Capital Cities LOGIC game


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Answer guide to mrsmith's Capital Cities LOGIC Game on Sporcle

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Capital Cities LOGIC game

  1. 1. Capital Cities LOGIC Game by mrsmith A pen and paper would be very useful to help with this logic game. The next two slides give all of the worldcapitals in alphabetical order, which could also be handy.
  2. 2. →Following the track indicated by the first clue, as there isonly one ‘Q’ capital and one ‘U’ capital in the world, QUITOmust be in E5 and ULAN BATOR must be in A5.
  3. 3. What we are told in E5 can only mean that OUAGADOUGOU is in C3, as thisis the only capital with this vowel:consonant ratio.The closest capital to Ulan Bator is BEIJING, so the latter is located in A4.(A4 tells us that we can also bear in mind that Beirut must be in A2 orA3, as it is the only other capital to start with ‘BEI-’.)
  4. 4. We know from the clue in A1 that Row 1’s cities must begin with I, J, K, L andM respectively. C3 tells us that Row 1’s cities have 9 letters, so the onlypossibilities for B1, B4 and B5 are JERUSALEM, LJUBLJANA and MOGADISHUrespectively.
  5. 5. We know that E3 must begin with an ‘O’. E1 has told us that it cannot beOttawa. As there are only 3 capitals in the world that begin with ‘O’ and wehave already inserted Ouagadougou, E3 must be OSLO.D1 clue: The only 6 letter capital whose letters feature within ‘Ljubljana’ isBANJUL, so this must be in B3.
  6. 6. B3 clue: The only capital to share 4 of Banjul’s 6 letters in the same position isBANGUI, so this is in A3.Thinking back to what we were told in A4, BEIRUT must be in A2.
  7. 7. A2 clue: Take the U out of Beirut to leave B E R I T. This forms and anagramof ‘TIBER’, which flows through ROME, so the latter is in D5.A3 clue: This confirms that OTTAWA is in the quiz and so it must be in D3.
  8. 8. According to the clues in D3 and D5, D4 must be a city with 4 letters that begins withthe letter pair ‘BA-’. This leaves BAKU as the only possible option.D4 then tells us that Kingstown is NOT in the quiz, and we already know that C1 must bea 9-letter city beginning with K. This leaves KATHMANDU as the only possible option.
  9. 9. C1 clue: We know by now that A4 is Beijing, the capital of China. The onlycapital in the world to begin with CHI- is CHISINAU, so this must be in B4.
  10. 10. At this point, as per the info in B4, making a list of capitals ending in –U revealsthat the remaining options are Bissau, Maseru, Nassau, Roseau and Thimphu, ofwhich 2 must be on the outside of the grid. Referring back to the info in A1, these2 cities must begin with consecutive letters between I and U, ruling out Bissau.Mogadishu and Rome are already inserted, so Maseru and Roseau are alsologically eliminated. Therefore, E2 must be NASSAU and B5 must be THIMPHU.
  11. 11. B5 clue: The city to the right of Thimphu in C5 must begin with S and has the samenumber of letters as the city in D4, i.e. four. The only capital city to which this applies isSUVA, so this is in C5.Logically, Bissau, Maseru and Roseau must be somewhere in Row 2, as the only otherremaining box (E4) must contain a city beginning with P.
  12. 12. Clue C5: The only capital which can be spelt using 5 of the letters inKathmandu is DHAKA, so the latter is in C4.C2 starts with the same letter as the city in E5 (i.e. ROME). We know thatthis city also ends in -U and so it must be ROSEAU.
  13. 13. Clue C2: The city in D2 must end with –SSAU, to match Nassauin E2, so it must be BISSAU.
  14. 14. The only remaining capital ending in –U is MASERU and we already knowthat this cannot be located in E4, which must begin with P, so MASERU isin B2. (Clue D2 also confirms this, as MASERU can be found in the lettersof JERUSALEM.)
  15. 15. Clue D2: Just as JERUSALEM can be used to spell MASERU, the city in E4 can be usedto spell OSLO. We also know that it begins with the letter P (by referring back to ClueA1). The only P capital which contains the letters O,S,L,O is PORT LOUIS, so this is thefinal city that can be slotted into the grid.