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  2. 2. About Company  Religare enterprises limited (REL ) is a global financial services group promoted by the Ranbaxy group  The company was originally incorporated as Vajreshwari cosmetics private limited on January 30, 1984 .  The status of the company was changed to a public limited company by a special resolution of the members dated July 14 , 2006.  Religare Securities Ltd. (“RSL”) is the wholly owned subsidiary of REL and a securities firm in India  Major activities and offerings of the company include equity broking both offline and online, depository participant services, portfolio management services and institutional brokerage  Member of the NSE, BSE, depository participant with NSDL and CDSL, and SEBI approved portfolio manager
  3. 3.  Empanelment with 81 institutions including 20 mutual funds, 10 insurance companies, 35 banks and 11 FIIs. Has strong institutional research team covers over 185 companies in 16 sectors  Aggressive ramp up of equity trading client accounts with market share increasing to 3.8% in June 2008 from 2.7% in FY07 and online trading market share increased to 8.7% in June 2008 from 7.2% in October, 2007  Received in principal approval from SEBI to act as a sponsor of Asset Management joint venture with AEGON  Received P1 Credit Rating from CRISIL for its short term debt issuance program for a sum of Rs. 7,000 million
  4. 4.  Businesses under Religare Securities Ltd. include:  Retail Equity Broking  Priority Client Equity Services  Online Investment Portal  Institutional Equity Broking (To be shifted to RCML)  Portfolio Management Services  Depository Services
  5. 5. Logo We believe that a four leaf clover is harbinger of good fortune and a clover of success. At Religare Broking, the four leaves of the clover symbolize pedigree, product strength, expertise and support that we offer to our partners. Armed with this clover of success, we create a partnership based on values and trust.
  6. 6. Product portfolio           Equity Broking - BSE and NSE Derivatives Futures and Options Internet Broking- Online Trading Commodities Trading - NCDEX & MCX Institutional Broking Depository Services - NSDL & CDSL Portfolio Management Services NRI Investments Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Mutual Fund Investment
  7. 7. Objective of study   Primary objective To study how to build a relationship marketing in capital market.  Secondary objective:  To study various financial products like equity, mutual funds, commodity & portfolio management.  To study various services provided by broker house to their clients  To know investors experience in capital market.  To study what other services investors expect from their broker house.  Questionnaire is based on the existing services and the satisfaction level of the existing customers which includes questions like Name, Age, Gender, Income, Investment Frequency, feedback about services which they are provided like conformation, calls, suggestions, solutions on stuck money like dead investment and all.  On an average all the customers are happy with the company and look forward to the growth of it.
  8. 8. Scope of the study  It will assist Religare to get its own Customer Relationship Management system mirror well and it will get all the important things before eyes to apply all the possible ways to provide a superb service to the customers and accordingly make them loyal and retain them long lasting and also to get new customers to be served. Scopes can be stated in few points as follows:  Maintain current / existing customers.  Achieve new potential customers.  Retain all the customers. Profitability Increment  Reputation and credibility Increment, etc. The heart of CRM is not being customer centric but rather to use customer profitability as a driver for decision making and action.
  9. 9. Research Methodology  Research Design: Research design means adopting that type technique of research which is most suited for the research and study of the problem. For the study and the research of the problem proper material has to be selected and collected for the investigation. A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure
  10. 10.  In order to know about effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management in Religare Securities Ltd., it was necessary to interact with the customer. The sample taken comprised of respondents from Jaipur city. A questionnaire had to be designed to collect valuable information from the different customer groups. The questionnaire which was designed suitably to meet the objective of research work.
  11. 11.  Nature of Research: In this project report I have undertaken quantitative type of study.  Type of the questions: The questions in the questionnaire asked to the visiting customers of Religare Securities Ltd, Regional office in Jaipur , are Straight Forward and Limited Probing.  Type of the Questionnaire: The questionnaire in this project report is straight forward and formalized.  Type of Analysis: The analysis done in this particular project report is statistical.
  12. 12. Sources of Data Primary Data The Primary data are those data which are collected fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character. The primary data that was collected through interview conducted in Regional Branch with daily visiting customers. The primary data sources include copies of questionnaire and data of their respective responses. Secondary Data  The secondary data are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have been passed through the statistical process. Secondary data was collected through company websites.  Some of the web sites and some others like.
  13. 13. Primary Data Collection  Research Technique: As the researcher, I adopted survey method as a research technique for this particular project report.  Contact Method: I as a researcher interviewed the respondents by personal interview.  Sampling Plan: a) Population: The population covered in this project report refers to the existing (Office Coming) customers of Regional Office, who have their trading and Demat A/c with Religare Securities Ltd.
  14. 14. b) Sample Size The sample size undertaken by me for this particular project report is 50 respondents. c) Sample Element The respondents contacted and interviewed in this project report are all from different domain some of them were Businessmen, High Net-worth Investors, Proprietors, even Students also invest in Share Market . d) Research Instrument Questionnaires containing both open ended and close ended questions were used as a research instrument in this particular project report .
