This reflection paper aims to the analysis of the activities or collabor...
After some, as because of the college examination and other activities like homework, assignments,
tests and reports, all ...
course we spend almost 12 weeks together. Initially, I and my team faced some primarily situations
and struggled to come w...
come up with the results don’t matter for loss or win the game but the only thing was team spirit
and friendship.

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Reflective essay essay sample from essay writing services


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Reflective essay essay sample from essay writing services

  1. 1. REFLECTION PAPER ON MY PARTICIPATION Introduction This reflection paper aims to the analysis of the activities or collaboration, participation and effective management as being a team leader and also the things that I need to improve to be a effective team leader. This paper also describes about the interaction that I did with my team group, the strong points and weak points about me and also as being part of a group what I learnt significantly and how it improved my personality. It also analyses about what else that is needed for a team leader and how the things can be made more effective and what was the problems there. My collaboration and contribution From the beginning of the class, me and my team started to contact each other with following available methods such as mobile, telephone, email, messenger, social networking, group meeting probably on weekend times and sometime we also went together for outing. I was very active in making networking and contacts so I also keep watched on every steps like their results, discussion with them and keep maintained the relationships and followed the group strategy so that the group work can be done with help of them, also I tried to followed the strategies with them to do research on the other group’s strategies, this helped me a lot in deciding the final decision as a team leader in my group work by the team. I also helped them in building their own visionary decisions in the team. This way my opinion and decisions were given importance by my team members. At this point I was quite assured that I will get out of my working with help of my team perfectly as I could do all the decisions by myself. Based on the peer evaluation by my team, I was not disappoint or depressed for the involvement and contribution to the team group in comparison to my self-evaluation for the things that were measured in the peer evaluation but the evaluation was good in general but still awakened me that I need to improve in some things. In peer evaluation I was awarded 3.5 out 5.0, which was quite satisfactory but not outstanding. I accept the peer evaluation result from my group members. I think our group is working well in the first two rounds. We share, listen, discuss, making decision and solve problems together. More than this, we people started meeting outside too for discussion on the work and how to go for it effectively. I and my team group discussed in classroom, in library, my or my group’s homes, coffee shops, restaurants etc. In our discussion, basically, the questions were raised from each person that they had and discussed how to come up with the solution for the particular question. Best on the discussion or personal view, we came up with the final conclusive answer for the question. 1/3
  2. 2. After some, as because of the college examination and other activities like homework, assignments, tests and reports, all of us became busy for while but before that we went through a 12 weeks business capstone with closer interaction in the free time that we got while during the University ground and if possible outside of the university campus but outside was very typical for us. Then, we started video or audio or text interaction through the Skype, MSN, Google, Yahoo and mobile devices so that the interaction would be continuous and decision can be faster from anyplace the team member is. In the first round, all of us have no idea that where do we start. I told my opinion to my group members that we needed to increase the price of the productions especially for the high end and performance. It is because that customer’s hope the price can be lower year after year, and, the customers in these two areas, they don’t care too much about the price. My main idea is to make profit. Other members in our group accept my option, after discussion, we had the decision “higher price, less produce, but sell them all”. I did get a very good result in profit, however they loss the market share. I need to consider all the parts of our company not only the profit. We already have a lot of funds, we need to invest, but not keep them in hand. I need to consider in a more comprehensive way. Even in the practice rounds, I get a good result in profit because of my option. However we lost a big amount of market share. And also, we have too many cash in hand. We need to make good investment. I think I will work harder in the real rounds. The one thing, I did, before starting the group discussions that I found out the existing problems and did a lot of research for the solution. I also analyzed about the future problems that might come in the way while making strategic decisions for the group work. I found some of my friends to discuss my issue with them and also helped to my team members to get in touch with the friends and get their advices and experiences for the same as the friends already did the same thing during their study. The peer evaluation was very good for me because I got a chance to look back to my attitude and improved that for future purposes. Team collaboration and interaction I will appreciate the effort that my team gave for the work and respect to the other people in the team. I can say with confident that my team was too good in taking decision and united too. My team was full of energy and has different perspectives of life and experience that helped me and my team members to interact with each other and learn & deal with different opinions. There were some arguments during the discussions but we tried to avoid any kind of conflict which might cause further issue. Our friendship relations became stronger day by day, and found that at the end of the 2/3
  3. 3. course we spend almost 12 weeks together. Initially, I and my team faced some primarily situations and struggled to come with the best and be in competitive. My strengths and weaknesses My strengths: I do work hard in our group. I always share my ideas with our group members. I also listen to other members. And discuss with them. I hope our company can grow fast. My weaknesses: I did only look at the profit, think less to other part of our company. Sometime, I found myself discussing the things without taking the opinion of my team mates. I also should not have protected my own personal decisions during the group discussion. What I have learnt? I didn’t expect that I will learn too much during this 12 weeks group discussion and group work with the team members belonging to the different environment and opinions. The main skill that I learned was the team leadership skill because everything depends on the team leader. In my life and further team work this skill helps me a lot. I learned how to fit in the business framework, and also learned how to control you in making the wrong decisions. The group work was based on a particular market project so it helped in improving the computer and marketing skills in real life. I became more comfortable in the excel programs. Being involved, in Business Capstone, my desire of being a CEO of the organization in the coming future became strong. How I have improved as an effective team member? In starting I was not quite confident that I will be able to build up my team soon, so I didn’t approached for a group making activities but soon I realized that I got quite late in making my team so tried to started to get the good team. But hopefully, I got a very energetic and enthusiastic good tram for my group work. I was very shy and hesitated person but I soon got confident in myself and which became stronger day by day. My group people always helped me to build my confidence and encouraged me to discuss my onions without hesitation. I prepared meeting schedules, strategic decision making, and prior work for excellence discussion, presentations and research for the meeting either in class or outside. General (other areas that you might think important) Being a group work, the other important things were to understand the basic steps of the game, tasks and rules. As a team member my responsibility to ensure that the work division among the team member should be comfortable based on their skills. I and my team work hard together to 3/3
  4. 4. come up with the results don’t matter for loss or win the game but the only thing was team spirit and friendship. Conclusion My contribution and involvement in the group was quite good for me as I learnt a lot and some things really inspired me like joining of the Business Capstone, group discussions, leading team, responsibilities etc. My ability of taking decision faster improved a lot and learnt about the business framework for future winnings. The participation in a group of making presentations, doing research and going to the class, going to the discussion really helped me of time management too. My personality and basic communication skills improved day by day. There were some difference between the self evaluation and the peer evaluation but those differenced were filled up with the getting experience and knowledge and was a good tool fro to learn. After this group work I leant a lot not only in business and team leading skills but also expertise in computer, excel and desire to be a CEO of a organization. There were some difficulties in starting, but eventually it gone out and my self confidence got improve. The spirit of work with the friendship and the Business Capstone interaction, I can never forget in my life. 4/3