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Management interview


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Management interview

  1. 1. Management Interview 3rd Grade • The class starts their day with bell work, which is usually a quick review of a lesson that was taught the day before. The work is then collected and if there is time it is corrected collectively. • The classroom is arranged into 5 groups, four students in each group. It is used for collective work and can be arranged for tests and quizzes. This kind of arrangement is great for hands on activities and group activities. • Attendance is taken early in the day and collected by the office. • Students are seated according to a seating chart and changed every month. This ensures that all students are given a chance to work with each other. • Supplies are given to each group at the beginning of each year. • Students are called upon during class by choosing their names from sticks which keeps the class from being rowdy. • Students aren't allowed to leave their desks or speak unless spoken to or given permission from teacher. • 1 bathroom pass is used and only one student at a time can go unless it is an emergency. • Many activities are hung throughout the classroom and in the hallways displaying the work of the students. All students work are hung not just he great ones. • If negative behavior occurs, there are five consequences that will be utilized;  Talk with the students  Stay in from recess  Note to parents and/or phone call home
  2. 2.  Have a behavior plan developed  Last consequences utilized will be having principle; parents and teacher have a meeting.