  15. 15. Data Analysis & Interpretation  1. Respondents:  Pie chart represents that research contains 50 respondents which are business men , HNIs , proprietors and individuals . 15% 19% businessmen HNIs 4% 12% Respon dents Busines HNIs smen Proprie tors Individ uals No. of respond ents 15 12 19 4 proprietors individuals
  16. 16. 2. Company Interaction via Email and Telephone Calls:  We can imagine the satisfaction level of customers and accordingly Customer Relationship is managed through electronic media to maximize the wealth of customers. In Religare mostly dealers are in touch of regular traders / customers and customers also get loyal to the company through this practice. Every call is taped by default for the evidence of orders to buy or sell the stocks and Emails too . 1% 9% 6% poor fair good 29% excellent
  17. 17. 3. Do you find company's investment tips useful and beneficial?  When it was asked sudden and on the time answer was the same of maximum people, it means the credibility and trustworthiness of the company is on the height. It's nothing but the result of Relationship Management.  It is said that Share Market means „Well of Loss‟, nevertheless Religare Customer don't have any tension in investing because they believe in Company's Researchers and Analysts and their investment tips too. 1%1% yes no 48% cant say
  18. 18. 4. Where do you rate Religare on the scale of 10 in terms of Services?  Customer Relationship can be very well highlighted because out of 50, 22people have rated Religare on the scale of 1 to 10 and again in remaining maximum customers say that they rate Religare at on the scale of 1 to 10.Every customer has his own value and consideration about Religare because they invest their Hard Earned money and take risk to earn more cause of Religare Services and Attachment and it is all the output of Customer Relationship Management . 2, 4% 7, 14% 21, 42% 1 2 20, 40% 3 4
  19. 19. 5. Where do you invest/ trade mostly?  One general question was asked in questionnaire to know the investment flow of customers towards Religare Services. When it was asked why they invest in specific area mostly then it was answered by many people that liquidity market is easy to make money out of investment and take money out whenever we feel not to put. And other reason many customers don't want to invest for long time. And about currency some people were not interested. equity 8% commodity 9% 33% Currency
  20. 20. 6.Are you satisfied with the services provided by Religare?  Chart represents us the output of Customer Relationship Management with the help of the services and customers satisfaction can show a mirror of the efforts of the company towards making their customers loyal to them. Here 64% customers have selected and stated that they are fully satisfied with the services that they are getting from Religare Securities Ltd. 1% 0% strongly yes slightly yes 17% No 32% strongly no slightly no
  21. 21. Findings  Customer Relationship Management Business Drivers and Benefits :  It empowers management with a real-time pipelines and forecasting so they can build and focus on high profit, sustainable relationships.  It increases customer's acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability by integrating information across the enterprise.  It empowers staff wit customer intelligence and best practices to increase their likelihood of successful transactions.
  22. 22.  Customer Relationship Management Risks :  Effective internal controls must be in place to prevent customer information from becoming scattered across databases and servers.  Customer Common Findings while contacting:  Generally people whom I have contacted they were from different domains like Business, Proprietors, High Net worth Income Group (HNIs) and students.  Some people, its felt that they gave fake response, with impression that this questionnaire is from Religare Securities internal.
  23. 23. Suggestions  Customer Category: To find effective Customer Relationship Management, Broking firm can do one more thing which will be very beneficial to them in finding Asset Customers from the bottom level management to top level management. Religare should adopt system of allotting Customer Categories according to their transactions, due payments, exposure, loyalty, frequency of trading and all.  Affiliated Awareness Programs: Religare should arrange affiliated programs within its own groups to come to the sense of new people and accordingly to prospecting and acquiring new customers.
  24. 24. Conclusion  In spite of the bleak and grim outlook the future of capital market it is growing at a very high pace. Taking this things into consideration there are lots of opportunity for the broker house which already exist and which are due to enter in Indian market.  Religare is concerned they have a ready market. The only thing which is needed to focus on is that they should have a strong marketing strategy so that prompt service and availability of forms is made available to the investors at a short notice and if it keeps the traditional base for marketing in India which is a price sensitive.
  25. 25. Recommendation  Religare securities should enhance the customer care department where queries can be timely solved.  Religare securities should provide more securities to the existing and prospective clients.  Religare securities should build its BRAND image stronger by increasing visibility.  There should be more banner posters pamphlets distribution in the market to increase the awareness level among the people  It should provide regular and update market information.  Special attention need to be given to the delivery of monthly and fortnightly report to the clients  Timely release of brokerage and fast redressed of clients’ grievance is a major plus if Religare is looking to develop long term relationship with its clients.  Services should be more efficiently delivered to the prospective clients in order to develop a long term relationship with the clients.