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  1. 1. FINAL REPORT ON EXECUTIVE TRAINING TITLE: To sell 24 Demat accounts worth Rs.2,00,000/- for 3 months for Sharekhan Limited in Nagpur city. GUIDED BY- Mrs. Parijad Dongure MR. CHIRAG JOSHI (Faculty Guide) (Company Guide) SUBMITTED BY: AJEET KUMAR Enroll. No.: 8NBNG010 Summer Internship Program 2009 The MBA Program 2008-2010
  2. 2. ICFAI National College, SIP Centre Nagpur CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Final Report on Executive Training with special reference to the company SHAREKHAN LIMITED submitted by AJEET KUMAR having Enrollment No. as 8NBNG010 during Semester-III of the M.B.A Program (Class of 2008-10) embodies original work done by her. His work has been satisfactory. Mr. Chirag Joshi Mrs. Parijad Dongure (Company Guide) (Faculty Guide)
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My due acknowledgement to all those people who have helped me during my SIP. This includes my respected Company Guide Mr. Chirag Joshi, Faculty Guide Mrs. Parijad Dongure, INC faculty, Office Personals, and Clients. My SIP would not have been possible without the guidance, support and encouragement provided by faculties and company people whose belief and confidence in me have enabled me to do this SIP successfully. My special recognition to ICFAI NATIONAL COLLEGE for allotting this task to me which opened a new door of knowledge for me. My special thanks to Mr. Chirag Joshi and all the people at Sharekhan for their help in developing new ideas and skills in me. My special remembrance to all the faculty members at INC NAGPUR who have encouraged me to be a continuous learner. I am very grateful to our team at Sharekhan who always offered a helping hand all my way through. And above all, I thank the Almighty without whose blessings, nothing would have been possible. AJEET KUMAR Enrollment No.:8NBNG010 I.C.F.A.I. National College Nagpur
  4. 4. DECLARATION I, Ajeet kumar hereby declare that this Report has been carried out under the guidance of my faculty guide Mrs. Parijad Dongure. This report neither in full nor in part will ever be submitted for award of any other degree of either this university or any other university. Ajeet kumar 8NBN010
  6. 6. The financial is one of the most important inventions of the modern society. The phenomenon of imbalance in the distribution of capital or funds existed in every economic system. There are areas or people with surplus funds and there are those with a deficit. A financial system functions as an intermediary and facilitates the flow of funds from the areas of surplus to the areas of deficit. A financial system is a composition of various institutions, markets, regulations and laws, practices, money managers, analysts, transactions and claims and liabilities. The functions performed by a financial system are: THE SAVINGS FUNCTION: LIQUIDITY FUNCTION: PAYMENT FUNCTION: RISK FUNCTION: POLICY FUNCTION: COMPANY PROFILE SHAREKHAN LIMITED Sharekhan is one of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online trading platform. The company provides equity based products (research, equities, derivatives, depository, margin funding, etc.). It has one of the largest networks in the country with 704 share shops in 280 cities and India’s premier online trading portal With their research expertise, customer commitment and superior technology, they provide investors with end-to-end solutions in investments. They provide trade execution services through multiple channels - an Internet platform, telephone and retail outlets. Sharekhan was established by Morakhia family in 1999-2000 and Morakhia family, continues to remain the largest shareholder. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbai- based SSKI [SHANTILAL SHEWANTILAL KANTILAL ISWARNATH LIMITED] Group. SSKI which is established in 1930 is the parent company of Sharekhan ltd. With a legacy of more than 80 years in the stock markets, the SSKI group ventured into institutional broking and corporate finance over a decade ago. Presently SSKI is one of the leading players in institutional broking and corporate finance activities. Sharekhan offers its customers a wide range of equity related services including trade execution on
