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Proposal mail sample from essay writing services

  1. 1. 24497 Beierman Warren, MI 48091 810.759.4469 June 11, 2012 Mr. Patrick 8479 Colgate Oak Park, Ml 48237 Dear Mr. Patrick: As per our As per the discussion you asked us to design an environmental friendly water sanitation system that meets the building requirement in Oak Park, Michigan. You mentioned in the detail that the house consists of eight members (3 daughters, 1 brother, me and my wife with my father and mother). We have come to know that because of the eight members in the house the water sanitation system is a big issue as water uses in different activities on each hour or day. The current water sanitation system is not that much perfect that allows water flow easily to outside drainage. The water sanitation system blocks the flow of the water and thus smells the whole building because of the water blockage. The attached with this letter there is a proposal for the water sanitation system for the building. The background information for the design of new water sanitation system based on your situation and discussion of the problem is given below with the solution and plan of the water sanitation system with schedule and cost of the project. If you have any query regarding the new proposed design, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 810.759.4469. Sincerely, Amy May CEO and Chief Architect May Architecture and Design Enclosures: Proposal of the new water sanitation system
  2. 2. Proposal To design water sanitation system for Mr. Patrick’s old building Proposed by: XYZ Proposed for: XYZ
  3. 3. Introduction Background Mr. Patrick a business man in Oak Park, Michigan owns an old big building of 4000 square foot which was build 50 years ago. The earlier design of the water sanitation system in the building is very traditional and time to time water blockages occur. There are eight members of the family all goes to offices or colleges so use the water a lot and also the water is used for other useful activities all time. There are total of 2 kitchens, 5 washrooms and 4 lavatories in the building so the water sanitary system is also very big because it is on every floor of the building. There are 3 floors in the building (Patrick, personal communication, May 05, 2012). Problem statement In old time because of not much member in the family the water sanitation system was not designed properly so now it is creating a problem. The other member of the building uses the water a lot and also the water is used for number of other daily activities so need to have the proper water sanitation system. As because of the three story building and having the 2 kitchens, 5 washrooms and 4 lavatories the water sanitation system doesn’t work properly as the water sanitation system was based on tradition style but because of the new washrooms, and lavatory this design didn’t work properly. There was no expertise to design a new water sanitation system easily. (Amy May, Patrick, personal communication, May 05, 2012) Solution The water sanitation system is needed to design in a new environmental friendly way so that there should not be any water blockage because of the new construction in the building. Mr. Patrick needs to hire a professional designer or other professional company so that the design can be done in a new way. There is need to redesign and construct the sanitation system on each floor and then connecting them to the only one drainage to take it out so that it will never block the flow of water. Brief summary of the advantages of proposed recommendation The new water sanitation system in the building will provide the following benefits:
  4. 4.  The water blockages will never happen in the future  The environment of the building will be good the blockage water will not smell  The resell value of the building will be increased  The new construction if any in future will not cause much problem as the sanitation system is on each floor Purpose The purpose of the proposal is to design the new water sanitary system in the old building so that there will not be any blockages in the building and also the environment of the home will be good. In case of any query regarding the water sanitation system design for the building, please contact Mr. Amy at 810.759.4469.
  5. 5. References City of Oak Park, Michigan. Department of Technical and Planning Services. City of Oak Park, Michigan. Retrieved October 29, 2001 from the World Wide Web: http://www. oakpark-mi. com/technica. Htm Patrick., Homeowner. (May 10, 2012). Personal interview Selling my home with Century 21. Century 21 real estate for the real world, Retrieved Jun 11, 2012 Family Member., Resident. (May 15, 2012), Personal interview. William D. Robinson, The Solid Waste Handbook: A Practical Guide, John Wiley and sons (1986)