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Google forms in the classroom


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Google forms in the classroom

  1. 1. Google Forms in the Classroom Meredith Martin -
  2. 2. gformsapps Please go here and complete the survey.
  3. 3. What Are Google Forms?• Easy to create web forms• Can be used for a variety of things• Collect data in a spreadsheet• Can be public or private
  4. 4. How Do I Access Google Forms?• It’s easy!• Sign in to your Gmail account• On the black bar at the top, click on DRIVE• In the Drive menu, click the red CREATE button and choose FORM
  5. 5. Privacy Options Basic Form Info Question MenuForms Main Page
  6. 6. New Forms Page
  7. 7. • New Forms page coming soon• Will be applied during next Drive release• More user friendly• More options• Added collaboration
  8. 8. Let’s Make A Quick Form• Give your form a name & description• Edit the first two questions, and add one more from the Add Item button at the top left of the screen
  9. 9. Next Step• Choose a theme (top left next to Add Item)• Save your form• Click on blue link at the bottom to view your live form
  10. 10. Your First Form!
  11. 11. Form Data Saves To Spreadsheet
  12. 12. Form Menu in Spreadsheet• The Form menu allows you to view and edit your form• Embed forms in webpages• Turn form on or off
  13. 13. OK, Now WhatCan I Do With Forms? I’m glad you asked!
  14. 14. Create Self-Grading Tests & Quizzes
  15. 15. GettingTo Know You
  16. 16. ReadingRecord
  17. 17. QuickWriting
  18. 18. BehaviorReflection
  19. 19. PeerFeedback
  20. 20. Behavior Log
  21. 21. QuickGrading
  22. 22. StudentCreatedSurveys
  23. 23. ExitTickets
  24. 24. GenericAnswer Sheet
  25. 25. ParentSurveys
  26. 26. Combine Forms andWordle
  27. 27. Other Ideas• Create & Collect Story Starters• Taking Research Notes• Create Bibliography• Request Extra Help• Volunteer Sign Up• Topic Sign Up
  28. 28. Now Create Your Own Form!