  7. 7. BSE, NSE, and Derivatives. Depository services, online trading, Investment advice, Commodities, etc. Sharekhan Ltd. is a brokerage firm which is established on 8th February 2000 and now it is having all the rights of SSKI. The company was awarded the 2005 Most Preferred Stock Broking Brand by Awwaz Consumer Vote. It is first brokerage Company to go online. The Company's online trading and investment site - - was also launched on Feb 8, 2000. This site gives access to superior content and transaction facility to retail customers across the country. Known for its jargon-free, investor friendly language and high quality research, the content-rich and research oriented portal has stood out among its contemporaries because of its steadfast dedication to offering customers best-of-breed technology and superior market information. Share khan has one of the best states of art web portal providing fundamental and statistical information across equity, mutual funds and IPOs. One can surf across 5,500 companies for in-depth information, details about more than 1,500 mutual fund schemes and IPO data. One can also access other market related details such as board meetings, result announcements, FII transactions, buying/selling by mutual funds and much more. Sharekhan's management team is one of the strongest in the sector and has positioned Sharekhan to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for financial services products in India through investments in research, pan-Indian branch network and an outstanding technology platform. Further, Sharekhan's lineage and relationship with SSKI Group provide it a unique position to understand and leverage the growth of the financial services sector. We look forward to providing strategic counsel to Sharekhan's management as they continue their expansion for the benefit of all shareholders." SSKI Corporate Finance Private Limited (SSKI) is a leading India-based investment bank with strong research-driven focus. Their team members are widely respected for their commitment to transactions and their specialized knowledge in their areas of strength. The team has completed over US$5 billion worth of deals in the last 5 years - making it among the most significant players raising equity in the Indian market. SSKI, a veteran equities solutions company has over 8 decades of experience in the Indian stock markets. If we experience their language, presentation style, content or for that matter the online trading facility, we'll find a common thread; one that helps us make informed decisions and simplifies investing in stocks. The common thread of empowerment is what Sharekhan's all about!
  8. 8. "Sharekhan has always believed in collaborating with like-minded Corporate into forming strategic associations for mutual benefit relationships" says Jaideep Arora, Director - Sharekhan Limited. Sharekhan is also about focus. Sharekhan does not claim expertise in too many things. Sharekhan's expertise lies in stocks and that's what he talks about with authority. So when he says that investing in stocks should not be confused with trading in stocks or a portfolio-based strategy is better than betting on a single horse, it is something that is spoken with years of focused learning and experience in the’ stock markets. And these beliefs are reflected in everything Sharekhan does for us! Sharekhan is a part of the SSKI group, an Indian financial services power house, with strong presence in Retail equities Institutional equities Investment banking. In Nagpur it is having the branches at C.A. road, near telephone exchange square and Khare town, Dharampeth and 12-13 franchisees in Nagpur. We have been given the centre at C.A. road. Sharekhan provides 4 in 1 account. - Demat a/c - Trading a/c: for cash calculation - Bank a/c: for fund transfer - Dial and Trade: for query relating trading Products:  Mutual fund schemes  Insurance  Portfolio Management System  Shares – online and offline  Bonds  Fixed Deposits  Commodities Out of these we have to mostly sell demat accounts and Mutual Funds.
