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Make It Work! Technology + PPCD= :-)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Make It Work! Technology + PPCD= :-)

  1. 1. Technology + PPCD=  Presented By: Michelle Vandewalle & Linda García Hays CISD
  2. 2. Icebreaker Activity O Please submit your responses to our questions on Poll Everywhere.
  3. 3. Housekeeping O Please be sure you submitted your name for a door prize; drawing will be held at the end of the session and must be present to win  O If you have any questions during the session, please visit our back channel on Today’s Meet: O This presentation’s website:
  4. 4. Session’s Objectives O Provide a descriptive overview of how technology has been integrated into some of our PALS/PPCD classrooms. O Give our session’s attendants some ideas that they could implement in their classrooms using a Mimio, Smartboard and an iPad.
  5. 5. Classroom Setting O Type of Class: Pre-School Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) & Pre-School Academic Language Social Skills (PALS) O Two classes: A.M. & P.M. (some campuses offer inclusion with daycare students) O Age group: 3 - 5 yr. olds
  6. 6. Technology Resources O A laptop, and two desktop computers: one for instruction and the other for students to use during centers (HATCH) O Data Projector (In-Focus) O Smartboard O 2 classroom iPads O Augmentative Communication Devices (assigned to specific students)
  7. 7. Daily Schedule Calendar/Morning Activity • Smartboard • iPad (Splashtop app) Centers/Language Development • iPad • student computer Table Activity • iPad • communication devices Motor Movement • Smartboard
  8. 8. Morning Activity O Calendar activity adapted from a lesson downloaded from SMART exchange. O Integrate songs with activity and student with limited ability is given access to lesson through the Splashtop app on the iPad.
  9. 9. Learning Centers O3 to 5 structured learning centers are introduced and open each day OAt the beginning of the school year, centers begin very structured and assigned; students progress to a more independent level, where they make choices and transition independently. OStudents select center and indicate their choice on the Centers board.
  10. 10. Table Activities OActivities are based on thematic units and are specific to student’s IEP objectives. OThe i-pad has motivating activities and direct teach lessons that can be used during this time. OStudents with augmentative communication devices integrate this tool while participating in the activities.
  11. 11. Video:Table Activity
  12. 12. iPad apps: Splashtop O Splashtop is a remote desktop app available for the iPad and iPhone (even Android version) O The app enables us to utilize the iPad as a wireless slate with our students. O It has increased accessibility for students with limited mobility or who struggle with reaching the Smartboard. O Additionally, the app has allowed access to desktop applications (i.e. Boardmaker) during table time activities.
  13. 13. Things to know about Splashtop O Price fluctuates throughout the year (Currently the iPad version is $4.99) O In order for the app to work, the iPad and the computer its remoting into must be connected to the same network. O The app works best when the computer it’s remoting into is connected to the internet through an ethernet cable. 2-remote-desktop/id382509315?mt=8
  14. 14. Video: Splashtop in Action
  15. 15. iPad Apps: ABC Activities O Kids Finger Painting- Learn Your Letters HD O The ABC Song O A is for Apple-RobotReader-ABC’s O ABC’s and Me O Finger Trace for kids(0.99) O ABC Magic O Writing Wizard (4.99) O Letter Quiz ($1.99) O Letter School ($2.99)
  16. 16. iPad apps: Pre-K Skills Concepts O Ready for Kindergarten Free O Sight Words Pre-K Free O Alphabet ! ! O BT Sightwords Free O ABC MAGIC 5 Letter Sound Matching O Abby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards for Reading Success O Sight Words Flash Cards O Alpha Tots ($2.99)
  17. 17. iPad Apps: Colors & Shapes O Learn Your Numbers HD O SpeakColors O Color Drops-Children's Animated Draw & Paint Game HD! O A Color Learning Tool Game HD O Colors and Shapes: learn and play O Learn Colors with Zootty-Snootty O Abby –Train- Learning Colors HD Free
  18. 18. iPad Apps: Cause & Effect O Touch Follow FREE O Tappie Game O Baby Finger HD O BeeperBallHD Lite O Little Toy Box O Balloon Darts Challenge-Finger Target Practice Game O Kids Finger Touch O Egg Heads ($2.99 but there is a lite version)
  19. 19. iPad Apps-Spanish/Bilingual O ReadingSkill-Español O ABC Mágico O ABC Mágico 2 O Todas las Letras O DIME Lite O My First Book of Spanish Alphabets O CI Niños O SimpleSort ($0.99) O Leo Spanish Lite O Learn Spanish for Kids (Bilingual Child)
  20. 20. iPad Apps: Content Creation O Snowball HD O Story Creator O Doodlecast Pro ($4.99) O ShowMe O Screen Chomp O ChoiceBoard- Creator O Sock Puppets O Book Magic O Bitsboard O Social Stories O Tiny Tap
  21. 21. iPad Apps to use for Math/ESL O My Play Home O Sensory Meter Lite O A Bee Sees O Math, age 3-5 O Tally Tots O Hungry Fish O Math 3-4 O iTouchiLearn Numbers O Count and Write ($0.99) O Magnetic Pages
  22. 22. Technology Websites O O O htm O O .html O 2interactives/?utm_content=bufferfea3f&utm_medium= social& O O O
  23. 23. Tech Tips: Mimio Tools O To activate Mimio Tools, press the 2nd button on your Mimio or open up the Mimio Notebook software and select “MimioStudio Tools” from the Tools option in the menu. O The tools offer many different options for you but we are focusing on only these two. Insert screen clipping Screen Annotation
  24. 24. Tech Tips: Smartboard- Adding Pages to Gallery O There is a way to save pages from SMART Notebook files into your gallery. O This makes it easier to import frequently used pages. O To do this, locate the necessary page on the page sorter. O After doing so, right-click on the page and then scroll down to select “Add Page to Gallery”. O Circle Maps: Letter Activity
  25. 25. Questions/SharingQuestions/Sharing
  26. 26. Resources O SMART Exchange website O Mimio Connect website O Boardmaker software & Boardmaker Share website O Interactive Activities; Lakeshore software O For app suggestions: - App Shopper - Mark Coppin mailing list - TCEA on Twitter
  27. 27. Contact Us: Michelle Vandewalle Linda García