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Alice williams media powerpoint


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Alice williams media powerpoint

  1. 1. Florence and the machine Music Video Analysis
  2. 2. Cosmic Love• I am going to be analyzing some shots from Florence and the machines music video for cosmic love.
  3. 3. Intro These screen shots are from the beginning of The music video. They use an extreme close up of the light bulb and have out focused the Background. This makes it a very mystical feel. Also, the light bulb goes on and off in time with The beat of the song. This is quite effective and Emphases the beat of the song. It also reminds Me of a heartbeat which can relate into the Song title. As the song is called ‘cosmic love’, it Is obvious that the song is about love. Also, light can connote to hope, which can Show the message of the video.
  4. 4. • The next frame features the artist, she appears coming out of the staged leaf backdrop. The colours used within the frame are warm and welcoming. This can show how how the relationship is successful. The outfit that the artist is wearing , contrasts well with each other. As the white and black have different connotations and can send mixed messages.
  5. 5. • There is a extreme close up used of the artist. They focus on her eyes and hands. The ring used is of an eye, which is symbolic.• Her nails are painted in red, which withholds connotations of passion and love. This can hint at the subject of the song.
  6. 6. • In this screen shot, the use of an extreme close up is used. The artists eyes are in main focus of the shot. This can be used to engage the audience and makes the artist connect with the audience. The lyrics at this time was ‘eyes’, this is probably why they have chosen this shot at that time. I find this type of shot effective and will strongly consider suing this type of shot in my own music video.• The birds eye shot also makes the shot more effective.
  7. 7. • In this shot, the use of mirrors and lights are used to create a mystical feel. The lights hold connotations of hope.• The low mid shot combined with the artists body language makes the artist seem worshiping and full of emotion. The black outfit that the artists wearing connotes to negativity which also contrasts strongly with the background.
  8. 8. • This shot is very different to the previous shot. The mid shot used shows the artists outfit, which includes lights on it, this signifies hope also. The white dress used holds connotations of purity and innocence which gain contrasts with the black outfit of the previous screen shot.• The lighting has been made dramatically darker to make it appeal more emotional. The artists body language also confirms this as she looks full of emotion and emotional.
  9. 9. • This shot occurs when the crescendo of the music is reached. The use of lights, leaves and smoke is really effective. Its effective because the use of all of the elements together makes the music video more interesting and exciting towards the audience. Also, the shot used is mid shot, and again the artist is positioned to the slight side. This again makes the composition of the shot interesting and exciting.
  10. 10. • This close up used is of the artist. The composition of this shot is interesting, as the artist is off to one side. The background is soft focused to make the artist look more bolder. The artist is the main focus of this shot.• The artist is using direct address, engaging with the audience.. This carries more emotion towards the song and from the artist.• The shot occurs when the music is low and slow, this can convey the emotion and the mood at that point in the song.
  11. 11. Conclusion• From analyzing this music video, I liked the use of the extreme close ups. I think this really conveys the emotion of the song and of the artist. As the song that I am using is very emotional.• Also, I liked that the artist is positioned to the side quite a lot. I found this quite effective to use.• I also really like the idea of the lights idea. I like this because the connotations lights withhold can relate to my song. Lights have connotations of hope, which my song has elements of.