  9. 9. Demat account: Sharekhan is a depository participant. This means that we can keep the shares in dematerialized form in Sharekhan. But for this one has to the demat account in Sharekhan. Dematerialization is the process by which a client can get physical certificates converted into electronic balances maintained in his account with the DP. In Sharekhan, under demat account there are two types of terminals. TYPE OF DEMAT DEPOSIT (Refundable) CHARGES (nonrefundable) ACCOUNT TERMINAL CLASSIC Rs.5000 Rs.750 Rs.10000 Nil TRADETIGER Rs.5000 Rs.1000 Rs.10000/25000 Nil Its core services are:  Equities, and Derivatives trading on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE), and Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE),  Commodities trading on National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange India (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX),  Depository services,  Online trading services,
  10. 10.  IPO Services,  Dial-n-Trade  Portfolio management services,  Fundamental and Technical Research services,  In addition to this they also provide advisory services and distributions for mutual funds.  Sharekhan ValueLine (a monthly publication with reviews of recommendations, stocks to watch out for etc.)  Daily research reports and market review (High Noon & Eagle Eye)  Pre-market Report  Daily trading calls based on Technical Analysis  Cool trading products (Daring Derivatives and Market Strategy)  Personalized Advice  Live Market Information  Sharekhan First Step Sharekhan First Step The Sharekhan FirstStep is a brand new program designed especially for those who are new to investing in shares. All one have to do is open a Sharekhan FirstStep account and they guide us through the investing process. Market Share Sharekhan enjoyed about 20 per cent market share in Web business (Internet trading) in stock markets. Three years ago, Web trading showed lot of promise but with the market witnessing a downturn, there was not much interest among retail customers. Profits The share of Web trading constituted 22 per cent of the revenue. As Sharekhan's daily trading volume was over Rs 200 crore, the share of Web trading at about Rs 40 crore a day was substantial and a larger part of the volume was coming from day traders. Features of Trading With Sharekhan:
  11. 11. 1.Freedom from paperwork 2.Instant credit and money transfer 3.Trade from any net enabled PC 4.After hour orders 5.Online orders on the phone 6.Timely advice and-research reports 7.Real-time Portfolio tracking 8.Information and Price alerts. FINANCIAL CAPABILITY Taking in to consideration all its assets and liabilities company is valued at around Rs. 750-850 crores. HIERARCHY IN Sharekhan There are 14 main hierarchical levels in Sharekhan: 1) Trainees 2) Super trainees 3) Sales executives 4) Assistant sales manager 5) Area sales manager : Mr. Chirag Joshi 6) City sales manager 7) Assistant branch manager 8) Branch manager 9) Regional head 10)Cluster head 11) Business head 12) Country head 13) Directors 14) CEO SWOT ANALYSIS OF SHAREKHAN STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES • First brokerage firm to go online. • High brokerage charges but now
  12. 12. • Products they have overcome this by a new prepaid scheme in which brokerage • PMS Services. is reduced to half. • Technology • Online fund transfer. • Research reports. • Clients (average of 15,000 accounts per year) • Recommendations from clients. • Free Demat a/c opening. • Low annual maintenance charge OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • Huge market. • Volatility of the share market. • Competitors. Account opening: Opening a DP account with Sharekhan One can open a Depository Participant (DP) account, either through a Sharekhan branch or through a Sharekhan Franchisee center.
  13. 13. There is no fee for opening DP accounts with Sharekhan. However a nominal deposit (refundable) is charged towards services which will be adjusted against all future billings. All investors have to submit their proof of identity and proof of address along with the prescribed account opening form. List of Documents required to open an account with Sharekhan: 1) Proof of Identity You can submit a photo copy of any of the following o Voter ID o Passport o PAN Card o MAPIN UID Card o Driving License o Photo I card issued by Employer registered under MAPIN 2) Copy of Ration Card 3) Address Proof You can submit a photo copy of any of the following o Voter ID Card o Driving License o Passport o Ration Card o Telephone Bill o Electricity Bill o Leave-License o Bank Passbook o Latest Bank Statement o Insurance Policy o Flat Maintenance Bill 4) A copy of cancelled cheque 5) Nominee photograph, if filled
  14. 14. 6) Signed Photograph of all holders BROKERAGE STRUCTURE OF SHAREKHAN BROKERAGE: INTRADAY DELIVERY CASH- EQUITIES 0.05% 0.5% FnO 0.05% PREPAID SCHEME 0.025% 0.25% Sharekhan has tie up with the following banks: • HDFC • Axis Bank • IDBI • Citi Bank • IndusInd Bank • Union Bank • ICICI • Oriental Bank Of Commerce MINIMUM INVESTMENT IN MUTUAL FUND: INVESTMENT MINIMUM AMOUNT Mutual Fund (Any Company) 5000 Systematic Investment Plan (Any 500 Company) ADVANTAGES OF SHAREKHAN: 1. Online trading is very user friendly and one doesn't need any software to access. 2. They provide good quality of services like daily SMS alerts, mail alerts, stock recommendations etc.
