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Google Forms: Basics and Beyond


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Published in: Education
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Google Forms: Basics and Beyond

  1. 1. Presentation link
  2. 2. Students comment on response sheet to give feedback.
  3. 3. Form Add-ons
  4. 4. Form Limiter Form Limiter shuts off a Google Form after a max number of responses, at a date and time, or when a spreadsheet cell equals a value. Support site
  5. 5. Choice Eliminator Choice Eliminator eliminates an option from a multiple choice, list, or checkbox question after a user has submitted it. Choice Eliminator help video
  6. 6. Form Values Form Values allows you to store and use lists that you use regularly in forms. This could be a list of staff, students, timings, rooms, resources or anything you want!
  7. 7. Doc Appender Doc Appender appends Google Form question responses to the bottom of selected Google Docs. Form Values + Doc Appender = Anecdotal Records Cr Create form using Form Values for name, etc.
  8. 8. From Drive or From Spreadsheet ● existing columns will become questions
  9. 9. ● Data Validation - character limits, valid email address format, number ranges, and what text must or must not be included. ● Shuffle Option Order ● Limit to One Response per Column (Grid questions) ● Shuffle Row Order (Grid questions) ● Year and/or time (Date questions) ● Specific time or a duration of time (Time questions Advanced Settings
  10. 10. Form Ideas/Templates and Help ● Kern Kelley - Google Form Templates ● Colette Cassinelli - Spreadsheets/Forms ● Molly Schroeder - Innovative Uses of Google Forms ● 79 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom ● New Visions Cloud Lab - Add ons ● Jay Atwood YouTube Playlist of Google Add-on Tutorials