data mining big data database cloud application big data techniques machine learning internet of things data mining algorithms cloud computing spatial data mining conceptual data modelling data warehouse database systems data warehousing normalization data mining systems parallel and distributed data mining algorithms models and algorithms  big data infrastructure an parallel processing business process oracle nosql databases query optimization relational database database design moving objects database management distributed joins; multi-core; clustered data multi-core distributed joins data analysis research area botswana r programming active learning benchmark information technology database management systems vocabular heterogeneity mapreduce replication convolutional neural networks authentication infrastructure and platforms  design tool for clo security and information hiding in data mining graph mining electronics and signal processing for iot consolidation nosql data stores service-oriented architecture in cloud computing infrastructure and platforms big data mining • data and information quality xml and databases information systems knowledge processing and grid-based databases p2p parallel iot pl/sql process intelligence business intelligence visual visualization genetic algorithm materialized view nursing informatics academic performance database management system trajectory data warehouse sensor network cassandra distributed database two-phase commit distributed transaction processing atomic commit protocols database recovery voting protocols survey query decomposition data redundancy data cleaning security data and information integration & modelling data and information networks data and information privacy and security constraint modelling and processing normal forms virtualization xml query point clouds distributed hash table paper publication information articles top read mapredu information integration constraint modelling and proce auditory cryptography software engineering m sensitive data process of anonymization personal data gdpr data anonymization context guardia civil guarda nacional republicana unmanned aerial vehicle unmanned aircraft systems pisa hierarchical linear modeling hlm random forest mixed-effects signal processing electronics networking pipelining r package digital libraries unsupervised learning principal component analysis fcm clustering timeseries database parallel and distributed data linguistic variable membership value alpha-cut sql fuzzy query strategy pricing procurement utility fuzzy systems quantum cryptography untraceability information security cryptography comparison pytorch mindspore performance deep learning interoperability metadata management db systems & applications data and information db systems iot-enabled innovation and ent electronics and signal process big data analytics and social cloud and grid computing for b machine learning and ai for bi big data search and mining resource provisioning cloud storage and file systems prese location based services service-oriented architecture design tool for cloud computin infrastruct data and information integration & modelling data ranked results holistic matching algorithm flexible query structural heterogeneity xml query with structural preference multimedia etc  big data tools and systems bioinformatics privacy and trust  big data applications load balancing cloak dht encoding of text classification back-propagation algorithm advertisement text multimedia web graph streaming spatio-temporal semi-structured languages and formal methods managing software pro intrusion detection and database firewall. data redaction audit encryption multilevel security access control authorization attacks knowledge processing knowledge-based systems and f premenstrual syndrome mood swings menstrual phases android application polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) and locality availability presence parallel processing  virtualization on platforms infrastructure and platforms design tool for cloud query re-optimization. cloud databases novice designers pre-processing techniques web mining multimedia data mining text video data streams mining mobile computing network & communications telematics tele-learning mobile communications and telematics big data analytics and social media  5g and netwo 5g mining databases  bioinformatics pre-processing data databases  bioinformatics  biometrics  image an parallel and distributed data mining algorithms  sla management and enforcement virtual compute clusters system integration cloud based design tool for cloud computing data science data base • data mining algorithms • data and information integration and modelling security and privacy for iot data storage and management in cloud computing cloud and grid computing for big data privacy and trust big data security security techniques for the cloud machine learning and ai for big data 5g and networks for big data block chain data and information streams data and information semantics data mining applications • distributed • data and information integration & modelling semantic web and ontologies knowledge modelling knowledge and information processing workflow management and databases distributed query processing and optimization relational database systems document databases database systems performance evaluation semantic resource. hybrid approach star schemas matching data models relational databases data storage systems pregel graphx graph search action graph low cost action rules and big data. non-ff rdbms. ff newsql nested documentoriented model. the