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Newstyleguide 2013 forms_updated

  2. 2. MARGINS + DOCUMENT SET-UP Margins and guides Margins .4375 in. on all sides Header guides Top and bottom lines Place where indicated Always use a line under the header, at the bottom of the form, top of the form (on the back) and bottom of the form (on the back) .25 pt Setting up your styles Your three markers: Form title baseline must always be here. .25 pt line beneath title must always be here. Form content must always start here. Margins Always .4375 in. on all sides TOP OF FORM all 1 Loadtheyour styles by open the Table Styles palette and click flyout menu. 2 From the flyout menu, choose “Load Table Styles...” Bottom line (if used) A .25 pt bottom line must always be used unless it is a part of another table or fillable content line. Always place in this position. n the dialog box, click “Check 4 Iload allLoad Styles paragraph and characterAll” to table, cell, styles into your new document. Click ‘ok’. you should 3 Navigate to this file, which‘Open’. have saved to your own computer. Click BOTTOM OF FORM
  3. 3. THE BASIC FORM Elements SCAD logo Always left-aligned, without registration marks and at the exact size given in this table. Table rules 100% black .25 pt thickness Only on top and bottom (unless working with grid/tables Height = .417 in. Space above and below text in line = .09 in. Check boxes Always used as anchored objects in text and at the exact size given. Use when multiple items can be selected. Radio buttons Always used as anchored objects in text and at the exact size given. Use when only one item can be selected. Type Form title Gotham Book, Sentence case, 16/20 pt Department title Gotham Book, All caps, 10 pt, 130 Letter-spacing (always above the header) Header 1 Gotham Medium, All caps, 8/11 pt Header 2 Gotham Medium, Sentence case, 8/11 pt Body copy Gotham Narrow Book, 8/11 pt, justified Oversize body copy Gotham Narrow Book, 6.5/9 pt, justified Employee Meal Plan S C A D S AVA N N A H TERMS AND CONDITIONS Eligibility requirements All administrative offices will be open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday– Friday during spring break. Limited staff will be available Friday, March 15 to Thursday, March 21. The foregoing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all prior and contemporaneous agreements, whether oral or written, and may be modified only by a writing signed by both parties. Official only areas Line height = .2 in Outside table border = 1 pt Always full width of page, unless within content Job numbers Gotham, Book, 5 pt, bottom right 58546.02.13
  4. 4. FORMS IN DETAIL Type and spacing Header 1 Gotham Medium, all caps 8 pt, 18 pt leading if new section Header 2 Gotham Narrow Medium, sentence case 8 pt, 15 pt leading if new section Body copy Gotham Narrow book 8 pt, 11 pt leading Between body copy sections 15 or 18 pt leading (depending on amount of content) Bullets 13 or 15 pt leading (depending on amount of content), justified Columns .25 in. gutter, 2 -3 columns (column count depends on content) Oversize form body copy Gotham Narrow Book 6.5 pt, 9 pt leading, justified PAY TO THE ORDER OF Accounting Use Only Notes/additional information Between Header 1 and Header 2 8 pt font, 15 pt leading Between copy sections 8 pt font, 18 pt leading The foregoing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all prior and contemporaneous agreements. Footnotes Gotham Narrow Book Italic, 6 pt, 13 pt leading (separate it from content a bit) Date slashes Copy and paste all date slashes to maintain consistent spacing between them.     /    / “Return to...” Gotham Narrow Medium (for main word/ phrase), Book (for rest of line), 6 pt. SCAD Purchasing Office Harris Hall 26 W. Harris Official Use Only areas Gotham Narrow Medium (for title), Book (for content within table) 7 pt, 10 pt leading A usufruct is a right to enjoy something that belongs to someone else. 1 l l Official Use Only Initials Dealing with introductory text When you have introductory text on a form (body text that comes before all other content), make sure that the space between the start of the content and the top line is equal to the space below the intro content and the line beneath it. Spacing before and after Make sure that these spaces are visually the same Column gutter Always at .25 pt unless the content needs it to be smaller First bullet 8 pt font, 13 pt leading All other bullets 8 pt font, 15 pt leading (if necessary)... can also use 13 pt leading between bullets Alignment Always align text to the first line Two column text Except in the cases of small format forms, whenever text is over 4 lines in height, please use 2 columns, with a .25 in gutter. Job number spacing The job number is always in this exact position. Please copy and paste in place from one of the sample forms.