  15. 15. 3. Sharekhan has ability to transfer funds from most banks. Unlike ICICI Direct, HDFC Sec, etc., so investor not really needs to open an account with a particular bank as it can establish link with most modern banks. CUSTOMER • Business class people (high class) • High Net worth Individuals • Service class people • Government Employees • Young Adults (19-30 yrs.) • Adults (35-50 yrs.) • HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) • Women (literate and working) COMPETITORS 1. India Bulls 10. 5 6. Anand Rathi 2. Motilal Oswal m 7. India 3. Religare Infoline 8. Reliance 4. Kotak Money Securities 9. Angel Broking 5. ICICI Direct
  16. 16. OBJECTIVE: • To project Sharekhan as an authority in the retail stock trading business. • To execute business for the company by selling demat accounts and mutual funds. • To study the various products of the company. • To know how to open and close the calls. • To learn the online terminal used for trading. • To know the various policies of the company. • To know how to handle various types of customers. • To know various reasons for market fluctuations. • To learn to manage time. • To gain practical knowledge of the market. • To have a practical experience of working in a reputed organization.
  17. 17. TARGETS / TASKS: TARGETS  To sell 24 Demat accounts worth Rs.2,00,000/- for 3 month for Sharekhan Limited at Nagpur.  To sell 2 Demat accounts per week for 3 months for Sharekhan limited at Nagpur.  To sell Mutual Funds of various companies through Sharekhan Limited in Nagpur city for 3 months.
  18. 18. TASKS  To collect the leads.  To do the telecalling and take appointments.  To attend the appointment on prescribed time.  To tell the client about the company and its products.  To tell the client about the advantages of opening a demat account with Sharekhan limited.  To convince the clients to do Online Trading.  To explain him the terms and conditions of the product.  To convince the client to open Demat account at Sharekhan ltd.  To give a live demo of how the online terminal works.  By means of presentation explaining them how to trade online.  To take signatures of the client on the KYC (know your customer) form.  To collect the documents required to open a demat account.  To fill up the KYC form for the customer.  To install the software in the client`s computer.  To make the client trade.  To sell the mutual funds.  To get the references from the client.  To conduct seminars in the banks and good companies.  To submit the daily report of myself and of all the 6 people in my group to the company guide.
  19. 19. MY SIP IN SHAREKHAN Before my Summer Internship Programme, I had very little knowledge about the stock market and its fundamentals. And now after undergoing training for the 12th week at Sharekhan there is a tremendous increase in my knowledge about the stock market. I have also gained a lot of knowledge about the Sharekhan Company and its various products, schemes and policies and also about its competitors. The products which I have sold up till now are Demat accounts and mutual funds. And I am confident about my knowledge about demat accounts and mutual funds. Although nobody can claim complete expertise but there is a sea change at least from my point of view. I have learnt what are the various indices and their significance in market. I have also learnt the impact of Sensex and Nifty on overall stock market. I have learnt about various fundamentals and technical aspects, which affect the stock prices in short, run and long run. At Sharekhan we have also been taught to use the online terminal. Sharekhan is one of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online trading platform. The company provides equity based products (research, equities, derivatives, depository, margin funding, etc.). It has one of the largest networks in the country with 1000 share shops in 375 cities and India’s premier online trading portal Out of these we have to mostly sell demat accounts and Mutual Funds.