nosql logical data model no-relational discrimination ability event rate firmographics public records bankruptcy prediction computer science dbms grid. r-tree spatial indexing mod rethinkdb postgresql mongodb couchdb nosql database sql database cluster computing trajectory queries multiple view processing plans virtualisation. virtual worlds second life database normalisation visualisation database normalization sustainable innovations efa e-commerce management strategies sem e-purchase intention sustainability path analysis. anomalies co-citation mutual information link mining response time minimization operation allocation data allocation workload balancing total time minimization partially replicated distributed database xml compaction binary encoding xml storage xml labeling model predictive control dynamic power management parallel database. profession profile crucial information confidentiality traceability data modeling relational model pl/sql server pages business rules entity relationship model lock timestamp tdb jag_tdb_cc scn cc pessimistic oracle 12c. optimistic db distributed programming framework hadoop map reduce serialization graph serializability concurrency control 2pl framework design decision making dimensional modelling sketching. distribution graph database radio frequency identifier trajectory similarity chinese remainder theorem supply chain path encoding scheme kidney failure disease c4.5 learning algorithm predictive analytics svm bn big data analytics hyperbolic geometry data indexing virus distributed hash table. hyperbolic tree global alignment. dna sequence alignment pairwise alignment functional dependencies business forms information communication technology natural language processing minimum support value apriori algorithm olap futureoriented technology analysis. expert selection decision-making data quality knowledge depreciation learning curves ambiguous words written knowledge complex texts text simplification shortest path. graph search queries versions period for.... between. as of period for temporal database valid time transaction time temporal validity probability theory; probabilistic databases; uncer data mining analysi s teaching of data modelling concepts data modelling statistical analysis text mining distrib uted computing document clustering ontology web data extraction web content mining indonesia e-commerce site distributed database management systems transaction management data access patterns transactional data access sequence database sequential pattern mining closed sequential pattern mining integrated land and water resources management (il fuzzy concept moving object fuzzy modeling 1. simulated annealing. dbscan ant colony optimization bees colony optimization sensor data repository. multiple linear regression missing data faulty data association rules decision tree hbase comparative study of nosql databases mongo db archaeological site. augmented reality visual programming virtual reconstruction crm. tam telecommunication database infection ycsb performance evaluation nosql databases database models sql databases data warehouse schema changes multidimensional schema evolution data warehouse evolution contextual information part of speech termhood estimation multiword terms extraction unithood estimation distributing etl tasks etl processing grid computing etl performance optimization statistical examination dependency diagram object databases stack based approach (sba) stack-based query language (sbql) query caching execution strategies performance evaluation. execution framework transaction processing mobile data base postgis geo-spatial database conceptual data modeling travelers’ demand object-relational database n-wmvd (nesting based weak multi valued dependenci n-wmvd (nesting based weak multi valued dependenci location dependent information services broadcast systems index structures continuous range queries location dependent information services broadcast systems index structures continuous range queries fft rough set classifier string weighted schema neural network fuzzy artmap model data model gis spatio-temporal analysis simulation ogc moving object databases database sql injection atttacks three tier architecture runtime analysis static analysis clustering grid-based algorithm grids grid-density image. watermarking outsourcin g geospatial data spatial databases; k-best site query; spatial inde indian patent patent document electronic gazette. traveling s alesperson join operation optimization ants algorithm. pattern recognition. support vector machines gpu spiking neural networks local recoding anonymity priority queue minimum spanning tree partition data privacy fuzzy attribute fuzzy statistics fuzzy cardinality statistical database fuzzy relation fuzzy sets database compression backup optimization database decompression real-time database on-line analysis processing (olap) extract-transformation-load (etl) cancer data warehouse multidimensional expression (mdx) and health insur healthcare data warehouse educational data mining (edm) edm components dm methods education planning redundancy functional dependency functional dependencies. ternary relationship binary relationship entity-relationship model spatio-temporal data warehousing (stdw) moving objects databases (mods) code book generation privacy preserving data mining vector quantization k-means clustering. actor’s viewpoints procedures practices database administration support system shared context collaboration. contextual graphs database as a service (dbaas).
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