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Presentation Evaluation

  1. 1. Critical Evaluation
  2. 2. My short film uses, develops and challenges many horror forms and conventions of real media products. I researched many different media products in my research stages, used a textual analysis on them and used their most creative effects and transitions, however, I was also inspired by these conventions to create adapt my own forms and conventions. For example, in my short film, I have used the 'shaky' camera effect to give a perfect point of view shot, so the audience actually feels like they are in the characters shoes, thus making it more scary for the audience and adding to the codes and conventions of, the horror genre.
  3. 3. I received this effect from the movie 'Cloverfield', which shoots the whole film through the point of view shot of different characters;
  4. 4. Furthermore, I have developed some effects from existing films, such as the vision of mystical characters. In a few short films I analysed, including ‘El Diablo Pinata’, I Examined that the directors showed the creature, but never really their vision. As a result, I decided to show Bigfoot slightly; just his hand, however, use a point of view Shot of Bigfoot actually looking at my characters, to give suspense and to add to the horror of my short film. This would create fear within the audience as to see what the actual Bigfoot is seeing.
  5. 5. Also, I not only developed and used some codes and conventions, I also challenged some codes and conventions. For example, as I was filming in the dark, and the camera's had a 'night vision' effect, I thought this would be a perfect convention to follow, such as in 'Cloverfield';
  6. 6. However, I have noticed that every time night vision is used, it gives a green tint, that is really recognisable. As a result of wanting my movie to look like it is through the eyes of my characters, having a green tint I believed would have ruined my desired effect. As a result, I decided that I would not use the 'night vision', but torch light. This has many meanings, as this will now symbolise looking through the eyes of my characters, as they will be using torches, without the green tint, but it will also represent them being under a spot light almost, thus creating a deeper meaning when the audience watch it;
  7. 7. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  8. 8. Within my production at all stages; construction and research, planning and evaluation, I believe that media technologies have assisted me tremendously, which have ultimately made me production more professional, and easier to get there. In my research, the Internet, arguably one of the Media's biggest and growing resources, assisted me tremendously. I used it to view film posters, short films, double page spreads and audience analysis. For example, assisted me a tremendous deal in the textual analysis of short films; 'The Unwanted'
  9. 9. I used to search many of my film posters and double page spreads. Without this resource, completing my research to a professional standard would not have been able to be fulfilled as I would have had to purchase the magazines themselves. Also, as they were digitally saved, I could textual analysis them easier for later reference.
  10. 10. In my construction, the Video and still cameras, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Premiere Pro v3.0 have arguably assisted me tremendously. Arguably, without these items, I would not have been able to complete my productions. The video camera was my main filming tool that I collected all of my footage on. It also had some interesting effects, such as a light and ‘night vision’, which were useful for editing.
  11. 11. Adobe Premiere Pro V3.0 was an extremely useful tool in construction. I used this to edit my footage taken from my camera together. It also had many useful features, such as ‘slow motion’ and ‘fast blur’ effect which helped me tremendously to create the effect of Bigfoot and assist my horror genre as a whole.
  12. 12. Adobe Photoshop CS4 has helped me to create my film poster, my double page spread and production logo. It uses many useful tools, such as, ‘magic wand’, which helps cut images out, thus saving time and effecting the overall end product. It also, like Adobe Premiere Pro V3.0 has many effects, such as ‘brightness/contrast’ and ‘sketch’ effect, which really assisted me in creating my horror poster.
  13. 13. In my evaluation, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and E Blogger has helped my easily and more efficiently evaluate my production . I used these programs to help write and present my productions. Microsoft PowerPoint has helped me to portray my productions easily, and also demonstrate them on my blog. It saves time and looks more professional.
  14. 14. Microsoft Word has helped me to type up my evaluations and spell check them more efficiently than by paper. It also saves me time when uploading my information to my Blog.
  15. 15. E Blogger has helped me to demonstrate and evaluate my work overall. It has assisted me also in evaluating how my overall production has looked and how successful I was at meeting my targets. I could easily upload my productions and evaluations from my Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  16. 16. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  17. 18. Once again, in my short film I used a dark background to follow the horror codes and conventions of creating horror. I also used blood in the top left image as to scare the audience and attracting my target audience more, which is 18-30. I also used the same image (bottom right) in my film poster and double page spread, as to create similarities and as Bigfoot is my protagonist.
  18. 19. Overall, creating similarities and following the codes and conventions in horror has effectively, I believe this made my production overall a success. For example, I followed the use of representation of blood in my font by the use of red and dripping font, and then I used actual blood in my production, thus fulfilling my target audience expectations. Furthermore, I used a black background in all of my productions, which follows the codes and conventions of horror, and with the colour black used in all of my productions, my audience knows that this film is the horror genre, thus attracting my target audience.
  19. 20. I then asked 10 people to watch my short film, and fill out my questionnaire. I wanted to ask such a high number of people, as to have an accurate, non biased opinion of my short film. I believe that my questionnaire was very accurate as not only did I have quantitative questions, such as, 'What age rage are you?', but I also had qualitative questions, such as, 'What was your favourite moment and why?'. As a result of this, I believe that the responses I get will be more informative, and not biased to my pre designated answers. Questionnaire
  20. 21. Overall, I found out, through my audience feedback questionnaire that my short film was a success for my original ideologies. I have found out that the mainstream of my audience, found that my film was entertaining, with only one person commenting it as 'Boring'. I also found out that 9/10 also found it scary, with 1 commenting as funny. This shows that my desired genre of horror/thriller was excelled. Furthermore, I found out that the most favourite part, was on the majority, seeing Bigfoot's face, this I believe is because for the entire movie, I intentionally built tension, so when Bigfoot's face was finally revealed for a few seconds, it would create an even shocking effect on my audience. Furthermore, the majority of my audience felt that this short film would be appropriate for the Cinema, which is what I was hoping for, as the Cinema's big screen would really bring the horror to life. Everybody just about agreed that 'The Legend of Bigfoot' should be an 18, not surprising as their was strong images of blood, however, a couple of people commented it should be a 15, which I can also understand as the violence was not actually seen, just the after effects. Finally, I believe my short film was a success because my average rating was 8/10, which is very high as I achieved everything I set out to originally do; create a horror/thriller short film for 18+ that is scary and entertaining, which also looks professional. The only criticism by a few audience members, was that I should have used more sturdy shots, less of the ‘shaky camera’ effect basically. Also, that the build up to the actual ‘horror’ took up to much time of the film, which I will take into account for my next production.
  21. 22. Created by Adam Smith