  20. 20. In the first week we had training sessions for 3 days in which our company guide Mr. Chirag Joshi gave us the complete information about the company, its products and policies. He gave us tips on how to open and close the calls. He also gave us tips on how to do telecalling. He also gave us information on how to fill the KYC form and what are the documents required to open the demat account. Then finally after this we were sent to the market to bring demat accounts and Mutual funds. Initially we faced many obstacles and reasons were many like bad stock market conditions and we were unable to locate potential market etc. but slowly I collected a good number of leads and references from whom so ever I met. I am still following the clients who are giving follow up dates. Our main task is to sell the online demat account. During this venture I came across many people who came from different walks of life. I have learned how to deal with them and convince them to open the demat account with Sharekhan. Selling a demat account requires special focus on targeting the customers. Each and every person does not invest in the share market. The person who will be investing in the share market should have at least the basic knowledge about the same or should have the curiosity to gain the same. So what I had to do is to identify the prospective client and then try to convince them. Wasting time on the customer who does not know anything about stock market is completely worthless.
  21. 21. While on the call if customer asks me any query about which I am not very much sure then I call our Chirag sir who then clears my doubts and queries without any irritation. This not only solves clients query but also makes our concepts clear and strong. I initially met roundabout 15 to 20 people every day. Out of these I found 5 to 6 persons who took actual interest in the Demat account and Mutual funds. As I met more and more people, I learned how to identify the prospective clients. I came to know more about how to talk to them, how much time should be given to each client. So my clients’ conversion ratio also increased. Even, by solving the customer queries, my own understandings were enhanced. While selling our product in the market, I also came to know more about our competitor's product like, ICICIDirect, India bulls, India Infoline, Motilal Oswal, Ventura, Angel Broking etc. and their strategy of marketing and the consumer's preference towards the competitor's product. I did cold calling in these three months and created my own database through it. In the second month some of the follow-ups from the first month started converting. Sharekhan also started giving advertisement in leading English dailies and on channels like CNBC where the customers care toll free number is displayed. Sharekhan also started giving ads on the various sites like Yahoo, Google etc.Sharekhan also started a scheme of free demat account opening and also the one in which the brokerage reduces to half of the original brokerage of 0.05% for Intraday and 0.05% for Delivery.
  22. 22. I met people in different locations i.e. at central avenue road, Dharampeth, Gokulpeth road, SitaBuldi market road, Ramdaspeth road, wardha road, lokmat square, somalwada, Bajaj nagar, Ram Nagar, wardhaman nagar, Kampthee and Umred etc. This includes people from the Big Showrooms and malls like Big Bazzar, Chartered Accountants, Travel agents, business people, housewives, real estate people, Customer Relationship Managers, Assistant Sales Manager, and engineers of some companies. Once the customer fills up the KYC form, I call him/her after 5 working days to check if he has received the welcome kit which contains the login ID and password from Bombay office of Sharekhan. After he receives the kit I have to go to his place to install the software in his computer and also I have to tell him how to trade online i.e. I have to explain him the complete terminal. I am required to show the customer how to make a transaction and how to get access to the terminal. Also, if the client faces any problem, then those too had to be solved by me. So, it is all a very good learning experience for me. We have to take about 25 signatures of the customer on the KYC form. This is again a big challenge because they say that now they don`t have enough time to sign in 25 places. And if the sign mismatches even a little then there is again some long procedure to make that form acceptable. I had faced this kind of situation. My second client Mr. Vilash from Umred’s signature on the KYC form was different from that on his PAN card. So the form got rejected. And he even said that if this form will not proceed further then he don`t want to open the Demat account and asked me to return the cheque. Due to this I was very depressed for 2-3 days But then maybe I called him at a right time as
  23. 23. he instantly asked me come and collect the bank proof statement and I was very happy that day. At Sharekhan, the atmosphere is perfectly cordial. There are senior trainees and back office people always to solve the difficulties we faced in approaching a customer, filling up the form, demonstrating the terminal, or solving the customer’s queries. Even our Chirag sir helped us in solving our problems. We are supposed to be formally dressed and required to report once daily at any time. In the beginning we were asked to report twice a day but then after 4 weeks he asked to report only once a day. This was done because our office is at Central Avenue road, near telephone exchange square and if we any appointment in the west Nagpur then it is very difficult for us to go and report in the office second time.
