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Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution - Essay Presentation -


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Causes, Effects and Solutions to Environmental Pollution
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Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution - Essay Presentation -

  1. 1. Essay Presentation Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
  2. 2. Causes Environmental Pollution  The gases emitted from cars, trucks and other vehicles  Public transport is not maintained and adds to environmental pollution  Industries and power plants burn fuel which emit greenhouse gases  Fossil fuels are burned for energy but they are very harmful for the environment and cause pollution
  3. 3.  Cutting of forests  Deforestation is a leading cause of pollution  Carbon di oxide increases in the air because of deforestation causing pollution  Water pollution is a major issue when we talk about the causes of environmental pollution  Radiation caused by radioactive substances has increased the pollution threat  Electromagnetic radiation is a new form which has destroyed the natural environment
  4. 4. Effects Environmental Pollution  The climate has changed because of pollution  The time of winters and summers has interchanged  Pollen has reduced in the years  This has affected pollination and in turn the growth of plants  Radioactive waste has increased  This is very dangerous for peoples health
  5. 5.  Global warming has increased  The global temperatures have risen everywhere  Animals and plants cannot adjust to the new levels of heat and die  Humans are getting sicker and sicker everyday because of pollution  Pollution has effected the lives of people living in developing countries because they do not have the equipment to deal with the problem
  6. 6. Solutions Environmental Pollution  Use of electric and hybrid cars  Increased use of public transport which is maintained and cleaned properly  Increased use of bicycles  Ecologically friendly technology should be used in factories to deal with pollution  Fossil fuels should be banned  New laws pertaining to pollution should be introduced
  7. 7.  Use of renewable energy  Water, solar and wind power is something that will change the lives of the people for the better  Electromagnetic radiation should be reduced immediately  Alternative sources for refrigerators should be introduced  People should be educated more about this problem so they can recycle waste material and not throw it.
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