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Hebrew mindset


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Biblical way of thinking. Key to understanding the Word of God

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Hebrew mindset

  2. 2. Think Like A Hebrew Have you ever considered how being able to think like God thinks could change your life? Scriptures are God’s inspired Word so it gives us a picture of who God is, how He thinks, and what His plans and purposes are for His people. Remember that the original Scriptures were written in Hebrew, which is God’s language given to His people to communicate with Him.
  3. 3. Thus, we can conclude that God has a Hebrew mindset, which is a biblical way of thinking. As we grasp the concept of learning to think like God thinks, our life will begin to prosper and move forward as we align with His Kingdom purposes.
  4. 4. One of the most powerful spheres of warfare today is the battle for your mind. Our mind is a gift from God. Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3: 5, 13 How blessed is the man who finds wisdom And the man who gains understanding. Understanding is a function of the mind. We should not lean on our own understanding but discern the Lord’s wisdom and walk in His truth.
  5. 5. God wants us to submit our mind to the Holy Spirit and renew our mind so that we think the way He thinks. When we were born – again, we were born onto a battlefield. The enemy uses oppression to hinder God’s work in us and in the earth. We are all in a battle that is fought in many spheres. Our emotions are also a battleground.
  6. 6. Chuck Pierce, The Mind War: This is a war for peace….victory in this war stems from the Lord having full control over our minds. If we hope to move forward in complete victory, we must transform our minds to think the way God thinks. For every process of moving into a new dimension, change is necessary. Mindsets have to be altered. Old patterns must make way for new ones. Ultimately, we must think differently.
  7. 7. Mindsets – A fixed frame of reference; A habitual mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. A set of assumptions and methods which is so firmly established that it creates a powerful incentive to behave in a certain way.
  8. 8. We have a mindset that controls and directs the way we think and act. How we react to the world is determined by our mindset, which functions unconsciously, and yet drives our actions determining subsequent results in our life. How our life evolves, the level of success and prosperity we achieve, or whether we attain our destiny; will be determined by our mindset.
  9. 9. The Bible divides the human race into three categories: ----Barbarian ----Greek ----Hebrew (Jew) These represents three different mindsets anyone of us can have. THE BARBARIAN MINDSET Most of the Old Testament world had a Barbarian mindset. The basic operating principle of this mindset is FEAR.
  10. 10. Example: to a barbarian the strength of a government is measured by the Ability to hold people in fear. Under a Barbarian mindset, the form of government is tyranny, which manifests as a ruthless dictatorship whose success is measured by absolute control over the people. Terrorism is birthed from such a mindset, because people who are filled with fear can be easily dominated.
  11. 11. The Barbarian mindset is Satan’s favorite way of operating, because he is an oppressor that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He holds mankind, even believers, in such fear that they will not resist him. Why are so many believers afraid to learn intercession and warfare? They are terrified of the consequences, because a lot of believers have been convinced by the enemy that terrible things will happen if they resist him.
  12. 12. As long as you allow the enemy to intimidate you with fear, you will be under his control; but if you turn and resist the enemy, he will flee. We cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time, they are opposites. God does not want you to live in fear. He is a loving and Almighty Father who cares for you.
  13. 13. THE GREEK MINDSET The ancient Greeks gave us a whole new way of looking at the world. They worshipped MAN. By the time of the New Testament, most did not believe in the Greek gods any longer. Instead, they created gods in the form of man. Those with a Greek mindset said, “We have the power in ourselves. We are our own gods. We can make the world perfect if we all work together.”
  14. 14. The Greeks invented a new form of government known as democracy. They believed that utopia comes when people rule themselves. Many people in the political realm today have unfounded faith in democracy. The operating principle of a Greek mindset is PRIDE that filters through a humanistic intellect. The Greeks believe Knowledge is power. If you can understand how something occurs, then you can control and manipulate outcomes.
  15. 15. Those with a Greek mindset always want to make sure everything lines up intellectually and “by – the – book.” The Greek mindset is Satan’s Plan B. Satan would rather oppress you because he is a barbarian at heart, but he will use a Greek mindset to make you think you are okay while
  16. 16. Keeping you from God’s best. Much of the Church today is operating in a Greek mindset. The Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, speaking in tongues, and the prophetic signs and wonders are not taught. Many believers do not believe any of that because they do not understand the way God thinks. To a Greek mindset, human reason is supreme and won’t accept what is incomprehensible.
  17. 17. If we are going to walk with God, we have to accept some things we don’t understand because God will confound the mind to test the heart. That means He will do things you do not understand just to see if you will love Him and trust Him anyway.
  18. 18. The Hebrew Mindset The Hebrew mindset is the bibical mindset. You do not have to be Jewish to have a Hebrew mindset.
  19. 19. A Hebrew mindset is the mind of one who has been transformed by the truth of God. Where did the Hebrew mindset came from? God took the offspring of Abraham and for 2000 years He shaped their understanding and culture to bring them in line with His truth. He revealed Himself to them, gave them a prophetic view of history, gave the Torah to shape their daily lives and taught them about holiness, and