  26. 26.  By tele-calling the customers and taking appointments for the date on which they will free. [From references and leads given by company, clients and friends].  By cold calling the customer by meeting them personally and taking appointments and follow up dates as per their convenience.  By arranging presentations in Banks, schools and colleges and companies.  By doing promotional activities at krazy castle and other such places to generate leads.  By sending e-mails and SMS`s to friends, and relatives we are educating them about Sharekhan`s products and services.  By giving the Sharekhan`s pamphlets to the clients.  By taking references from the clients.  I am maintaining a daily record number of people I met, their addresses and contact numbers and their remarks in Excel sheets. I am also maintaining my
  27. 27. weekly report, SIP log book and the weekly achievement report. They are helping me a lot in my SIP.  I am targeting the staff of reputed companies so that I will get the accounts in lot and up to certain limits I am successful in this.
  28. 28. ACHIEVEMENT: WEEK NO. ACHIEVEMENT NAME OF THE TYPE OF AMOUNT / CLIENT ACCOUNT ASSET 1 NIL NIL NIL NIL (24/3/08 - 29/3/08) 2 NIL NIL NIL NIL (31/3/08 - 5/4/08) 3 1 DEMAT A/C Dr.Pravin Nitnawre classic Rs.10,000/- (7/4/08 - account 12/4/08) 4 NIL NIL NIL NIL (14/4/08 - 19/4/08) 5 1 DEMAT A/C Mr.Naresh Joshi and speed trade Rs.10,000/- + (21/4/08 - converted 100 Rs.34,430/- 26/4/08) physical shares of Bank of India into demat 4 mutual funds Mr. Venkata Rao - Rs.20,000/- 6 (28/4/08 - 3/5/08) 7 (5/5/08 1 DEMAT A/C Dr.C.M.Pande speed trade Rs.10,000/- -10/5/08) 8 4 DEMAT A/Cs Mr.Atul Shende, 3 speed Rs.36,000/- (12/5/08 – Mr.Vijay Narad, trade and 1 17/5/08) Mr.Pradeep Rekhi, classic Mr.K.G.Meshram account 9 3 mutual funds Mr.Varangaonkar, - Rs.36,000/- (19/5/08 – Mr.C.M.Pande, 24/5/08) Mr.Rishabh Shivhare 10 1 DEMAT A/C Mr.Ganesh Fasate 1speed Rs.10,000/- (26/5/08 – trade 31/5/08 ) 11 NIL NIL NIL NIL (2/6/08 – 7/6/08)
  29. 29. 12 5 DEMAT A/Cs Mrs.Archana 4 speed 5*5000+ 34430 (9/6/08 – khurana, Mrs.Anupa trade and 1 = Rs.59,430/- 14/6/08) Meshram, classic Mr.Prashant account Nagrale, Mr.Ashish Kohale, Mr.Prashant Jaronde Transferred 100 shares of Bank of India of Mr.Pradeep Rekhi 13 10 DEMAT A/Cs Mr.Rajendra Soman, 9 speed Rs.55,180 + (16/6/08 – and 1 mutual Mr.Vaibhav Satpute, trade and 1 Rs.18,000 21/6/08) fund Mr.Amol Kachhwah, offline a/c = Rs.73,180/- Mr.Sanjay Junghare, Mr.Pradeep Soman, Mr.Sankat Mochan Dwivedi, Mrs.Yogita Chauhan, Mr.Mangal Tiwari, Mr.Robin Simon, Mrs.Naina Kashimbar (offline) 14 8 DEMAT A//Cs Mr.Pravin Dandekar, 5 speed Rs.40,000/- + (23/6/08 – 3 mutual funds Mr.Sunil Mishra, trade and 3 Rs.9600/- + 28/6/08) Mr.Rishabh classic Rs.2400/- + Shivhare, Mr.Prasad account Rs.2400/- Sadhankar, Mr.Ajay = Rs.54,400/- Chitmitwar, Mr.Nishant Rao, Mr.Subhash, Mr.Viraj Mokadam And mutual funds of Mr.Vineet, Mr.Ujwal and Mr.Abhilash Nair TOTAL 31 DEMAT - - ACCOUNTS AND 11 MUTUAL Rs.3,53,440/- FUNDS
