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Pr Police Campaign

  1. 1. PR Campaign: Leicestershire Police
  2. 2. Situation The Leicestershire Police Department has recently experienced a public backlash after the television station, Channel 4, ran a documentary about an undercover female police officer. The officer, Nina Hobson, unveils a police department that lacks pride and motivation. The male officers are sexist and play games while on duty, rather than patrol the streets. Some of the officers are shown ignoring people in need of help and not responding to rape victims.
  3. 3. Objectives The objective of the campaign is to rebuild the trust of the community with the police officers. The video shows a lack of motivation and pride, which the campaign will restore through the disciplinary actions of the department and initiative for change in the future. The campaign will highlight the discrimination program that will begin in the department, emphasizing zero tolerance of discrimination.
  4. 4. Audience The audience in this campaign is the community of Leicestershire. The goal is to reach all members of the community and to explain the situation and the actions that are being taken.
  5. 5. Strategy I would focus on the ways the police office are working to solve many of the problems presented in these videos. I would also discuss the disciplinary actions taken to ensure the situations in the video would never happen again. Highlighting future courses of action and accepting responsibility for past actions will help the community to better understand the situation and the ways of prevention.
  6. 6. I would issue a press release noting the disciplinary action taken against the police officers involved in the video. The police officers should be enrolled in discrimination training classes to show the department’s progression toward an equal work environment. The police department should work with government officials to develop new ways to motivate police officers and develop new ways to regulate their actions. I would also try to establish a form of communication so officers could express their views and concerns to upper level officers. Tactics
  7. 7. Budget The budget would mostly depend on the cost of the changes for motivating police officers. Implementing a new discrimination program would be rather expensive. Developing a way to help motivate the police officers could mean a better reward system, requiring higher bonuses or salaries. Executing a new way of regulation against the officers could require hiring new employees.
  8. 8. Timetable The timetable of the campaign will be about 2 months. As long as this story is in the headlines, there needs to be another story of how the company is trying to change and improve its efforts in the community. While this campaign will last specifically for 2 months, this is a long term campaign within the department to create a better police force.
  9. 9. Evaluation The evaluation of the campaign would depend on the response from the police officers themselves. The videos highlighted a lack of communication between upper level decision makers and the officers. If the government and police station develop new initiatives and the officers feel more fulfilled and motivated, the campaign will be a success. Having motivated officers will provide better numbers for the station and lead to a more productive police station for the community. Evaluating public opinion of the police officers through surveys and interviews could also reflect the effectiveness of the officers in the community.
  10. 10. Source Credibility As a woman, I would relate to the public my own outrage at the sexist remarks of the police officers in the video. I would then counter with the new initiatives to combat discrimination that will begin in the police department. I would discuss how these new procedures will allow for a more trustworthy police department and one that I am happy to work with to improve. Showing my own concern over the police department's action would allow the public to help connect with the campaign.
  11. 11. Cognitive Dissonance I would discuss the new initiatives of the department. Encouraging the community to work with the force to improve the police efforts will also be a key to changing the community’s beliefs. Sponsoring a community event or collecting donations for charities may help improve the department’s position in the community’s minds. Putting more officers on the streets and in public venues will also help show an increase in force. While it will take years to gain complete trust in the police department, making an effort in improving the community and the work of the police will show the community a police department that is improving.
  12. 12. The Flow of Opinion I would try to reach out to the whole community by printing statements in many different newspapers. Printing in newspapers and appearing on television programs that target different ethnic audiences will spread the word to all audiences. I would also invite members of the community to a question and answer forum. I would send out letters to all members of the community to show the interest the police department has in reaching out to them.
  13. 13. Suggestions for Action Holding the question and answer forum will allow for an interactive discussion between the community and the police department. Opening a channel for communication will let citizens express their concerns and will allow for the police department to show ways the community can help police efforts. Emphasizing the importance of the area will make the police force and community a better place.