  20. 20. Holy days, Holy places and Holy people. God taught them righteousness and repentance. He divided their world into clean and unclean to teach them about the defilement of sin and what being set apart to God really means. He introduced them to covenant and instilled into them a biblical cycle of life. Sabbath and rests formed a rich tapestry against which life was played out, teaching and reminding them each year of the principles of life.
  21. 21. God gave them practical wisdom for success and illustrated how to prosper and demonstrate to the world the blessing of being God’s people. Through all these, God established a new mindset in the earth. He taught a people to think in a way that no one else on earth had thought like. Still today, most Jews, even if they are in unbelief, have a mindset different than other people in the world. The result of a Hebrew mindset is SUCCESS.
  22. 22. American Jews Statistics: Only 2% of the U.S. population is Jewish. 20% of professors of leading universities are Jewish. 25% of American Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. 1/3 of American multi-millionaires are Jewish 40% of the partners of leading law firms are Jewish.
  23. 23. That tells us there is something different about the Jews. Jews generally have higher incomes. In any society around the world, where they have not been persecuted or limited, Jews tend to rise to positions of wealth and influence in numbers far exceeding their percentage of population. How do we account for this? “JEWS HAVE LEARNED TO THINK LIKE ADONAI/GOD.”
  24. 24. WHEN YOU LEARN TO THINK LIKE GOD, YOU PROSPER. The Hebrew mindset operating principle is trust in God. When you understand that God has chosen you and is watching over you; you are led into a totally different way of thinking and living, which may seem foolish to the world.
  25. 25. Comparisons of the three mindsets: Basic Approach to Life: Barbarian: Believes that force is supreme. Power comes by creating fear. Greek: Believes the mind is supreme. Power comes through knowledge. Hebrew: Believes that God is supreme. Power comes from knowing Him. How do you get ahead in Life? Barbarian: Oppresses others and “wins by intimidation.” Greek: Seek more education because knowledge is power.
  26. 26. Hebrew: Learns to walk in God’s favor, which is the true key to success. How do you deal with a thief? Barbarians: Chop the thief’s hand off. This creates fear and cuts down on repeat offenses. Greek: Will try to re-educate the thief and teach him new job skills so he won’t have to steal. Hebrew: Requires the thief to make restitution for what has been stolen and tries to get him saved.
  27. 27. Today we hear about the clash of cultures between those in the Islamic world and the Western world, but that clash of cultures is really a clash of mindsets. Europe and America embrace a thoroughly Greek mindset. But Islamic groups, like the Taliban are ancient cultures built on a Barbarian mindset. They look at things from a totally different perspective.
  28. 28. Even the Church operates in mindsets. During the Dark Ages it embraced the Barbarian mindset that was operating in the society. Fear of the inquisition kept the people in line with leaders. At the time of Reformation, it embraced the Greek mindset. Good things came about like the Bible was put in the hands of the people and great emphasis was placed on knowing the Bible. But the Greek mindset overemphasized on logic and
  29. 29. Reason ensnared the church in endless theological debates as they attempted to logically “figure out” God! A Greek mindset cuts us off from the power of God. If we can only flow in what we understand, there will be no miracles. The early Christian church, raised up by the apostles, followed the pattern of Jesus. It grew and flourished with great signs and wonders and power operating.
  30. 30. God is restoring a Hebrew mindset to the Church today. That means our minds must be transformed. God does not want us to walk in PRIDE or FEAR but to TRUST Him. We must break off our faith in human intellect, so we can draw close to Him and learn to hear His voice and walk in His ways.
  31. 31. Two Keys to Developing a Hebrew Mindset: 1. Meditate on God’s Word – Meditate means “to chew on.” You take something in and just chew on it over and over again. To meditate on the Word means you think about, ponder, and saturate your mind with that Word over the course of the day. Consider how God’s Word applies to your situation or how His Word shows you to respond to that issue.
  32. 32. Meditating on the Word fills your mind with the thoughts of God. The result is that your mind is transformed.
  33. 33. Psalm 1 and Joshua 1 tell us that if we meditate on the Word day and night, continually delight in the truths and promises, are strong and courageous, and do what the Word says to do; we will prosper and be successful in everything we do. 2. Take every thought captive – It means when a thought comes floating across your mind, you grab onto the thought and ask yourself: WHAT IS THIS THOUGHT AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM?
  34. 34. WHAT IS THIS THOUGHT TELLING ME? You stop and consider what you are thinking. If you think you have to dominate and intimidate someone else to get ahead, that’s a Barbarian mindset. If you view God as a harsh tyrant to be afraid of and live in legalism or if you live under constant Guilt and condemnation, that’s a Barbarian mindset. If you are controlled by fear, dreading the future, and let your fear limit you; you have a Barbarian mindset.
  35. 35. Repent, trust and do not be afraid. You do not have to stay the way you are. Walk in freedom and faith. If you think you are smart enough to get where you need to be, or that your intellect is strong enough to overcome any obstacle to bring you into your destiny; you have a Greek mindset. If you think you must figure out God and get every doctrine right, you are deceived. No matter what you believe or what your system of theology is, there are some areas where you are wrong. We are all wrong in some areas.
  36. 36. Ask yourself: Am I leaning on my own understanding, or am I willing to follow God even if I don’t understand what He is doing? Can I receive what God is doing even if my mind is confounded? God will confound your mind to test your spirit. Repent and change, learn to walk in the Spirit, and have the mind of Christ if you have been walking in a Greek mindset.
  37. 37. God is raising up a prophetic people who know His voice and walk in His ways! He is seeking a people who will not be pressed into the mold of the world but rather who walk by the Spirit and who do the works of Yeshua in the world. So, learn to think like a Hebrew, meditate on the Word, take your thoughts captive, and when you need to repent, JUST DO IT. Let God give you His mindset.