  30. 30. ANALYSIS OF PERFORMANCE Vs TARGET: ACHIEVEMENT CUMULATIVE CUMULATIVE CUMULATIVE ACHIEVEMENT WEEK TARGET TARGET ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVEMENT IN % IN % No. 20,000 20000 0 0 0% 0% 1 20,000 40000 0 0 0% 0% 2 20,000 60000 10,000 10000 50% 16.66% 3 20,000 80000 0 10000 0% 12.50% 4 20,000 100000 44,430 54430 222.15% 54.43% 5 20,000 120000 20,000 74430 100% 62.03% 6 20,000 140000 10,000 84430 50% 60.31% 7 20,000 160000 36,000 120430 180% 75.27% 8 20,000 180000 36,000 156430 180% 86.91% 9 20,000 200000 10,000 166430 50% 83.22% 10 20,000 220000 0 166430 0% 75.65% 11 20,000 240000 59,430 225860 297.15% 94.11% 12 20,000 260000 73,180 299040 366% 115.02% 13 20,000 280000 54,400 353440 272% 126.23% 14
  31. 31. WEEKLY ANALYSIS: WEEK No. 1: Had training for three days. In this training we were told about Sharekhan Company, history of Sharekhan, organization structure, products, Sharekhan research reports, trading techniques, clients, Demat accounts, Derivatives, and how to fill the “Know Your Customer” form or KYC form, Online trading accounts in detail - SpeedTrade and Classic account, learned how to buy and sell shares through these online terminals, Sales technique, Telecalling, Sharekhan`s brokerage. Got an assignment on “THINGS TO BE TOLD TO THE CLIENT ABOUT THE COMPANY”. Did telecalling and coldcalling to 40 people, out of this 17 people were interested in Sharekhan`s Demat account. Met 17 people, out of this 6 people were interested in Sharekhan`s Demat account. Client Conversion ratio: 0%. As this was my first week and had training for 3 days I got very less time to understand the products, market and potential customers. WEEK No. 2: Met 46 people, out of this 20 people were interested in Demat account. Client Conversion ratio: 0%. As this was the beginning of the SIP I found it very difficult to identify the potential customers. WEEK No. 3: Met 66 people, out of this 16 people were interested in Demat account. Client Conversion ratio: 0%
  32. 32. Collected many leads and references. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers. WEEK No. 4: Met 70 people, out of this 37 people were interested in Demat account. Client Conversion ratio: 0%. Collected leads and references. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers. WEEK No. 5: Met 57 people, out of this 38 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 1 demat account worth Rs 20,000/- Client Conversion ratio: 0.017% Collected leads and references. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers. Learned how to approach and convince the customer. WEEK No. 6: Met 59 people, out of this 41 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 2 demat account worth Rs 25,000/- each Client Conversion ratio: 0.33% WEEK No. 7: Met 48 people, out of this 28 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 1 demat account worth Rs.25,000/- Client Conversion ratio for demat: 1/48 = 0.021% Collected leads and references. Most of the clients were busy or out of station. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers.
