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Liveblogging the financial crisis


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A cross-title collaboration using liveblogging software by some of Trinity Mirror's regional titles - the Liverpool Daily Post, Birmingham Post, Western Mail & Echo, and The Journal

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Liveblogging the financial crisis

  1. 1.    Liveblogging the  financial crisis Cross-title collaboration by Trinity  Mirror's Birmingham, Coventry,  North East and Liverpool titles
  2. 2. The Story • As the Credit Crunch flattened Wall St, the first indications of  UK banks on the brink began to emerge   • Shares plummeted after bank bossesmet Chancellor Alistair  Darling to discuss fundraising    • The move caused the markets to panic, and bank customers  were asking: "What does it mean for me?" The liveblog was an opportunity for them to air their concerns, and get authorititive answers
  3. 3. Our Aim:  " The purpose of this blog is to provide live information on breaking news surrounding the banking crisis, as well as informed opinion from our team of experts across the country"
  4. 4. The Cast The liveblog was a collaboration from business desks at: And...
  5. 5. Anyone and everyone who wanted to get involved
  6. 6. Omniture stats, LDP Business (Day 1)
  7. 7. Comments, Questions, Answers "Premium bonds are looking very attractive savings options these days. As is the biscuit tin under the bed!" How long would a recession be likely to last? Sion Barry Media Wales: Hi Simon: The problem we are facing today is that of the liquidity crisis seriously impacting on the corporate sector. If companies cannot find or afford growth finance, or banks are unprepared to refinance debt, then things are going to get pretty ugly and quickly. That will then hit disposal incomes and spending in the high street. Even IF a liquidity solution can be found quickly, I wouldn't expect any upturn until 2010.
  8. 8. Successes.... • Constant updates of breaking news • Fast relaying of information and analysis from newspapers' experts • Readers' questions answered • Conversation threads started • Promotion of links to updates on the main websites • Polls
  9. 9. And room for improvement • Very text orientated - missed opportunities for storytelling • More blogger/columnist interaction • External links to expert sites • Regular 'today's markets' summaries • Conversations between the newspapers' own experts
  10. 10. Final stats Total unique users: 349 Total unique users who watched for over 1 minute: 349 Writer Comments published: 117 Reader Comments published: 25 Polls: 3 Replayed 27