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Main Studios company profile 2010

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Main Studios Company Profile

  2. 2. Since founded in 2007 Main Studios has been consistently 1 committed to produce digital entertainment products based on quality creative content. Main Studios consist of Main Games Studio for game development and Main Motions Studio for animation development Company Overview
  3. 3. Company Hi t C History Main Studio was founded in 2007, by Andi Martin and M Fardiansyah both former senior artists employee of an award winning game b h f i i l f d i i developer company. Based on creativity and the passion for creating IP (Intelectual Property) content, Main Studios quickly won national award for Hebring, a short animation about newbie superhero, which 2 later become Indonesia’s “digital celebrity” breakthrough. Handling vast range of games and animations products, Main Motions Studio St di ongoing collaboration with various partners such as M i t i ll b ti ith i t h Magnivate, IMAXXO, TELKOM Indigo, Caravan Studio, Imaginery Friends Studio, Sutriana Ventures, and Game Factory Online Now, Main Motions Studio has collected portfolios from respected client, such as: Nokia,, Games2Win, INTEL Indonesia, Indopacific Edelman and Jalan Sesama (Sesame Street Indonesia)
  4. 4. Board of Di B d f Directors t Andi Martin Co‐Founder/ Creative Director Andi Martin Surjana 32 has dedicated his life to create IP since Surjana, 32, 3 2001, from his first designed MMOG called INSPIRIT Arena to awards winning animation Hebring. Improving his education backround from Visual Design Communication at Universitas Pelita Harapan and Savannah College of Arts and Design Andi has always been in charge for Design. imaginative yet believeable entertaining visual concept for all Main Motions Products
  5. 5. Board of Di B d f Directors t Fafan Co‐Founder/ Technical Director Mohamad Fardiansyah 34 has served as a senior animator for Fardiansyah, 34, has served as a senior animator for  3 various game developer company since 2001. In former  companies, Fafan always has the “magic” to trained fresh  g graduates into fine 3D animators. Graduated from Universitas Surabaya with IT bachelor degree,  Fafan was one of the first student founded network rendering for was one of the first student founded network rendering for  3D animation in the 90s.  
  6. 6. Board of Di B d f Directors t Marlin Sugama Producer/Writer Marlina Yenny Sugama 29 always been passionate to be a game Sugama, 29, always been passionate to be a game  3 and animation writer, has her first written game INSPIRIT Arena  released as comic and MMOG in 2006, and awards winning  animation Hebring in 2007. g Marlin graduated from Universitas Pelita Harapan, for both  Business Bachelor and Master Degree, she uses her knowledge  Business Bachelor and Master Degree she uses her knowledge and skill to develop Indonesia game and animation developer  industry.  
  7. 7. News R l N Release • November 5, 2009 Hebring 2 screening for Blender Community  Event, Bandung d • October 30, 2009 Hebring Dancing (Better, Faster, Stronger)  4 animation for INTEL Core i5 and Core i7 released i ti f INTEL C i5 d C i7 l d • October, 2009 Hebring 1‐ Winning Participant of ASIAGRAPH Tokyo  2009 • August, 2009 Screening Hebring 2 as animation video for KASKUS  Bali community annual event Bali community annual event • August, 2009 Hebring first Microsode released
  8. 8. News R l N Release • July, 2009 Hebring 2‐ Winner of Indonesia ICT Awards (INAICTA)  2009 • November, 2008 Hebring1‐ finalist of Hellofest v.5 4 • August, 2008 Goyang Rimba‐ Finalist of Indonesia ICT Awards  (INAICTA) 2008 Animation Category • May, 2008 Pedang Kertas – Winner of KADIN Mobile Application  and Animation Awards 2008 • September, 2007 Hebring 1 – Winner of Indonesia ICT Awards   (INAICTA) 2007 Animation Category
  9. 9. Business to B i B i t Business Student Relation (PKL) Every year Main Studios receive and select intern student  applications (Praktek Kerja Lapangan). All selected applicants will  have hands on experience in developing animation. To apply  please send in your portfolios and resume to  5 d d Educational Institution Relations From time to time Main Studios are keen to collaborate with  From time to time Main Studios are keen to collaborate with schools, colleges and universities, often as guest lecturers for  game or animation subject related Media Relations For questions and interview regarding the studio and industry ,  please contact:
  10. 10. Careers Welcome to Main Studios Required previous work experience: childhood dreams 6 We are a studio built on imagination and wonder  means the work will be interesting. And always will be.  means the work will be interesting And always will be There's room for talented people.  It's a dream job.
  11. 11. Portfolio Li k P tf li Links Hebring g Commercials ‐ Hebring 1 ‐ Nokia ‐ Hebring 2 ‐ Indonesia Game Show 7 ‐ Hebring INTEL Pedang Kertas Goyang Rimba
  12. 12. Ph t Photos 8