  33. 33. WEEK No. 8: Met 53 people, out of this 28 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 1 demat accounts worth Rs.25,000/- Client Conversion ratio: 1/53= 0.018 % Collected leads and references. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers. Over achieved the weekly target. WEEK No. 9: Met 50 people, out of this 39 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 2 demat accounts worth Rs.10,000/ each Client Conversion ratio for demat: 0.04% Collected leads and references. Got follow up dates and appointments from the interested customers. Over achieved the weekly target. WEEK No. 10: Met 53 people, out of this 35 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 1 demat account worth Rs.25,000/- Got 2 mutual fund of Rs.10000/- Client Conversion ratio for demat: 1/53 = 0.019% Documentation of some of the demat accounts and mutual funds was in process. WEEK No. 11: Met 53 people, out of this 43 people were interested in Demat account.
  34. 34. Opened 1 demat account worth Rs.25,000/- Got 2 mutual fund of Rs.15000/- Client Conversion ratio for demat: 0.019% Documentation of some of the demat accounts. Generated leads for the next week. WEEK No. 12: Met 53 people, out of this 38 people were interested in Demat account. Opened 1 demat accounts worth Rs.10000/- Got 2 mutual fund of Rs.10000/- Client Conversion ratio for demat: 1/53 = 0.019% Weekly target was overachieved. LIMITATIONS:  Due to bad market conditions people are becoming more and more pessimistic about investing in the share market. After the Reliance IPO, SENSEX fell tremendously from 21000 to 15000. In this crash many people lost their money amounting from 2 Lakhs to 4-5 crore or even more. So when we approach them they tell us how much they used to trade in shares and how much money they have lost in the share market. They even tell us that we are doing our training (SIP) at very wrong time.
  35. 35.  While telecalling sometimes the clients do not give positive response, may be because they are really busy or may be not interested in the demat accounts and mutual funds.  While cold calling when we met the owners of big shops. They said that if they had spare money they will invest it in their shops and not in the share market. They don`t want to take risk.  There are some negative rumors in the market about Sharekhan ltd. some people have very bad experience with Sharekhan in terms of services and charges. This may not be the fault of the company but of some of the marketing executives who don`t disclose all the details about charges and products and once the demat account has been opened they don`t pay any attention to their old clients and thus fail to give proper services to the clients.  Sharekhan takes no charges for opening Demat accounts but there is a initial deposit of Rs.10,000/-. It is just a margin money which has to be kept with Sharekhan till the account opens. As soon as the account opens this money can be kept as it is in the demat account or it can be completely used for buying shares or it can be partially used and the rest of the amount can be withdrawn. But clients fail to understand this. They think that these are the charges they start
  36. 36. suspecting it. So it’s very difficult to convince them to deposit that much amount and open a demat account. LEARNINGS:  Importance of information technology in the field of stock broking is immense.  Stock broking companies run with the help of IT.  The terminal through which the brokers buy and sell shares is a software that completely depends on the internet. For Sharekhan, this terminal has been designed by the software company “Spider”.  Buying and selling through internet is fast. As soon as the prices of the shares goes up or comes down then they can be sold or purchased instantly within seconds.  Customer Relationship is very necessary for the company to retain the customers.  In Sharekhan I have learned how to maintain good relations with the customers by giving them the proper service and solving their queries regarding the share market.  I have also learned how to maintain good relation with the employees and the co- trainees.
  37. 37.  In Sharekhan Ltd. I have learned a lot relating to the finance.  Learned the meaning of the words that are mostly used in the share market.  Learned about various products of the Sharekhan Limited.  Learned various aspects regarding Share Market.  Learned about various products used in the share market especially Demat accounts and Mutual Funds.  Learned how to use online trading terminal.  Enhanced my communication and convincing skills.  Learned how to take appointments.  Learned how to approach the customers.  Learned how to open and close the calls.  Learned how to interact with people, how to convince them and guide them in trading.  Learned the various policies of the company.  Learned to manage time properly.  Learned the importance of the Excel sheet. I maintained all my daily records in the Excel sheet.  Got the practical knowledge of the market.  Had a practical experience of working in a reputed organization.
  38. 38. AWARDS/REWARDS: I received the stipend of Rs.269/- in the month of June.