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TCEA presentation

  1. 1. Technology + Bilingual PPCD= Presented By:Lisa Rios & Linda GarcíaHays CISD
  2. 2. Icebreaker ActivityO Please submit your responses to our questions on Poll Everywhere.
  3. 3. HousekeepingO Please be sure you submitted your name for a door prize; drawing will be held at the end of the session and must be present to win O If you have any questions during the session, please visit our back channel on Today’s Meet: This presentation & lessons shared are posted on the following website:
  4. 4. Session’s ObjectivesO Provide a descriptive overview of how technology has been integrated in one of our PALS/PPCD classrooms.O Give our session’s attendants some ideas that they could implement in their classrooms using a Smartboard and an iPad.
  5. 5. Classroom SettingO Type of Class: Pre-School Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) & Pre-School Academic Language Social Skills (PALS)O Two classes: A.M. & P.M.O Age group: 3 yr. olds to 5 yr. oldsO Usually it averages out to about 20 students per year.
  6. 6. Technology ResourcesO Two desktop computers: One for instruction and the other for students to use during centersO Data ProjectorO SmartBoardO IpadO Flip CamO Augmentative Communication Devices (assigned to specific students)
  7. 7. Daily ScheduleMorning Calendar/Cancionero•Smartboard•iPad (Splashtop app)Centers/Communication Dev.•TechSpeak•Springboard•iPad•Student Computer Handwriting without Tears •Smartboard Growing with Mathematics •Smartboard •iPadRecess/YAPStory Time/Activity•Smartboard•iPad
  8. 8. Morning ActivityO Smartboard lesson: Attendance Circle Map: Letter of the Week Calendar What’s the Weather? Math Warm-UpO Lesson Preview
  9. 9. Video: Morning activity
  10. 10. Smartboard: Adding Pages to GalleryO There is a way to save pages from SMART Notebook files into your gallery.O This makes it easier to import frequently used pages.O To do this, locate the necessary page on the page sorter.O After doing so, right-click on the page and then scroll down to select “Add Page to Gallery”.O Circle Maps: Letter Activity
  11. 11. Centers/Communication DevelopmentO Time is devoted to developing language with their communication devices.O Teacher spends time one to one with student; other students get time to work with the iPad or work in a center.O Great time for the teacher to work on communication with certain studentsO Lesson Example
  12. 12. Video: Speech Time
  13. 13. Handwriting without TearsO A type of Writing curriculumO For our class, we focus on the letter tracing componentO Done on the SmartBoard and located some lessons on the SMART exchange website.O Can be incorporated with additional letter recognition activities
  14. 14. Video: HWT Activity
  15. 15. iPad apps: SplashtopO Splashtop is a remote desktop app available for the iPad and iPhone (even Android version)O The app enables us to utilize the iPad as a wireless slate with our students.O It has increased accessibility for students with limited mobility or who struggle with reaching the Smartboard.O Addtionally, the app has allowed access to desktop applications (i.e. Boardmaker) during table time activities.
  16. 16. Things to know about Splashtop O Price fluctuates throughout the year (Currently the iPad version is $4.99) O In order for the app to work, the iPad and the computer its remoting into must be connected to the same network. O The app works best when the computer it’s remoting into is connected to the internet through an ethernet cable. 2-remote-desktop/id382509315?mt=8
  17. 17. Video: Splashtop in Action
  18. 18. iPad Apps-Spanish/Bilingual O My First Book ofO ReadingSkill-Español Spanish AlphabetsO ABC Mágico O CI Niños O SimpleSort ($0.99)O ABC Mágico 2 O Leo Spanish LiteO Todas las Letras O Learn Spanish for Kids (Bilingual Child)O DIME Lite
  19. 19. iPad Apps: Content CreationO Snowball HD O ChoiceBoard-CreatorO Story Creator O Sock PuppetsO Doodlecast Pro O I Know ($2.99) Quiz Creation AppO ShowMe
  20. 20. iPad Apps to use for Math/ESLO Letter School O Hungry FishO My Play Home O Math 3-4O Sensory Meter Lite O iTouchiLearn NumbersO A Bee Sees O Count and Write ($0.99)O Math, age 3-5 O Magnetic Pages
  21. 21. Technology WebsitesO .phpO her.aspO kflixfreetrial/index.htm
  22. 22. Questions/Sharing
  23. 23. ResourcesO SMART Exchange websiteO Boardmaker software & Boardmaker Share websiteO For app suggestions:- App Shopper- Mark Coppin mailing list<>
  24. 24. Contact Us:Lisa Rios riosl@hayscisd.netLinda García