Risk Assessment – North Weald Location


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Risk Assessment – North Weald Location

  1. 1. Risk Assessment – North Weald Location Potential Risk Someone falling off bridge/building. Getting cut with any glass, sharp materials, broken wood etc. left lying around the building and surrounding areas. Falling through unstable flooring. Slipping on mud down hill/falling over. Falling in the pond from hill and or bridge/building. Precaution No one going near there unnecessarily, and if they need to then stay away from edge and make sure there is nothing to make them slip or trip over. Emergency If someone does fall of, they would fall into pond or soft mud so no serious damage, however if they land wrong or on something sharp, first aid or ambulance would be necessary. Clear the area before filming as much as Depending on severity of cut, clean the possible to make is safe, especially checking wound and put on a bandage or plaster, but if for sharp objects left that could cause serious a serious deep cut occurred they would have harm or infection. to get taken to hospital. Before filming find out where the weakest If the floor did fall through, it wouldn’t be flooring is and where it would be unsafe to very far, so there wouldn’t be too much injury stand. Also, no heavy objects such as tables other than a sprained leg etc. However, full of equipment or any potential lighting shooting may have to stop and go hospital would be placed on weak areas. depending on the injury. Try and avoid these areas if possible, however If someone slipped on the mud generally they it is the main way to access the building so would fall over and not really injure sturdy shoes would be worn. themselves. However, they could slip down the hill into the water in which case they would have to be taken out and checked for injury. Stay away from edges of bridge and be If this happened, they would need help cautious when on hill. getting out, a change of clothing and checked for injury, which would result in taking relevant action such as hospital.
  2. 2. Someone getting hurt due to miss use of props such as knifes and other sharp objects. Suffocation from any bags used. Make sure all the props are secure and out of the way when they are not needed, and use fake/replica props instead of real ones if and when possible. When in use, make sure that they are being handled correctly and causing no physical harm. If bags are used for props – i.e. body bags then they will not be done up fully or tight to prevent suffocation. If someone did get injured, the wound would have to be assessed to see if it just needs on site first aid or hospital/paramedic treatment. If someone does get trapped or starts to suffocate, take the bag off immediately/undo it and make sure they rest and have some water to calm down and get their breath back.