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Is social gaming the biggest web market? By Nadya Jahan

Nadya is an entrepreneur passionate about video games, she speaks regularly at conferences on the topic of social gaming. After a very strong business development experience in a videogame company, she launched her own structure: Mandala games that will release its first social game on facebook very soon. She analyzed in detail the world of social gaming and will share her knowledge about the reality of this market and its players.

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The social games market

  1. $1.6 billion were spent in 2009 on virtual goods. Why?
  2. Birth of the first video game: Pong (1972)
  3. Film industry € 20,9 billion Video game industry € 29,2 billion
  4. #1 In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. Nietzsche
  5. Le jeu vidéo génère des émotions Pourquoi ? #2 Video games generate emotion: fear – joy – frustration – desire…
  6. #3 The number of Internet users worldwide has doubled over the past five years.
  7. #4 The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to all players: The casual game.
  8. #5 Limited playing time: Pushes the player to come back every day.
  9. #6 The social dimension of the game: I need my friends to progress.
  10. Friends become accessible through the game: Social game becomes an interaction object.
  11. Did you know? 20% have spent money in a game 50% of Facebook users log in specifically to play games
  12. Ready ? GO ! The social games audience
  13. What is the average age of Facebook players? 23 yrs/old 33 yrs/old 43 yrs/old?
  14. Players are on average… 43 years old!
  15. 69% of social gamers are… Women
  16. Who spends money to play? … Women at 74%
  17. 46% are more than… 50 years old!
  18. 2014 2008 2009 2010 2011 $ 0,2 billion! 1,3! 0,7! 3,1! 15,0! The social games market
  19. Top Wii game 45,7 million sales Top Facebook game 80 million players
  20. Business model : Virtual goods sales
  21. Virtual currency Advertising opportunities Adversiting The social games business model
  22. The social games profitability They generate €12 million /month Conversion ratio: 2% - 4% Expense of playing player/month : 20$ Example : If 3% of FarmVille players spend €5/month …
  23. The social games ecosystem $1,380,000,000 Invested in 87 virtual goods related companies in 2009! Nov 09: EA has acquired Playfish for $400M! June 10: Zynga has raised $147M! July 10: Disney has acquired Playdom for $763M!
  24. Divinitiz on Facebook
  25. Thanks! @nadyajahan Nadya JAHAN Founder & CEO