do. • Suppressing hunger, thirst, anger, backbiting, and other bad acts are certainly not an easy thing, especially for children. • To make our children love the month of Ramadan, arrange some fun activities and fun games for them. • As a result, the children experience memorable Ramadan traditions from year to year until they get older. • There are many Ramadan arts and crafts that children will have a blast creating for Ramadan.
  3. 3. Lets go through some easy and fun games for kids
  4. 4. Alphabet Games/ Puzzles • Vocabulary Games, Spelling Games and Alphabet Games are fun ways to expand your child's knowledge about Islamic words. • Kids just trying to expand their vocabulary can be benefited from playing word games.
  5. 5. Crossword Puzzles • Crosswords are the classic puzzle. • Solve the verbal clues to find out the words that are likely to go into the corresponding boxes of the puzzle, makes you understand more about Ramadan words.
  6. 6. Jigsaw Puzzles • Solve the mind blowing jigsaw puzzle wrapped with the Ramadan images.
  7. 7. Quiz Games • So test yourself and how much you know about Islam and its attached rituals. • Answer the questions and check if you really acquainted with the culture and see how much you know about Ramadan.
  8. 8. Colouring Activities • Coloring pages are a great educational tool to develop the motor skills of children. • There is no child who doesn’t enjoy it, it is an activity every child loves. • Ramadan coloring activities is a fun way for both parent and their child to spend time together learning about Ramadan.
  9. 9. Cooking Games • Those who like cooking will love this game. • Get creative in the kitchen and learn some new recipes or enjoy all the excitement of running your very own restaurant for this Ramadan.
  10. 10. Conclusion • Kids should be aware of Islam and its attached rituals and playing Ramadan games can help them understand in a better way. • Lets make this Ramadan a memorable one for kids with Ramadan Games. • To learn more: ramadan/ramadan-game/english/how-to-play.aspx