  5. 5. FORMS IN DETAIL Tables Standard fillable content .09 in. above and below text text 1 text 2 text 3 Official Use Only .2 in row height, 7 pt font Official Use Only Even spacing Make sure these spaces are even for introductory text Initials Check boxes Use this check box for a list that can have multiple selected items. Do not scale. Radio buttons Use this radio button for a list that can only have one selected item. Do not scale. Official Use Only radio button Use this radio button for a list that can only have one selected item in a For Official Use Only table. Do not scale. Signature lines Use the table style “Signatures” + the cell style “ signature lines” to create signatures. Line height The spacing for fillable content should be .09 in. above and below the text. Table style Use the “Fillable table style” (table style) + “Standard fillable content” (cell style) for any form that requires user input text 1 This is a signature line Tiger-striping Use either ‘Tiger stripe grid’ or ‘tiger stripe table’ table styles + “tiger stripe grid cell styles” (cell style) to create a table (mostly used for lots of numeric content) Using a grid/table Vertical lines Use vertical lines or “Grid table style” for any table specific items. Use the “grid table style” (table style) + “grid cell styles” (cell style) to create a grid table. Multi-line fillable areas (print) Use the standard rules on your form to create multi-line areas *Note: If you have a form that requires both interactive and print component, create multi-line areas using the Print style. Multi-line fillable areas (interactive) Use no rules on your form to create multiline areas FOR INTERACTIVE FORMS ONLY. Official Use Only sections Outside table border = 1 pt Inside rules = .25 pt Line height = .2 in. Font size: 7 pt The ‘use only’ tables that live at the bottom of the form always stretch across the full width of the page. Use vertical lines to separate text in this section only. “Return to...” lines Font size: 6 pt Gotham Narrow Medium for the main word or location. Gotham narrow book for other information.
  6. 6. DESIGNING YOUR FORM Terminology Always use “SCAD ID number” when requesting the user’s ID Spacing When fillable content starts at the top, remove the rule above the text by using the “Border bottom” cell style. This will give the first row a little extra space and will eliminate double rules. Fillable spaces Sometimes you may need to have line spaces that are more obvious for the user to fill out. Use underscores to create these spaces. Use your best judgment when it comes to these lines in conjunction with the table rules. NOTE Lines, lines, lines Sometimes, these forms can have a lot of overwhelming lines... to reduce the number of lines on the form, you can group content as shown. Interactive Multi-line sections For areas that require the user to write a lot of content, do not use rules as you would in a print form. Interactive forms: no lines for multi-line sections Print forms: include lines for multi-line sections Two options for bottom line You can either: 1 - ave the last line, and place H any other elements slightly above it. 2 - ave other lines from eleH ments in the form also act as the last line (must land in the same place as the last line would land)
  7. 7. DESIGNING YOUR FORM Back top line The top line on the backs of forms always lives on the top margin. Two column text Except in the cases of small format forms, whenever text is over 4 lines in height, please use 2 columns, with a .25 in gutter. Gray areas a 10% black background color can be used on graphs/grids with tiger-striping (pre-set in the tiger striping table and cell styles) or on headings that require content to stand out more of offer visual variety to a form. Gutter width If you need to condense a form with lots of bullets, decrease the column gutter (no smaller than .1875 in.) width without sacrificing clarity. Bold body copy sections Use Gotham Narrow Medium to bold certain words. If your word is immediately adjacent to a bullet, be sure to bold the just the word, not the bullet (unless the entire section with the bullet is bolded... then bold the bullet.) Headers If you use Header 1 or Header 2 with a bullet, keep the bullet bolded.
  8. 8. DESIGNING YOUR FORM Directories Always format directories based on a two column format (even if you only use one of the two columns). Use line leaders in between the name and the telephone number. In this example, I’ve placed each number in a separate cell, but you can also format them in a text box with 15-18 pt leading. Tiger-striping Use the tiger-striping table and cell styles for tables that have heavy numerical or textual data, or for information that needs to be read quickly and easily (possibly in high-stress situations).