S bradford comprehensive classroom management plan outline


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Scott Bradford - NPTT EDCI553 Lesson 2 Outline Presentation

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S bradford comprehensive classroom management plan outline

  1. 1. Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan Outline Scott Bradford EDCI 553 November 2013
  2. 2. Project Scope • The purpose of this assignment is to provide an outline representing the key elements of a Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan. • The scope for this plan is for a 9th grade level general science class.
  3. 3. Plan Elements • • • • • Purpose Classroom Rules Classroom Procedures Behavior Discipline and Consequences Action Plan
  4. 4. Purpose • The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework to enhance an environment of structure and respect in the science class to provide the most effective learning opportunity for the students. The teacher and students will commit to doing their best academically and respect the class through appropriate behavior. To learn is to succeed.
  5. 5. Classroom Rules • Proposed five basic rules to build procedures and consequences around them. 1. Be on-time and in your seats prior to the second bell. 2. Be prepared for each class with your binder, notebook, textbook and any supplies needed for the day. 3. Follow directions the first time without interrupting others. 4. Respect your fellow classmate’s personal space and property. 5. Participate in class activities and assignments and be prepared to give your best every day.
  6. 6. Classroom Procedures • Procedure should directly link to rules (as much as possible) so students can relate to the importance of following directions. Procedures will include: – Starting Class – Following Directions and Respecting Others – Participation and Daily Activities – Bathroom Breaks and Leaving the Class (General) – Dismissal Process
  7. 7. Discipline and Consequences • A review of the core class rules should be given in this section. • Consequences are listed for student choices in ignoring or breaking rules – Consequences are categorized based on the type of infraction and the steps of discipline for multiple infractions. – This should be coordinated with school policy. • Potential ‘rewards’ for rule compliance are explained and reasons for awards outlined. – This will include a point system or similar approach.
  8. 8. Action Plan • Create a methodology to communicate the rules, responsibilities and obligations to students, parents and staff. Targets will include: – Post rules and procedures in the classroom; – Create reminder cards for students to tape in their binder covers. – Communicate expectations from the first day of class. – Review as necessary. – Have students/parents sign an acknowledgement of plan
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