The Hunger Games: Catching Fire PR Campaign Proposal


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As part of a class project, my team and I created a publicity plan for the 2nd installment of the Hunger Game movies.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire PR Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. Presented by Outta the Box PRThe Hunger Games:Catching Fire
  2. 2. Meet the StaffAlexis Maria YvannaLong Garner Hernandez
  3. 3. Film BackgroundThe 2nd installment of The Hunger Games film seriesWatch the TrailerBased on the book trilogy by Suzanne CollinsCast includesJennifer Josh Liam Sam ElizabethLawrence Hutcherson Hemsworth Claflin Banks
  4. 4. • Retail sales up 4.2%• US/Canada box officeincreased 6% in 2012• 15% B.O. increase - AsiaPacific, 6% - LatinAmerica• Part of middle schoolreading curriculum• In 2012 ages 40-49moviegoers increased• 48% moviegoers watchedat least 1 3D movie in 2012• Avg. attention span 8 sec.• Companiespushing 4Dtheaters• Payroll tax rateback to 6.2%Political TechnologicalEconimicalSocialClient Analysis
  5. 5. Client Analysis• Traditional media• Interviews+• Larger socialmedia presenceStrengths WeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats
  6. 6. Problem StatementDue to external factorse.g. people’s lowattention span rate andpayroll tax rateincrease, andcompetitivecompetition,maintaining at least thesame amount ofaudiences from the 1stmovie may prove to bedifficult, affecting the2nd film’s box officeweekend gross.Studio Gross/Theaters Opening/TheatersSamples of Book Adaptation Franchises
  7. 7. PR Campaign GoalThe first movie, The Hunger Games earned $152, 535, 747To increase theater ticket sales and gross $170 million atthe US box office for opening weekend.
  8. 8. Analysis of Key PublicsFemale,61%Male, 39%<25Age, 56%>25Age, 44%Younger fans gave an “A” ratingOlder fans were not as fanaticFilm has national appealPsychographics of majority audience:Read, intelligent, high interest inAmerican pop cultureAudience Demographics
  9. 9. Target Sample PersonasYoung Women Under Age 25: Brenda JonesAge: 18Dream: Book IllustratorFriends: Enjoys reading fiction; Followers of popular bookseriesRecent High School Graduate transitioning to CollegeWill attend the Illinois Institute of Art in the fall
  10. 10. Personas ContinuedOlder Women Over Age 25: Virginia HarrisAge: 30Dream: Career in entertainment industry/ TVRecent graduate of USCReceived masters degree in JournalismMen in General: Jason MooreAge: 37Career: High School Biology Teacher from NYMarriage: They enjoy going to the movies, often with othercouplesDream: Both hope to travel the world after retirementAn avid reader who likes to keep up with pop culture to relate tohis studentsLikes to try out new recipes with his wife
  11. 11. Social MediaStrategy Tactics/TheHungerGamesMovie @TheHungerGames @HungerGames
  12. 12. AR/QR CodeStrategy TacticsGame App: Unlock exclusive photos from the movie andof the cast
  13. 13. Print MediaStrategy TacticsStory onJennifer LawrenceE.g. chemistry with co-stars, achieving hercharacter’s look, roleprepStory on Sam Clafin, JoshHutchersonE.g.Getting in shape forroles
  14. 14. TelevisionStrategy TacticsMain cast as specialguestsTeaser release for fansMain cast as specialguestsGive live audience freeBlu-Ray of The HungerGames
  15. 15. RadioStrategy TacticsThere will be a surprisecast member appearingon the show
  16. 16. Event MarketingStrategy TacticsPartnership with Feeding America: Hunger-ReliefOrganizationProduce a premiere kick-off party“Entrance fee” will be can food donation, which FeedingAmerica can distributeQ&A with stars and filmmakers at the charity premiereAttendees can also join a raffle – possible prizes: being astar’s honored guest at the premiere in another city
  17. 17. Cross Brand Tie-InStrategy TacticsLimited edition Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream“Nightlock Berries” flavor beginning in JulyFilm quote mock-up for the container “May the odds beever in your flavor”Percentage of proceeds goes to the Feeding Americacharity
  18. 18. Guerilla MarketingStrategy Tactics2 weeks before the film’s releaseInfiltration of the Hollywood & Highland Center by 50people dressed as Capitol citizensSimilar to a flash mobParticipants are voluntaryGroup will act normal and then one member will announce“The Hunger Games is finally here!”Use of social media to make it viral
  19. 19. Additional ElementStrategy TacticsPosting Youtube videosShows relaxed version of their favorite actors from the filmEach of the lead characters given a handheld camcorderto record short videos of behind-the-scenes footage ofthem doing special activities for the filmVideos will have clues as to a Surprise Visit By HG CastMember(s)Surprising 1 U.S. theater
  20. 20. LoglinesThe website will include the Twitter feed on the side showingtweets of promotions, news, and previews of the film.The website will include the game app tab where a forum is heldfor players to talk among themselves and share theirexperiences or strategies.The website will include the video tab, which will include theYoutube videos posted each day or week, which will attract thevisitor to the actual Youtube account.The website will include a banner on the home pageshowcasing something new in relation to the event e.g. thelimited edition Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, cast on 102.7 KIIS FMwith Ryan Seacrest, Feeding America partnership with the film.
  21. 21. Timeline• Social Media strategy (ongoing)• Pitch to print media• Pitch to TV shows• Youtube video launch• Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream launch• Promotion of Feeding America partnership• Promotion of charity Premiere• Promotion of Hunger Games game app• Pitch to radio stations• Guerilla Marketing strategy• Charity Premiere
  22. 22. Anticipated ResultsLarger, stronger fan base+3,000 Facebook likes+1,000 Twitter followers+3,000 Instagram followers+$17,500,000 million increase in domestic openingweekend box office gross