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Epc barbershop presentationzzzz


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Epc barbershop presentationzzzz

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Compare two businesses, a barbershop and a salon at different locations. • The barbershop is located in SS14, Subang Jaya, Selangor whereas the salon is located in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. • Compare their differences between these two businesses.
  4. 4. NATURE OF BUSINESS BARBERSHOP • Social interaction and public discourse. • Provide services such as hair cut, groom and style. • Additional services such as massages, shaving and trimming of nose hair.
  5. 5. NATURE OF BUSINESS BARBERSHOP • They do not include hair wash, hair dye, hair perming and hair treatment. • Their customers are mainly males. • Their price range are rather low.
  6. 6. INTERVIEWEE Name: Kalaiarasan Javen Age: 49 Position: Supervisor
  7. 7. BACKGROUND ESTABLISHED IN: 1986 LOCATION: 7, SS14/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor ATMOSPHERE: Clean and neat CUSTOMER: All ages, mostly male customers, mainly Chinese followed by Indians and Malays OWNER: Mr. Bushpa Nathan PRICING: Low range, starting from RM 7 onwards SERVICES: Haircut, shaving and massage NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 3 NO. OF BRANCHES: 7
  8. 8. INTERIOR
  10. 10. NATURE OF BUSINESS BEAUTY SALON • Cosmetic treatments for men and women. • Provide services such as hair cut, hair dye, hair perming and hair treatment.
  11. 11. NATURE OF BUSINESS BEAUTY SALON • Their price range are slightly higher, as their grooming skills and product used are more professional and pricey. • Some salon provide extra services such as manicures, pedicures, massage and facials.
  12. 12. INTERVIEWEE Name: Alexander Tan Age: 24 Position: Owner’s daughter, Senior Stylist
  13. 13. BACKGROUND ESTABLISHED IN: 1983 LOCATION: 69, Kampung Baru Rahang, 70450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan ATMOSPHERE: Old shop lot, Stuffy. CUSTOMER: All ages, both genders, mostly Chinese. OWNER: Clairol Lee PRICING: Low Range, starting from RM15 onwards SERVICES: Haircut, Perming, Dye, Treatment. NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 4 NO. OF BRANCHES: None
  14. 14. INTERIOR
  15. 15. Analysis of Business
  16. 16. MOTIVE CLAIROL UNISEX HAIR STYLE BEAUTY SALOON • Salon was a successful business during 1983.
  17. 17. MOTIVE JASMEN HAIR DRESSING SALON • Only have basic grooming skills. • Enough money as capital to open a barbershop. • Sustain his family.
  18. 18. SERVICES CLAIROL UNISEX HAIR STYLE BEAUTY SALOON • Haircut • Hair dye • Hair perm • Hair treatment
  19. 19. SERVICES JASMEN HAIR DRESSING SALON • Haircut • Shaving • Massage
  20. 20. CHALLENGES & OBSTACLES CLAIROL UNISEX HAIR STYLE BEAUTY SALOON • Barbershop next to this salon. • Demanding customers. • Location – Rural environment. • Space of the salon.
  21. 21. CHALLENGES & OBSTACLES JASMEN HAIR DRESSING SALON • Another barbershop located next to it. • Space of the shop.
  22. 22. STRATEGIES CLAIROL UNISEX HAIR STYLE BEAUTY SALOON • Travel to overseas to learn new skills and trend from the local hair dresser. • Provide high quality services.
  23. 23. RECOMMENDATION CLAIROL UNISEX HAIR STYLE BEAUTY SALOON • Install some cabinets . • Lightings should be added. • Expand their salon. • Replace old decorations with new and attractive decorations. • Buy an advertising space on Facebook.
  24. 24. RECOMMENDATION JASMEN HAIR DRESSING SALON • Expand the space of the salon. • Replace the cushions of the barber chairs. • Replace the cabinets with new cabinets. • Buy a salon trolley to keep the tools neatly. • Give out more flyers and promotions.
  25. 25. SUMMARY Content Clairol Unisex Hair Style Beauty Saloon Jasmen Hair Dressing Salon Nature of Business - Cosmetic treatments for men and women - Price range are slightly higher (RM15 onwards) - Customers are mainly males - Price range are rather low (RM 7 onwards) Motives - Successful business during 1983 - Only have basic grooming skills - Only have enough money to open a barbershop - Sustain his family Services - Haircut, Hair dye, Hair perm and Hair treatment - Haircut, shaving and massage
  26. 26. Challenges and Obstacles - Barbershop next to this saloon - Demanding customers - Location- Rural environment - Space of the saloon - Space of the shop - Another barbershop located next to it Strategies - Learn new skills from local hair dresser in overseas - Provide high quality services N/A Recommendations - Install new cabinets - Add more lightings - Expand their salon - Add new decorations - Buy and advertising space on Facebook - Install new cabinets - Replace the cushions of the barber chair - Expand their salon - Buy a salon trolley - Give out more flyers and promotions
  27. 27. CONCLUSION • Jasmen Hair Dressing Salon is more commercially stable. • They have more branches. • Their location is more happening. • They are able to attract more customers.
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  29. 29. GROUP MEMBERS : JANICE LEE JUEN YUNG ( 0318695) AGNES YEO SHU YUAN ( 0318668 ) KONG XHIANG LYNN ( 0317730 ) CHONG YI QI ( 0304898 ) ROY YIEK CHIN HIENG ( 0317726 ) NIK AFIQ AMADI ( 0317749 ) SYED ASWAD ( 0318625)