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12 Digital Tools for Bloggers


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By Anne Paris, Jana Seitzer, Jen Goode and Debbie Bookstaber

Published in: Marketing
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12 Digital Tools for Bloggers

  1. 1. 12 Digital Tools for Bloggers
  2. 2. Create Landing Pages Many free or low-cost options. Some, like ConvertKit have a "freemium" option.
  3. 3. Create Landing Pages m-landing-page/
  4. 4. Create Landing Pages Drive traffic to pages containing your best posts and offers.
  5. 5. Social Tools .Smart management of your social media accounts.
  6. 6. Social Tools Juiced Social: Current top hashtags by topic.
  7. 7. Social Tools Tailwind: schedule to Pinterest and Instagram. Join Tribes for sharing.
  8. 8. Social Tools Grow by Mediavine: a social sharing plugin optimized for pagespeed. Also will incorporate a popup for newsletter signups.
  9. 9. Design tools Create beautiful images for your site and social media accounts.
  10. 10. Design tools Pixaloop
  11. 11. Design tools PicPlayPost
  12. 12. Design tools Canva: Create ebook covers, logos, infographics.
  13. 13. Design tools Photogrid
  14. 14. Organize Your Affiliate Efforts. Use plug-ins like Pretty Links for better branding, efficient managing of links.
  15. 15. BONUS ROUND •Pagespeed reduction: NitroPack •SEO: Ubersuggest •Internal Linking: Link Whisper •Design: Hydra, VideoShop •Design for Instagram: InShot, StoryArt This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-SA.
  16. 16. Connect with us. Debbie Bookstaber @buzzmommy Jana Seitzer Jen Goode @jgoode Anne Parris @annejparris