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How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2017 (January 15-17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Session description: This session will provide an overview on influencer marketing. The agenda will include, how influencers differ from traditional affiliates, KPIs for measuring the success, tools and tactics.

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How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign
  2. 2.  What Is Influencer Marketing  Planning Your Campaign  Identifying Influencers  Recruiting Influencers  Measuring Your Campaign  Q & A Agenda
  3. 3. What Is Influencer Marketing Earned OwnedPaid Tastemakers & Thought Leaders Social Media Content Marketing
  4. 4. Planning Your Campaign Know Your Audience Set Goals Allocate Budget Who Do You Want To Reach? Who Is The Target Market For This Message? Set Clear Goals Define Success Measurable KPIs Pay for Post Revenue Share Barter
  5. 5. Identifying Influencers What To Look For Metrics/KPI Reach Unique visitors, activity across multiple social channels Relevance Content quality, audience demographic Engagement Comments, questions, re-posts, and social media shares
  6. 6. Recruitment Tools Influencer Search and Recruitment Tools  Search Engines  Databases  Networks  Marketplaces
  7. 7. Recruitment Tactics Influencer Recruitment Tactics  Shared Documents  CRM Tools  Effective Pitch  Proper Introduction  Intention  Detail  Call To Action
  8. 8. Measuring Your Campaign Campaign Goal KPI Brand Awareness Impressions Site Traffic Clicks Increase Fan Base Follows Quality of Content Shares Engagement Comments Ecommerce Conversions
  9. 9. Compliance FTC Disclosure Rules  Sponsored Content Requirements  Clear & Conspicuous  Avoid False Claims  Penalties
  10. 10. Recap  Influencers are thought leaders & tastemakers you leverage through paid media to carry your brands message.  Define clear goals and metrics prior to identifying and recruiting influencers.  Traditional affiliate marketing metrics do not always apply.  Compliance is important. Familiarize yourself with FTC disclosure requirements before launching a campaign.
  11. 11. Adam Dahlen| Director of Client Development +1.612.584.4356