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Ramadan 101 - presentation at mosque and Islamic centres


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Advice and guidance for community members about the month of Ramadan based on guidance from Discover Islam Luton and Luton mosques.

Published in: Spiritual
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Ramadan 101 - presentation at mosque and Islamic centres

  1. 1. RAMADAN 101 Developed by
  2. 2. Welcome Discover Ramadan
  3. 3. OVERVIEW INTRO FROM QURAN But what is Ramadan? What should we know about it as friends or neighbours? WIDER CONTEXT DAY IN THE LIFE EID UL FITR & QUESTIONS
  4. 4. Fasting introduced َ‫ب‬ِ‫ت‬ُ‫ك‬ ‫َا‬‫م‬َ‫ك‬ ُ‫م‬‫َا‬‫ي‬ِّ‫ص‬‫ال‬ ُ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫َي‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ َ‫ب‬ِ‫ت‬ُ‫ك‬ ْ‫ا‬‫ُو‬‫ن‬َ‫م‬‫َا‬‫ء‬ َ‫ن‬‫ِي‬‫ذ‬َّ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ‫َا‬‫ه‬ُّ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ٰ‫ـ‬َ‫ي‬ (۱۸۳) َ‫ن‬‫ُو‬‫ق‬َّ‫ت‬َ‫ت‬ ۡ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َّ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ل‬ ۡ‫م‬‫ِك‬‫ل‬‫َب‬‫ق‬ ‫ِن‬‫م‬ َ‫ن‬‫ِي‬‫ذ‬َّ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ‫َى‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ You who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may be mindful of God Quran Al-Baqarah 2:183
  5. 5. َ‫ن‬‫َا‬‫ك‬ ‫َن‬‫م‬َ‫ف‬ ۚ‌ٍ۬‫ت‬‫َا‬‫د‬‫ُو‬‫د‬‫َّع‬‫م‬ ‫۬ا‬ً‫م‬‫َّا‬‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ ٍ۬‫ر‬َ‫ف‬َ‫س‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ۡ‫و‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ًا‬‫ض‬‫ِي‬‫ر‬َّ‫م‬ ‫ُم‬‫ك‬‫ِن‬‫م‬ َ‫ن‬‫ِي‬‫ذ‬َّ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ‫َى‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫و‬ ۚ‌َ‫ر‬َ‫خ‬ُ‫أ‬ ٍ‫م‬‫َّا‬‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ ۡ‫ن‬ِّ‫م‬ ٌ۬‫ة‬َّ‫د‬ِ‫ع‬َ‫ف‬ ۖ‌ٍ۬‫ني‬ِ‫ك‬‫ِس‬‫م‬ ُ‫م‬‫َا‬‫ع‬َ‫ط‬ ٌ۬‫ة‬َ‫ي‬ۡ‫د‬ِ‫ف‬ ‫ۥ‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ن‬‫ُو‬‫ق‬‫ِي‬‫ط‬ُ‫ي‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ل‬ ٌ۬‫ر‬ۡ‫ي‬َ‫خ‬ َ‫و‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ف‬ ‫۬ا‬ً‫ر‬ۡ‫ي‬َ‫خ‬ َ‫ع‬َّ‫و‬َ‫ط‬َ‫ت‬ ‫َن‬‫م‬َ‫ف‬ ‫ِن‬‫إ‬ ۖ‌ۡ‫م‬‫َّك‬‫ل‬ ٌ۬‫ر‬ۡ‫ي‬َ‫خ‬ ْ‫ا‬‫ُو‬‫م‬‫ُو‬‫ص‬َ‫ت‬ ‫َن‬‫أ‬َ‫و‬ ۚ‌‫ۥ‬ (۱۸٤) َ‫ن‬‫ُو‬‫م‬َ‫ل‬‫َع‬‫ت‬ ۡ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬‫ُن‬‫ك‬ Fast for a specific number of days, but if one of you is ill, or on a journey, on other days later. For those who can fast only with extreme difficulty, there is a way to compensate– feed a needy person. But if anyone does good of his own accord, it is better for him, and fasting is better for you, if only you knew. Quran Al-Baqarah 2:184 Fasting exceptions
  6. 6. ُ‫ن‬‫َا‬‫ء‬ۡ‫ر‬ُ‫ق‬‫ال‬ ِ‫ه‬‫ِي‬‫ف‬ َ‫ل‬ِ‫ز‬‫ُن‬‫أ‬ ٓ‫ى‬ِ‫ذ‬َّ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ن‬‫َا‬‫ض‬َ‫م‬َ‫ر‬ ُ‫ر‬‫َه‬‫ش‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫د‬ُ‫ه‬ۡ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ن‬ِّ‫م‬ ٍ۬‫ت‬ٰ‫ـ‬َ‫ن‬ِّ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫س‬‫َّا‬‫ن‬‫ِّل‬‫ل‬ ‫۬ى‬ً‫د‬ُ‫ه‬ َ‫ر‬‫َّه‬‫ش‬‫ال‬ ُ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫ِن‬‫م‬ َ‫د‬ِ‫ه‬َ‫ش‬ ‫َن‬‫م‬َ‫ف‬ ۚ‌ِ‫ن‬‫َا‬‫ق‬ۡ‫ر‬ُ‫ف‬ۡ‫ل‬‫َا‬‫و‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ۡ‫و‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ًا‬‫ض‬‫ِي‬‫ر‬َ‫م‬ َ‫ن‬‫كا‬ ‫َن‬‫م‬َ‫و‬ ۖ‌ُ‫ه‬‫ُم‬‫ص‬َ‫ي‬ۡ‫ل‬َ‫ف‬ ُ‫م‬‫ِك‬‫ب‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ل‬‫ال‬ ُ‫د‬‫ِي‬‫ر‬ُ‫ي‬ ۗ‌َ‫ر‬َ‫خ‬ُ‫أ‬ ٍ‫م‬‫َّا‬‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ ۡ‫ن‬ِّ‫م‬ ٌ۬‫ة‬َّ‫د‬ِ‫ع‬َ‫ف‬ ٍ۬‫ر‬َ‫ف‬َ‫س‬ َ‫ر‬ۡ‫س‬ُ‫ع‬‫ال‬ ُ‫م‬‫ِك‬‫ب‬ ُ‫د‬‫ِي‬‫ر‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫ال‬َ‫و‬ َ‫ر‬ۡ‫س‬ُ‫ي‬‫ال‬ ‫َا‬‫م‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ َ‫ه‬َّ‫ل‬‫ال‬ ْ‫ا‬‫ُو‬‫ر‬ِّ‫ب‬‫ُك‬‫ت‬ِ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ َ‫ة‬َّ‫د‬ِ‫ع‬‫ال‬ ْ‫ا‬‫ُو‬‫ل‬ِ‫م‬‫ُك‬‫ت‬ِ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ (۱۸٥) َ‫ن‬‫ُو‬‫ر‬ُ‫ك‬‫َش‬‫ت‬ ۡ‫م‬‫َّك‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ ۡ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫َى‬‫د‬َ‫ه‬ It was in the month of Ramadan that the Qur’an was revealed as guidance for mankind, clear messages giving guidance and the distinction between right and wrong. So any one of you who is present that month should fast, and anyone who is ill or on a journey should make up for the lost days by fasting on other days later. God wants ease for you, not hardship. He wants you to complete the prescribed period and to glorify Him for having guided you, so that you may be thankful. Quran Al-Baqarah 2:185 Ramadan introduced
  7. 7. ‫م‬‫َو‬‫ص‬ fast /fa:st/ Verb fas(ng [sawm] derived word which means ‘to abstain’ Overcoming primal ins(ncts
  8. 8. ‫م‬‫َو‬‫ص‬Source of all food & water?
  9. 9. Reflection leading to gratitude To the One who created us, feeds us and sustains us Mindfulness of God
  10. 10. A guide for life from the One who knows us best The month in which the Qur’an was revealed Revealed in Ramadan to the final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad
  11. 11. Guidance for humanity Filled with clear signs Criteria for right & wrong
  12. 12. Adam Noah Abraham Lot Ishmael Isaac Jacob Joseph Moses David Solomon John Jesus Muhammad Bringing a message
  13. 13. The results will be presented on the Day of Judgement You will return to your Creator This life is a test to see who opts to live a good life, according to the supplied guidance
  14. 14. Details about Ramadan 9th month of the Islamic calendar ONE month of daily fasting from Dawn to Sunset 3am 9pm Ramadan begins and ends based on moon sighting. The lunar calendar is 10 days shorter than our normal year, hence it changes every year. Every healthy Muslim should fast except those who are: - traveling long distances - pregnant women or those in menstruation - elderly or minor (under the age of puberty) although they may participate if they would like to.
  15. 15. Fasting from Food Water Intimate relations Arguments Swearing = Clears the mind and brings focus Conditions of fasting Recommended throughout time, hence fasting exists in many faith communities
  16. 16. A typical day 3:00 Wake | Wash | Eat meal before dawn | Pray | Sleep 7:30 Prepare for work 13:30 Afternoon prayer during the lunch break 18:00 Return home from work 19:00 Refresh with a nap | Read the Qur’an | Late afternoon prayer 21:00 Break fast with an evening meal normally with the family Pray the evening prayer 22:45 Additional night prayer at mosque praying up to 30 units of prayer until about midnight
  17. 17. 17 The end of Ramadan is celebrated with Eid ul Fitr – the festival of “fast-breaking” On the morning of Eid, Muslims go to the mosque for a special Eid prayer. This is usually followed by visits to families and friends, exchanging gifts and socialising.
  18. 18. Thank you Any questions
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